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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
The way it reads is confusing, it's set opposite to what it says.

Thanks for the clarification. Otherwise I'm sure I would just be starting blankly at the screen wondering how the heck to make it work!
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I love dorms! I do experience the problems with the billing--where items on the lot depreciate to nothing and so students living there get no bills. But I think you're doing the exact right thing to solve it, Clashfan, by placing a new copy of the dorm down every so often. From a story prospective, this makes sense, too--the University, or us players, has to upkeep the dorms and buy new furniture, make repairs, paint, etc. But instead of redesigning, you just rebuild to the exact same specifications! In any case, I don't think dorm bill fix addresses this issue at all, and instead repairs a different issue. The only other thing I can think of is using Mootilda's Fix Lot Value after using the Stay-Things Shrub, but honestly, idk if that will be a good fix, because I'm not sure that it would reset items to their full value. No, the best thing to do is probably to place a new copy of the lot. I can't say that I experience too much lagging, though.

I play the premade dorms and, having played them for so long, I've renovated/updated almost all the buildings on each campus, so I've my own updated versions of all the premade dorm lots (the ones already placed in the uni hoods, anyway; I don't think I've touch most of the ones in the lot bin) and I've built a dorm or two myself. I tended to go all out for my dorms, so they've got pretty much everything--tvs, pool tables, instruments, telescopes, cafeterias--even hot tubs and photo booths sometimes. And the rooms are usually very spacious, too. My last renovation was of Sim State Dormitory and I think I ended up putting double beds in all the rooms. So yeah, I've got massive dorms and small dorms, and I quite like having dormies around, for the most part. Every now and then some dormie gets him or herself in trouble by starting a love triangle through ACR, but honestly, that's part of the fun. I mostly play a mix of Greek houses and dorms--my sims don't usually move off campus unless it's to a Greek house. While I like the idea of the frats and sororities pooling their money together to renovate their houses into plush party pads, I generally dislike focusing on house renovation for regular uni sims. Maybe if I designed some private housing, I'd move more sims out of the dorms, but I've never seen a need. My dorms are quite nice and if any snooty rich sim needed something better, they'd go Greek.

So, generally, I love playing uni--it's a nice break from the main hood, and I usually just try to roll with the hood's quirks. I find that 5-6 sims in a uni household is the sweet spot for me, and I usually rotate my attention between sims, with sims not requiring my full attention at the moment focusing on skilling or grades. That's one benefit to having skilling items in the dorm, as well as playing a large dorm. If there are plenty of dormies around, sims can start to form their own relationships without my direction. Then when I have time to focus on a sim, I can have them work on that final push to friend/best friendship. I usually have sims hire a maid because my dorms tend to have separate bathrooms for each gender and because I don't usually want to waste my sims' time with cleaning--they'd have to be desperate for a cleaning point for me to make them bother. I do make sure that all dorm rooms have a single bed, dresser, mirror, and desk. In most dorms there are computers in half of the dorm rooms, though there's always public computers for sims to use, too. If there's no room for double beds (and I try to make sure there's at least one double bed on the lot), then I use Honeywell's Cop-A-Feel: Loveseat, which lets my sims use their bed like a sofa (and so with ACR, they can woohoo). And I do use Pescado's no vanish in dorms so visitors stop going in dormies' rooms and getting stuck. That used to drive me nuts.

But I have been thinking of ideas to spice things up, too, though, so I did find this thread useful. For example, Lady L., I love the idea of having an RA! I think that'd be the perfect way to introduce some new playables to my main hood. And terula8, I really like the idea of freshman dorms, too, especially combined with Coriel_Muroz's tactic of randomizing where sims live. I've got all sorts of ideas now, about having a limited number of seats in each uni "class" that playables have to compete for. If there's no spots in the dorms, sims won't be able to go, and will have to try and apply at another school, or see if they can get in a year or two later. Maybe that's what I can use private housing for, as the place for sims in a two year program/sims who are attending part time or sims who need to take extra courses before they can reapply for the 4 year program. Oh, the possibilities!

And a few simmers, including Justpetro, have given me the idea to make my sims go to community lots for skilling, rather than having all the skilling items on the home lot. I've been thinking of ways to incorporate this, and in Uni, I was thinking of redoing my dorms so that they wouldn't have skilling stuff or much entertainment. Sims would have to visit community lots and bring stuff with them from home/buy stuff for their dorm room. There was some talk in a previous thread about sims' bring stuff to uni, like books and things. And I think that'd be cool, too. My sims already pay a tuition, so, if they go to Sim State or La Fiesta, they'd have to by books to study with, a laptop to do their term papers, and skilling items for their major. And since I love deco, I think I might have them decorate their room, too, buying posters, alarm clocks, school banners, rugs, blankets, etc.! My sims could get into the college shopping spirit! And, in typical state school fashion, there'd be a sports party every weekend, where everyone dresses in the school colors and watches the big game.

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I like to create custom dorms. All new students will start in one unless they're wealthy enough to afford a house, or there's a Greek house shortage and they seem the type to found one. Some students will stay in the dorm for their entire academic careers (to leave, it is necessary to build up enough wealth to get a house, or be invited to a house or Greek house).
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I keep all my freshmen in the dorms for their first year so that they can make friends (that's how my actual uni experience was). But after that, I have them move off campus to rent houses with their friends, or apartments, or - if they have at least 3 friends, they can start a greek organization. Once I have 4-6 greek organizations, I stop allowing new ones and have the existing ones compete for incoming freshmen to recruit. It makes sustaining them a little more interesting, and it more closely mimics my real-life experiences too. When I was at uni most students who were going to, chose to pledge a greek house during their freshman year. You could theoretically pledge after that, but it was considered weird if you did. I do the same things with my sims. If the greek organizations don't get as many freshman as they can to join, they have to wait until the new class comes in. Freshman who've joined or pledged a greek house, can't move in until they complete their freshmen year. That keeps them among other freshman for making friends, and gives them the opportunity to hang around the older kids in the greek house.

I also note down greek pledges in the sim's bios - I plan to have 'reuninions' later on, and legacy pledges too.

Any student that doesn't make a friend (smilie face or nothing) can move into another on-campus mixed-year dormitory if they can't afford to rent alone. That gives them another chance to make a friend to live with, or a place to live indefinitely if they don't. The mixed year dorm will spawn new freshmen if there aren't enough cast-off students from the original 4 freshman halls, so I pretend that these are just 'overflow' from an overbooked freshman class. (Also a true part of my experience - I remember being a host for the dormitory tours for incoming freshmen and their families when I was a Junior, and the new class was so big they'd turned the rec rooms on some floors into 'overflow' rooms with something like 5-6 boys to a room (they only did it for the boys floors - they knew girls would kill each other...)

One thing I also do like PhantomKnight I think, is that I don't include skill-building objects in my dorms. I want the dorm to focus on sims relationships with other sims, and half the time there's one couple who falls in love and becomes joined at the mouth and can't befriend or talk to anyone else. That's bad enough, but computers distract my sims like nobody's business. They are however, a great excuse for using the library. I build a building dedicated to each skill point more or less - with the exception of cooking and cleaning. Those sims can earn by working in the community-lot dining hall. << That also stops me having to put vending machines in every darn building, and it's exactly how my campus was. Not adding skill objects (or stupid arcade games - those drive me nuts too) means that sims have to visit the gymnasium, or the art building, or the library in order to earn skillpoints, and those outings are a great opportunity to meet other sims too.
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I use Sophie-David's mods from here on my community lots in my Uni hood - my students attend actual classes (the buildings are very elementary, I built them to see how the mods work - the mods work so well, but perhaps one day I will build them new lecture halls).

Assignments are also written on the computers on the community lots (there is at least one computer on all lots, but my library has a room with 8 and there is an internet cafe as well)

My students just live in the dorm until they graduate (like many students do here) - since they go out all the time and the clock keeps on ticking in Uni, it really does not take long to graduate and sometimes they have to go to their final exams from a community lot because I was concentrating on something else

The students from a dorm are all put into a group for outings and parties, which is my way of reunions.
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Going back to my earlier question about controlling whether male or female dormies move in, I completely forgot about twojeff's dormie gender controller mod. I've even had it in my "try this eventually" folder for years.

Just adding this in case someone else was looking for the same thing.
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