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Default Sims 2 Pets Wallpaper
Guess this would be the place to put this. It is a wallpaper I whipped up from the various artowkrs released. If you guys enjoy it, I'll make a few more alternate versions

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Very nice!
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Thank you very much
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#4 Old 30th Jul 2006 at 4:05 AM
Thanks alot! its great!
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Ohh, how adorable! Thank you so much!
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Thanks everyone, you guys are most welcome. I went ahead and did another, not quite as good IMO because of the lack of pictures, but it will give you a choice to choose from. Hopefully they bring some more. I may do a collaboration of other artwork pics from the other packs. Kind of mix and match. We'll see. Thanks again everyone

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#7 Old 30th Jul 2006 at 4:36 AM
Those pets looks so real. >_>
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I want a puppy for my sims! ;_;
#9 Old 30th Jul 2006 at 7:34 AM
They're sooo cute!
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Aww, the dog in the second picture being petted by the man in the green tracksuit looks JUST like my baby. Awwww.
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Nice Work! =) Awwwww look at the cute puppy i cant wait till it comes out! gonna look for a yorkie dog.... and if they dont have one ill wait till some one creative makes one! =)
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I love the second one. I can't get over how cute the cats are!
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Those are great!
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Thanks for the kind words everyone. Glad you all enjoyed them!!
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2nd one is awesome!
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Aww! So cool! I really like them! Great job!!
garnettrules21, by any chance could you make the 1st one in a size for an avatar?!
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