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I hope a bump is okay because I have been having an absolute BLAST playing Emerald Heights!! This is hands down the most fun I've ever had in a Sims neighborhood, premade or otherwise. I'm still on my first full rotational playthrough, but so much has already happened! Here are some of the highlights:

Facing pressure to marry and produce an heir to the Rafferty fortune, Sebastian Rafferty chose Linnea Wentworth to be his bride. (He had specific fears to marry her sister or her mother, but the only fear related to Linnea was telling her a bad joke!). They married soon after Linnea gave birth to twin boys, Felix and Maddox, and she had another son, Fox, after the honeymoon. Sebastian's fighting with his father Caesar Rafferty got to the point where he, Linnea, and the boys moved into the mansion next door. Linnea's fairytale happily-ever-after, however, is under threat after her sister Hadley Wentworth gave birth to Sebastian's QUADRUPLETS!! Hadley, her mother, her brother, and the quadruplets (Alma, Barrett, Claudia, and Deacon) used Sebastian's child support payments to move to a bigger house, leaving Vera behind in the apartment.

After sneaking out for a booty call with Steve Dore, Leti Go was stunned to find herself pregnant. Having been abandoned herself to the foster care system, she's determined to raise her baby herself and went to Steve for help. Fortunately, Steve's mother Mata Dore happily took Leti in and is helping to raise her new granddaughter Andrea. Steve isn't too sure about being a father at such a young age, though...

Leti also isn't the only girl to leave the Group Home. Ronda Corner was adopted by the Patch family (I couldn't resist the fact that she and Flora spawned in with the same hat in my game!) and is now a loving big sister to Zahara. Clare tried to put up a fight when the criminal Steele family adopted Maddy Kroud, but with Rob's glowing recommendation letter from Adam Patch, there wasn't much she could do. For what it's worth, Rob and Lianne spoil Maddy absolutely rotten and are impressed with her pickpocketing ability - in fact, she actually has a higher relationship with Rob and Lianne than Cole does. Holly, Paige, Rose, and Hope are still living in the Group Home, but there's a lot more room to spread out now.

Finally, some more babies: Cola's daughter Crystal Pepsi, Rob and Lianne had a daughter named Laverna Steele, Pearl gave birth to twins Popcorn and Pretzel Davenport, Knight gave birth to his alien son Cosmos Blaque, Flora and Adam had a daughter named Winnie Patch, and Vera had a son named Newton with Seamus Coopersmith (but neither seem to want to commit to a relationship). Cherry Wood is currently pregnant as well. I can't wait to see how the town grows!!
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@cleasims OMG I absolutely love your storyline, LOL!

So, Sebastian's the father of 6 babies? That's definitely something! :P
Also, I'm glad to hear that there were people adopting the Group Home girls! Claire must've been happy for them!

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