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Originally Posted by Nicola__x
I don't know... I spent time writing down a list.. I thought it might be appreciated

It was, I was reading it when you started it before I got hysterical's screenshots, and when you posted the thread I went and reda through it again, easier than skimming 10 screenshots
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Pets transcript is up on the official site now, if anyone's interested to know
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Yay! is a direct link (so people won't post asking where it is)
28th Jul 2006 at 1:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Faithlove13xxx
Just read the caps at the top of page!

What do you mean? :confused:
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Sorry, top of page 4/
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oh, the screencaps...

for some reason I thought you meant caps as in caps lock LOL
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finally got to read the transcript. I wonder if the pets can tear up furniture if theres a new mesh to show this and will it work for custom furniture.
#108 Old 6th Aug 2006 at 2:15 PM
Oh, I hope it's just left at animations and a decrease in the product's price... Else, custom furniture could cause all sorts of problems with that...
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