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Default How do you feel about NPC custom content?
Let's do a poll, and people can add their own thoughts in the thread. This is about current feelings.

Agree - I use and/or like it
Disagree - I dislike it and won't use it
Helpful - I'm open to it, but haven't found a download I want yet
Funny - I'm uncomfortable with it/scared to use it
Love - Something else I'll explain in the comments
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There's nothing I want enough to keep an NPC in my downloads forever. There were some things I'd downloaded for old neighborhoods, but the way things moved haphazardly (due to being clones of the remote control car) wasn't ideal. No disrespect to the modders of the objects - it took creativity and skill to build those things within the game's limitations.
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I'd only use it after making sure my entire game file collection from my EA games folder got backed up and would even back up the program directory if that's where it installed to be on the safe side.I wouldn't totally refuse to have it if I really wanted it though I would make sure I had a version without it in case I wanted to play without it.
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I use it. Multi-politech and multi-plantsim mods are necessary, in my opinion.

I've used the NPC animals before, too, I don't think I currently have them installed in any configurations.

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If I understand you correctly I am not a fan of using items being control by an NPC I think somewhere I read that using an NPC objects and once removed from your game can cause corruption.
So I always try to be sure before adding to my game that it is NOT being use or control by an NPC. So I guess my answer is I Disagree.

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4th Jul 2020 at 9:16 PM
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I thought they were fun - until I read they could cause problems if improperly removed (or if ever removed) from your game. So now I only have those I started out with, and I barely even use those. I've been considering starting over my game from scratch, and removing those NPC items too, for a squeaky-clean game.

It's just a few of Becks' toddler tri-wheel bikes and such, but still...

I did remove a few items before I knew it was bad (a few of Becks' animals), but I don't think I saw any effects of it. Honestly, it's been so long now - but I don't think I tested them out in my main 'hood, and I probably only tested them out in a game I didn't even save, so I honestly don't know how far that possible corruption could have reached. If it did reach anywhere than that test 'hood (that I probably abandoned shortly after) I'm assuming the corruption just never reached my main hood (or decided to not make a number out of it until I tried playing that 'hood on a couple other computers where things kinda blew up in my face - but whether that was corruption or other problems, I'm not entirely sure of - probably other reasons).

I've also tried to steer clear of other NPC-mods, like clones of the toy car, helicopter, robots, and any other NPC-based items.

I don't use multi-polytech and multi-plantsim mods, either.
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I don't use NPC CC or the remote control cars. I'm afraid of the corruption they might cause.

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I use them, I like the surfing mod and the bumper cars and Beks horses. I've been thinking about getting a multi PT mod since the defualt I had didn't work.

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I think I only have one of these, but I tend to be very download-conservative, anyway. The one I consider well worth it and I'm happy to use is Sophie-David's Maintenance Free Dishwasher. I consider that basic equipment in my game. That said, I keep very light separate game folders, so if I don't have a business that can use that in a hood, it may not be in my Downloads for that game.
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I just have a multi-PT hack. Now that I think about it, I think I probably borked my test hood a bit by removing them during a binary search. But that's what the test hood is for, after all. I've only accidentally loaded my real neighborhood without CC once, and that time I restored from a backup.
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I use NPC cc. I have six of them in my downloads folder. However, I don't use multi-PT or multi-Ideal Plantsim mods.
Before I decide that I want that piece of cc, I usually think about it more than twice. If I decide that this NPC cc could be fun, I move my neighbourhoods outside game folder and copy back my test neighbourhood. Then I play my test neighbourhood with NPC cc installed and test it if I really like it, if it plays nice with other mods etc. If it passes my tests, I move back my neighbourhoods.
I don't think that getting bored with custom NPCs is a problem for me - the ones I'm using don't take that much space (something around 1.5 MB in total), so taking them out wouldn't even safe me that much space.
So, yes, I use NPC cc, but I'm more precautious about putting it in my downloads folder.
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I think they're fun but I'm cautious and do my research. If I decide they would add enough fun to my game, then they go in my DontRemoveOrElse folder inside Downloads so I know never to remove them from that The Sims 2 folder. I've enjoyed the surfing mod, for example, but probably borked my neighborhoods at the time (10 years ago) because I didn't know about this issue.
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Well, I don't play Plantsims or aliens (apart from the ones already in my game), so I've no interest at all in multi-PTs / Ideal Plantsims. (I like to keep my game within the realm of the almost-possible.)

Some of the other CC items that use a hidden NPC do interest me though, like rideable horses and children's tricycles. Many, perhaps most, of these are by Rebecah, and that may be a problem for me. I have quite a lot of hacked objects in my game and most have always worked perfectly for me. But two that haven't worked are some sleep mats for babies and toddlers, and the Princess Bed, both by Rebecah. My kids could never sleep on the sleep mats -- they would wake up again seconds after they tried to go to sleep. And i could never get the Princess Bed to work reliably for me: I often had to use Force Error on it to get children out of it, and latterly it was throwing errors if they just thought about sleeping in it. So I'm a little wary of adding mods by her that might endanger my game. But I see Rebecah is still around, and she seems to actively support her uploads, so maybe I should take my problems to her. I notice from her profile that her professional background is a little bit similar to my own: she has worked in accountancy and programming. I've never worked in accountancy, but I did once write an accounting program for a firm of lawyers. She describes herself as retired -- I've never officially retired, but work has dried up, and I've become a full-time carer to my mother. And in Sims terms I'm very definitely an Elder! So I reckon she and I might have a fair bit in common.

So I might contact her about the sleepmats and the Princess Bed, before attempting to downloads any of her NPC-using mods. I recently downloaded some toddler beds and they appear to be working perfectly. Now mine are actually by Michelle rather than Rebecah, but I understand that Michelle used Rebecah's code. So I've probably just been unlucky with her stuff: she is, after all an established modder with a very good reputation -- perhaps my problems are EP-related. . . . or some sort of mod-conflict.

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@AndrewGloria not sure which sleep mat you tried but I use one from here by Atavera.

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The sleeping mats I got were by rebecah here and here. I couldn't get either of them to work for the Newson toddlers. I've now got Michelle's base game toddler beds, and one of the new toddler beds is now working for Ariel Capp. They're cheap enough too that even the Newsons should be able to afford to buy them.

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Like many others, I only use the Multi PT hack because I find it necessary. It adds a lot of gameplay material when not all of your half aliens are half siblings. Otherwise, I won't touch mods that add NPCs. I don't like adding in something to my Downloads folder that I can't take back out. I can't think of any other mods that have NPCs that I consider to be essential to my game. I love the Sun&Moon animals because they're not NPCs.
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