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Default Sims 2 could've shipped without pools or plumbobs
The guy behind the effects system shared information about the development process.
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I read through the presentation and wow. The amount of detail that went into this game still blows my mind. Whether the team behind TS2 knew it or not, they put out one of the best (if not the best) games of this series.
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Wow. Guess they could've put that same amount of love into Sims 4. Also, read about how the ET game was made. Read about the depth and all the love poured into it in just five and a half weeks. They just don't make programmers the way they used to, I guess...
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I read that in the pdf form after downloading it and it was fun to read how much work went into one of my favorite games and I'm playing it actively with a BACC and also starting a homesteaders challenge and an apocalypse challenge is about to be started soon.
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