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Default The Sims Spark'd- Sims Competition Show
Has anyone else seen this? It's a Sims 4 reality show hosted by EA Games and Buzzfeed, with Sims 4 YouTubers competing for $100,000. First episode is up on YouTube if you're interested. They work in teams and are judged based on builds, styling and storylines.

It's an interesting idea, but I don't think the Sims franchise works as a team player game. I wouldn't play Sims the same if I had to do it with other people. I definitely wouldn't play the same if I knew it would be broadcast to an American TV audience (bye-bye free love cult). It's also it's weird to see them try to quantify "winning" in a sandbox game like Sims.

That said, if this were for Sims 2, which team member would you be- Stylist (CAS), Builder, or Storyteller? Who would you want on your team?

I'd be the storyteller. I love building, but I'm not as creative as other people. I'm super basic with CAS and barely use the sliders, so definitely not a stylist.
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I think the whole team idea is stupid and unfair to individuals who are eliminated based on the team outcome.
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I felt so bad for them. EA does not understand the sim community. I think given the situation that they all did the best they could.

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Pretty much every other major game out there has win and lose states, or solid metrics for playing well or badly. There's none of that in the Sims - even if your sims have nervous breakdowns and motive failures, it can serve the story and make your game more interesting and better for it. Trying to make the Sims into a contest is totally missing the point. They could do this with almost any other game and it would work, but this game is different.
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Exactly! I've been saying it since TS3 came out without create-a-world--EA does not know or understand its Sims fan base. Man, that old exchange post seems like a lifetime ago, but it's still apt more than a decade later. I never understand EA. What they do doesn't make sense--not from a fan & game developer point of view, nor from a money-making point of view. Even if they were only concerned about money and cash grabs, there's so much more the franchise could be doing. And yet, creatively, the innovations they try to bring to the franchise don't make any damn sense. I haven't sat down and named all the examples, but it always feels like they're trying to change the sims into a different game and I don't know why. They are a massive developer; let each game find and fill its niche. Though, I'm not even sure "niche" is the right word here as sims is a very broad appeal game.

Anyway, I really don't understand why anyone who works on the franchise would ever put "competition" and "sims" in the same sentence. Especially not from a developer point of view. But then they had to add "reality show". It's just: ...Idk, maybe it's an attempt to get more people to see the game as an online multiplayer, to set up future game generations. That's another thing I don't really understand, to be honest. Though it might be fun to build & inhabit worlds with other players, I do feel that such gameplay should always either be secondary to strong single-player gameplay or in a separate spin off altogether. BUT, I also feel like the Sims as a multiplayer game was something that was more viable with TS3, when there was an open world, or back with MySims. That's what MySims shoulda been, honestly. Sims + Animal Crossing + Portability... In fact, why aren't they working on that right now??? They missed the boat on all the good ideas. And they screwed up the one sure thing with TSM! Again, they don't really know their own franchise or have a clear vision for the future.

...That competition kinda does explain TSM, now that I think about it. Always wondered why that game was set up to have set goals and quests that you had to "win" in order to play sandbox mode. It's cuz everyone working on the franchise wants to be working on an MMO shooter...

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I mean, I remember from when I briefly played TS3 that TS3 also had goals and quests like collecting gems and gold bars and shit that made the game feel like a shitty RPG instead of a life sim. Like, I guess you don't *have* to do that, but that stuff really had no place in the game.
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Expecting them to build a house, create sims, and then come up with a storyline in 90 minutes? No shit Sherlock, that's gonna be a "weak storyline" all over the board. If they'd gotten some more time on the storytelling bit, they'd probably shine a bit more. Some of them had at least something going, but I'm guessing time cut it short for most of them. Then again, as far as TS4 goes, storytelling hasn't been EA's strength, either.

"Some of the story bits were a bit desperate" Oh, so you say...

I'm guessing this is just another one of EA's desperate "let's try to make TS4 fun again!" ploys. Not convinced.

Sims really isn't a competition game like many other games are. The judging is always going to be more opinion based than skills based.
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The comments on YouTube are also overwhelmingly negative. EA will probably see that and go "Oh, look at all the attention this is getting" and set up another one anyway.
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All I can say is 'ech'. Just...ech. I think it's a terrible idea and I'm sad that some of my favourite YouTubers have been roped into it. The feedback has been so overwhelmingly negative that I'm worried the YouTubers involved could get some real hate for it.

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I said it over on Tumblr and I'll say it here too, but why would I watch this when I can watch Juno Birch trap half a dozen Joy Desprets in the walls of Bella Goth's mansion.
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What little gameplay they show makes Sims look stiff and humorless (even moreso than Sims 4 actually is). I've seen far more interesting content on YouTube for free (by some of these creators!) than we got out of the fancy TV production. This is a franchise where characters can die from having too many dirty dishes or too much sex, and men get abducted and impregnated by aliens, .

They should have included that YouTube who puts 100 Sims in a house and makes them run a maze to get to the only fridge. Now there's an engaging storyline.
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^ Doesn't it take TS4 sims 3 days or something like it to die from starvation, and two tries from getting eaten by a cowplant, and *never* from disease? I think them being alone in a kitchen with a stove cooking something in/on the oven with zero cooking points is pretty much the only way they manage to off themselves unless you cheat like crazy, and even then it's usually down to random chance. Well, that or if you have the Murphy bed from Tiny Living (only semi-reliable way, I guess...). The funny thing is, in TS4 they actually have a fair chance to get to that fridge in time.

I don't think EA wants to promote "who can kill off the most sims in the shortest amount of time" kind of storylines, though... May be a bit bad for their (already slightly ruined) image . Would certainly be a more interesting contest concept, though. And of the kind you could measure quantifiably so as not to make it opinion-based. There are variations of these concepts that are much less morbid, too. I saw someone had made a kind of board game with some mini games that looked a bit interesting, although the mini games were somewhat based on luck-of-the-draw. There's also challenges with sets of rules to follow toward a particular goal.
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I keep feeling like EA obsessed making the Sims seem hip and trendy which is going to date the Sims 4 horribly.
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Of course it sucks, Buzzfeed is involved.

But in all seriousness, I agree with what others are saying. It's like EA knows Sims 4 has a bad reputation among REAL Sims fans, so they think making a reality competition show will make it relevant and even more "hip" and trendy. It's all a big cringe fest honestly. And no shit, the "storylines are poor," you only give them 90 minutes!

It's just all a huge waste of time. Why would I want to watch a bunch of morons pretend they know how to play a game for competition when I can watch more engaging gameplay from LPers on YouTube who know what they're doing and just have a chill, fun time? EA is so detached from what people want that it's laughable.
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Originally Posted by kestrellyn
I mean, I remember from when I briefly played TS3 that TS3 also had goals and quests like collecting gems and gold bars and shit that made the game feel like a shitty RPG instead of a life sim. Like, I guess you don't *have* to do that, but that stuff really had no place in the game.

I'd argue collecting is a hobby just like in real life (which simulates activity, the point being a life simulator). It's as much collecting as bugs and butterflies and digging, except you can do it anywhere with much variety

And you do have to realize it's an open world game - what would there Sims to do outside lots if not collect stuff to make resources or use them in other means (like for crafting?). Sims need to interact in these places yoo. But yeah, its freakin annoying they pop up at any time and cant be totally surpressed. I do agree with that though.

In regards to the show, yeah - blatant marketing attemp for Maxis to advertise TS4 because they know that game is a commercial failure.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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This sounded like the stupidest idea and while watching the trailer, I realized someone I started following on YouTube right before COVID was a contestant. 'K, fine, I'll watch for them. At least it's only 4 episodes. Reality shows aren't really my thing.

The first episode made me feel like I was back in college doing a group project: "Here, everyone, break into teams and each person take on a specific role, then present your findings to the class." So, you have folks who are used to shining in front of a camera while in a room by themselves and in control of everything, suddenly having to collaborate and speak in a room full of others. Maybe that's the intent, to bring folks out of their comfort zone.

From the biographies on the show's site, it sounds like all the contestants have been playing the series in some capacity since the beginning. You know what would make an interesting episode? Bring out a computer with The Sims 1, or an early console game, and THEN see how everyone does.

Originally Posted by inspiredzone
That said, if this were for Sims 2, which team member would you be- Stylist (CAS), Builder, or Storyteller? Who would you want on your team?

Storyteller, perhaps, though maybe a stylist. Definitely not a builder, unless you like boxes.

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