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Default Facts about it
Hey, I think we should have a thread where you write facts then I update my post so anyone that has questions about it can look here.
- You can have up to 12 people & animals on a lot at one time( In testing, may be more!)
-The pets will have 1-4 in a litter.
-Cats can learn to use the toliet
-Pets will have Kibble of Life, instead of Elixer of Life.
-Unlockables- So far, I know you can unlock pink fur for pink poodles!
-You may have pets at a University.
-Pets have family trees.
-Skunks can "stink" you.
-Pets can run away
-If you mis-treat a pet, they will be taken away by the animal control officer.
-Pets can sleep on a bed with a sim, if its a double bed
-You control your pets only by having your Sims tell them things. Pets aren't controllable like Sims. There will, however, be a cheat to control them
-Pets can be in three career paths: Service, Show Business, and Security
-Pets will not have aspirations, only motives.
I gather all this info from www.thesims2.com
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we have a thread like this already.
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Wow, those are neat! I haven't heard of some of those facts about TS2 Pets!
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I wrote a huge list like this, and it got merged. Its in the thread about the chat.

Guess this one will stay though.
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Oh, this means I could have a police-dog??? That sounds cool!
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^ Already compiled. & Someone else posted screenshots of the chat too, I'll find the link...?
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the cheat for controlling pets is 'boolprop controlPets on' i think that what they said at the chat. and i made a list of breeds, further up the forum :D
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