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Default Any ideas/strategies/tricks....
how to earn money fast (and efficiently perhaps) to purchase expensive commercial lots during in college as a student (if possible at all)? Also, less in a cheat-y matter, the better. Though share your thoughts never the less.

People have suggested so far:
  • Owning Hot tub business lot.
  • Painting/crafting/writing.
  • Selling genie lamp.
  • Financial consulting.
  • Sell date/network-rewarded items.
  • Accumulate movie over time (not sure how it works).
  • Restaurant guides.
  • Monique's computer and loans.
  • Using money-earn rewards; Get to the secret society.
  • Selling some catalog object that appreciates.
  • Gardening.
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well a few ways i know...

paint a lot

use the career reward from the culinary or gamer careers

have a business and get the cash rewards

dig for treasure a lot

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Naughty ways using mods, or clean ways NOT using them (or more precisely, perhaps using one or two clean mods)?

Clean ways ... I agree with painting. Paint a bunch of paintings, buy the cheapest lot you can for a community lot outside of Uni (four walls, a door and a roof is fine on a 1x1 lot, or if you don't use mods, the 1x3 Maxis lot), up your painting and other hobby skills, and sell, sell, sell. Not too much investment for paintings, and you can make some good money.

Financial consulting. Can be done in Uni as well, I believe. I would have to check. It's been a while since I've done this (other circumstances have taken me away from the game, unfortunately, though slowly, I do come back to it now once in a while). If not, you can still buy a cheap building in a main hood and make it some sort of cheap office.

Naughty ways ... well ... I think I should keep things a little PG here. Non-PG ideas should go elsewhere. But a cleaner naughty way would be to date a lot, woo those dates over like crazy until you get nifty presents, then sell the presents. Not a steady source of easy income, but a way to get a little cash perk once in a while. If your Sim is REALLY seductive, you can get quite a nice load of presents. This may need the mod where Uni Sims can go off-campus, though, for better cash flow.

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Painting is easy money. I wouldn't sell the pictures on the community lot but just from the easel. It takes a couple of days to get that skill up. Maybe crafting, too, but that requires investment and gets less return than painting.
Date or networking gifts are also a good idea, but not a reliable source, like Gazania said.
If it's a fortune sim, financial consulting works in Uni, too.
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Dates or scored outings gifts. Digging. Bring the genie lamp to college from home (or have the folks invite the sim over and gift it to him) and wish for money.

Start with a cheap lot with nothing on it but till and whatever your sim can afford to sell and work your way up. When your sim can afford walls and a roof, that's when the business gets them. I usually do a sculptures tab business for this, some of them are super cheap to start with, but you can work your way up to selling really expensive as your selling skills improve.

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I've bought businesses and vacation homes from University, and it's easy - in the long term. Just never leave a University household unoccupied. The grant money will accumulate over time - especially if you don't have No $20K Handout, so students never take any money with them. Before I added that mod, the Greeks, Romantic Resources, and Alma Mater House at Drama Acres SSU, which have been occupied since the first semester I played, always had more money than they knew what to do with.

Gazania, University sims can leave campus without a mod. They can't live elsewhere without growing up, but dates and outings and taking care of a business and going on vacation work fine. If you can't, you must have a mod that's blocking it.

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Thank you guys. I'll check this idea when I'm in game. Thank you, not just for the help of me but for others as well who are reading this thread
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your welcome!

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Also, if you have FT you can spend some points on grilled cheese pleasure as secondary aspiration and get it up far enough to be able to write restaurant guides. They are quite fast to finish and sell for a good batch of simoleons.

ETA: I was wrong with the aspiration, grilled cheese let you paint gs paintings which aren't bad too. Pleasure is the aspiration for the guides.

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My preferred method is to use Monique's computer to take out loans, then pay off the loans steadily using the cash perks you get from businesses. It's realistic and still requires thoughtful planning and strategies. Too many loans and you've bitten off more than you can chew, but if you play it right you can end up paying them off well and getting a good income from the business!
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I would work in the cafeteria, to me that is good money. Buy a blank lot. ticket machine and a cheap hot tub like the red neck one. Grab an easel from the dorm just to borrow and open it while painting at the same time.

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Painting, pottery, financial consulting and novel writing. If you have Monique's computer, you can also write articles for the paper. The Law career reward is good for making money fast, but unless a parent has earned it and passed it on, the college Sim would have to use a cheat to get it.

If they're members of a Secret Society, at least one society lot has a counterfeiting machine, although I think it comes with a chance of getting caught.

If you don't mind a little cheating and have comm-skilling, Sims can earn quite a bit while gaining creativity skill points and filling their fun meter by being the DJ. If they go off-campus, it doesn't count towards their college time.

For a really big cheat, Christianlov's wallet controller has a "forge account" option which yields about $32K.
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fastest non-cheat/non-hack/non-mod way to earn money might be one of these::
-some high paying job/career
-selling some sim-created object
-selling some catalog object that appreciates

fastest way for sims to get money probably would be Nightlife's family funds cheat.
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Uni students away at college can't have high paying jobs.

I was going to add if you didn't want him to swipe the dorm easel you could just dig on your hot tub business lot.

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Sometimes modded objects can have messed-up depreciation values and you can sell them for more money than you bought them for.

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Then running a business and continuation on painting shall it be. My sim is a popularity-guy in my 1-room max dorm and LTW to get Top 5 Business (I will save up for those that are maxis premade bin ones that go first in order (OFB-PETS) ). And gosh darn it, I forgot to take the genie lamp with him >_> Perhaps I should reconsider moving him out and reconstruct it once more. I do wonder If secret society exists in a new empty hood (I haven't created one: hopefully it will generate one without having to build it). I do wonder If I can use his Popularity aspiration to his advantage in his investment goal. Hot tub business sound intriguing: not to far fetch or gimmicky, but still fits the storyline of a sim who's starting out slowly but significantly while in the economics major. Great ideas from all of you. Gonna share it in original post in a summary to help those in need for advice like I needed to ^_^.
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Is it too late to add Junk cars and Eggplants?

Restoring the junk car that came with FT can be a serious money maker and allows the sims in my game to pay back their loans easily. Very little skills are required too and unlike with repairing and tinkering electronics with no mechanical skills, there are no drawbacks (i.e. electrocutions). The worst that can happen is that your sim will stop working on the car. But you can always have sims with low mechanical work on the body of the car while someone with higher skills does the engine. (Or, if you so choose, use mods to make the sim keep working after the engine blows out). Either way, with multiple sims working on a car, the household will soon rake in cash and learn valuable skill points at the same time. And, even better, working on the car increases tinkering enthusiasm and not only does being in the zone let sims work on the car longer, but with high enthusiasm, when the engine blows out, sims get a little boost in energy. Oh, and you don't even need the full driveway, just the extension, and you can place it off the grid, too! I love having students work on the car, though it can be time consuming for students that need to focus on their studies. On the up side, though, your sim will start rolling lots of hobby wants to fulfill, keeping them in at least gold aspiration to use the energizer.

And of course, farming is a serious money maker. In fact, with a big enough farm, you don't even need any of this other stuff. Plus, I believe the gardening options are still available in dorms, so that's a plus. Just have your sims garden until they earn gold badges, then put down some sprinklers, hire the gardener, and relax until harvest time. Then have your sims talk to the plants and get them thriving before you sell them. Easy money. Eggplants are the best selling plant so it won't be long before you get a good profit going.

To make farming cheaty, you can not only download mods to talk to plants faster, but also download mods to increase the yield from each crop. I edited Monique's Harvest Yield mod so that each crop yields 24 and the payout for eggplants is quite significant. Over $1,000 per plant.

Finally, I second the date rewards. Don't over look it. Dating keeps romance sims happy, but also helps sims keep their aspirations up while letting them earn aspiration points from fulfilling wants. And you can use those points on the counterfeiter, energizer, or the money trees (by the way, there are also mods to increase the money you get from the money tree). And with the magic of community lot time, you don't even have to worry about wasting valuable Uni time! And then of course, there's the free stuff. Not many downsides to dating in the sim world.

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If they have enough seed money, get them selling bowling alleys on any random bit of lawn. Students can own community lots (though I've never managed to buy a university community lot) and even the smallest lot is big enough to sell multiple bowling alleys in a profitable way. (Other high-cost items also work, because even at 5% profit, they still make quite a bit of money, but I've personally experienced success using bowling alleys. Plus the whole thing tends to look hilarious).
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I mostly have my Sims write novels, though I gotta cheat their hidden novel writing skills to max with Sim Manipulator. Also I'm using faster novel writing hack and Cyjon's old novel (to get rid of plot dialogue and novel delivery). My sims got around 11 to 13 thousand simoleons every time they write one.

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If one of my sims has high Creativity, I don't bother with paintings. Once the sim is skilled enough, I send them Downtown to my performing arts center and have them perform music for tips. I've had sims with maxed Creativity make $800 - $1000 per night this way. If your game isn't modded to stop it, you might also make money from other sims that pick up an instrument (townies, etc.). I don't recall whether this exploit was ever fixed in a patch - I put Pescado's tippingfix in my game fairly early on and never took it out again.

My Will Wright Performing Arts Center is just a remodel of King's Music Hall from the Academie La Tour. Mostly what I did was gut the upstairs and replace it with a restaurant, and add showers to the bathrooms next to the stage. Since the only fun to be had on the lot comes from the instruments on stage, it isn't hard to get the pixels to want to perform.

If anybody's interested - here's the readme for tippingfix. (With this in place, you almost have to go Downtown to make a profit. Performing on campus will earn your sim very little money by comparison.)

Originally Posted by Pescado
Fixes some exploits pertaining to tipping: Tipping no longer produces money ex-nihilo, and the money you can earn from a tip is no longer limited by the amount of money you have in your account. If somebody gives you money, that money actually comes from their treasury. Sims will not give themselves completely into the poorhouse, so if everyone around is broke, you won't get much. Find richer people to perform around. The likelyhood you will receive a tip is now directly related to your actual skill: Lousy musicians performing in front of hostile crowds don't get a whole lot. Tippers will move away from the jar as per original Twojeffs hack.
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missed this thread's category first time I posted.

Young Adult playables can temporarily replace various NPCs and earn money that way; at least on community lots.
and there are various money-earning self-interactions.
and all musical instruments have a Perform interaction with University installed.
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27th Jan 2018 at 5:20 AM
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Really? I am sure I got that off somebody else during the legacy era of 07, everyone was doing lawn living.

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Originally Posted by legacyoffailures
I mostly have my Sims write novels, though I gotta cheat their hidden novel writing skills to max with Sim Manipulator. Also I'm using faster novel writing hack and Cyjon's old novel (to get rid of plot dialogue and novel delivery). My sims got around 11 to 13 thousand simoleons every time they write one.

Does Cyjon's Old Novel mod affect all books? Does it remove all the novel genre's like Romance, Mystery, Drama, etc?
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Perform comedy for tips (the one where you click on the Sim option) - Sims with some charisma points do very well.
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