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5 Hidden songs found in basegame files
So here I was exporting .mp3 files from the game's sound packages. I was hoping to find raw sound effects, but to my disappointment I learned that most of the files cannot be exported properly. However... I did manage to successfully extract 5 songs hidden away in the SFX files of the base game, and as far as I'm aware, these are not used in game. They sound like they would've been on the stereo. [Note: I only looked at the first SFX file, there could be more in the second one]

Uploading files is forbidden so here is a link to my playlist

I couldn't find these songs already ripped online, and I don't even know what they are called because they didn't have names. I hope I'm not doing anything wrong. I also hope I'm not the first person on this forum to upload this or else I'll look like a chump .

edit: The songs have been appropriately named.
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Hi there. This topic was also brought up here. Two of the songs came from The Sims Unleashed PC Game. The other three, I have no idea.

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Thanks, didn't see that post! Well that solves 2 of them, not sure why they were left in.
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The other 3 unused songs are from Bustin' Out. Which released a year earlier.

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Thanks to the both of you!
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