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Default Game Guide: Business
How does one run a successful business? What are the most profitable sorts of businesses? How do you run a home business? How about a restaurant? Can you run a hotel? What about all the business perks?

Please post your info here! You may post new tips, links to old threads that contain lots of good information, etc.

It will be added to this game guide, with credit to the original poster: Guide

Help S2C create the best game guides on the whole of the internets! Post your tips on Business here today, or I'll send ninjas after you! :ninja:

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Running a home business is easy and convenient. You can start a home business at any time by using the phone or computer. After that, you will need a open/closed sign which is in the decorative/misc section of the buy mode catalogue. This sign is a must-have for businesses as it allows you to open and close your shop.
When you set up your home business, the business tracker should appear in the top right corner of the screen. This holds your businesses information about customers, profit, business perks, rank and more. It also lets you set items for sale and buy objects from the buy mode catalogue at whole-sale prices.
For a home business to be successful, you need to offer things for customers to buy or services for them, such as the make-over chair or just let your customers pay to use your lot (like a nightclub or social centre). A restaurant is not possible in a home business because you cannot purchase the restuarant podium which is required to run a restuarant but is community-only. Employees can be hired for home businesses via the phone or computer.
To offer your customers the salon chair, you just have to purchase it from the buy mode catalogue (comfort/misc). Then, clicking on the chair allows you to set the price you charge per makeover or offer a make-over (free or normal).
To set things up in your home to sell, use the sales button in the business tracker. Then you just select the price you want to set things up as and click on any objects already in your home that you want to put up for sale. If you want extra things, click the little padlock button and open buy mode. This lets you buy anything thats sellable from the buy mode catalogue, but at wholesale prices. Add anything you want to your store.
Whenever you sell items, you must have a till or your sims cant pay. If your offering services, a till isn't required unless your selling items too.
Everything else in a home business runs just like a community lot.
To set up a business like a nightclub or social centre where customers pay to use your lot is very simple. All you have to do is place an "Electrono Ticket Machine" and then set a price. Lastly, you choose the "start charging customers" option and then open your club. Now, if sims think it's worth it, they will pay to enter your lot and use your objects. Every hour they will check their needs. If one is low, they look around your lot to see if there is anything to satisfy their need (eg. food for hunger, a sofa for comfort). If there is, they might stay but if not, they will leave.

The advantages of running a home business include:
1. No loading other lots.
2. Employees and managers aren't required.
3. It is convenient (ie. you can open at flexible hours, whenever your sim has good moods).
4. It allows most things in the catalogue to be sold.

The disadvantages of running a home business include:
1. Some community-only objects cannot be sold on home businesses (ie. magazine rack, game shelf).
2. Other playable sims cannot visit your home business when they are loaded.
3. Home businesses can take a lot of your sim's time to run (no managers).

One last thing that should be mentioned: certain things cannot be sold on any type of business. For example: The phone, smoke alarm, cash registers, etc. But they are only objects that wouldn't be worth selling.

I think i've covered most of the basics of a home business.
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I like to play community lot businesses, because you can spend as much time as you need there, without wasting time on the home lot.

When running a shop, restocking is paramount. Direct your sales sim to show people the most expensive items - you need them if you have employees.
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Business means money. If you want money without cheats, consider...

Real-estate - Buying deeds to lots, and setting a price on the deeds so as townies buy them.

Home Business - Shove a ticket machine out front, a buffet, toilets and some party things in the garden, lock the house doors and you have a 24 hour, pay-per-access party running!

Yeah... alright, you can PM me to request a house I suppose... Might take a while though as forewarning...
29th Mar 2007 at 1:04 AM
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I've found that the best starter business is a community lot business dealing in items from the point-of-purchase racks (clothing, perfume, groceries, magazines, video games, personal electronics, untrained pets, and collars) -- they require less restocking than buy mode and crafted stuff. One employee (preferably one that knows his/her way around the cash register) and the business owner performing sales socials are all this needs in my experience to reach level 10!

And don't forget your Energizer... it's good stuff here..
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Start your buisness with low tag pricing (average or cheap) to increase customer visit. Afterwards, start increasing the tag price when you get to about rank 2 or 3 (average to expensive, then higher). If you really got the hang of it you can sell 'Ridiculousy Expensive' at a common amount as early as rank 7!
Spend some time with employees. That increases the chance of them liking their work
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If your looking to 'get rich quick' with your business, open a home business (it's free), place a few things for sale, open your store and do as many sales interactions as you can. This will build up your customer loyalty which builds up to raise your business rank. Each time your business rank goes up, you can choose from the business perks. Choose the money one for an instant $1000. Keep building up your rank and loyalty and by rank 5, you can have all the money perks which all together gives you over $100,000 plus anything you make from selling things. If thats enough cash, close your business and shut it down. There you go, quick and easy money to spend on cars, hot tubs, pools or a new house.
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Or for a home business, buy the tv, stereo, easel, and other fun stuff that you were going to have eventually anyway. Put them into a large room near a bathroom with just a couple of public toilets. (and a sink if you are trying to train your sims to wash their hands afterwards. Townies will ignore it, but you can make YOUR sim wash.) Then put a ticket machine up and open the business. Lock the doors that go to the rest of the house. People will pay to come in and use your stuff. Keep an eye out for the reporter, as he is one guest it is usually good to socialize with. You can put a dining table and a couple of chairs in and serve some food to keep guests there longer, but that is usually only worthwhile if you are entertaining the reporter. Especially as you need to clean up as soon as they finish eating. (another reason to have a sink in the bathroom.) You don't need to close, you don't need employees, you can practice selling to people buying tickets if you want to, but even that is not entirely necessary.
It's like free money.

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Business perks are special things you can claim when the business you own gains a new rank. The 25 available perks are organised into five equal tracks. The five tracks include Connections, Perception, Cash, Wholesale and Motivation.

The connections perk track includes perks for your owner to get to know more people quicker, as new talk... socials become available to be friends of friends, even sims you don't know. At level four in this track, you earn the chance to be able to phone anybody in the neighbourhood and any sub-hoods connected to it. The last level gives a new talk... social called 'power network' which not only allows you to know your friend's friends but with a starting boost to your relationship with them too.

The perception track perks unlock various socials to help find a perfect customer in your business. As you go up in the levels you unlock socials to assess sim's moods, desires, and gain self interactions to 'look for a mark' which finds a customer most likely to accept sale socials. Level five allows the owner of the business to manipulate sims into buying and is always accepted. Using it though decreases the owners moods slightly and decreases the customers loyalty a bit. Also, customers with a negative loyalty are immune to its effects.

The cash track is rather simple, as you go up in levels you earn a one-off cash sum ranging from just $1000 to $50,000 at level 5.

The wholesale track is also rather basic, and as you go up in levels, the wholesale price of restocking and buying items decreases by a certain percentage each time, ranging from discounts of 12% to 30% off the original catalog price of an item.

The last track, Motivation is mainly to increase the moods of customers and people around. The perks include gaining influence and new social interactions to increase sims moods. Level 5 gives the owner the chance to use 'rally forth' which can be deadly as it may boost the needs of all the nearby sims but it takes needs from your sim. If the owner's needs are already low, they can die by this.

Each perk varies in importance depending on your business. Choosing sensibly is the best idea, because if you're running a night club and aren't selling anything, you don't really need the wholesale perks but need the motivation perks more. For a starting off business, the money track can be important to get your business going. A shop is more likely to need the wholesale track to cut the prices of restocking.

New perks can only be picked when your business gets to a new level. If you business has for example been at level 3, your owner chose a perk but then the business went down a rank, it wouldn't lose its perk and if it went back up to level 3, it would not be offered another perk. Because of this, only 10 perks can be won from each business and it would require more than 2 businesses to unlock all perks.
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Default How to Run a Hotel in OFB
How to own a Hotel:

This is a small guide to owning a hotel, it works, trust me! I tried it myself. Anyway, this will include Mods by Squinge, so use it at your own risk.

First as stated above, you will need to keep sims there for a while, to do that, you need to keep their motives high.

As stated by Dillitru, it you can't make a restaurant or they leave immidiately, so you will have to make many group meals or put a buffet. A buffet works best since it can feed many people for a cost of *gulp* -500 Simoleons(This is an approximation.) Note: You will need people to replenish the food when it goes bad or when it's empty.
NOTE NOTE: This is quite a problem, maybe we can ask Squinge to create a mod which allows costumers to stay even after eating?

Bladder: No problem! Just stick a few toilets in there and you'll be fine.

Hygiene: This can be a problem since sims will not autonomously use showers on a community lot. This can be fixed by downloading a hack here .

Fun: There are numerous ways to keep sims happy and content. One could be that you sport a disco or club on the community lot so that they can dance their pants off, or maybe some arcade machines? Maybe the simplest would be to stick a large screen tv on the wall of their room.

Social: This is so easy that it fulfills it by itself since sims are social pixel-based beings, so they autonomously interact with each other.

Environment: You can fulfill this by adding some paintings. Maybe a nice sculpture here, a large fountain there and loads of pink flamingos on the lot.

Comfort: Stick a few couches and a chair in that place and you should be fine.

Energy: The biggest problem we have since sims, even yours, will not sleep on a community lot even if a bed is present, so you can use this hack to be able to let visitors and your sims sleep on a community lot, allowing you to gain more money, which leads us to a staggering question.

Simple! A ticket machine will be placed on your lot, charge your costumers with a reasonable fee and you should be making money every hour. Because every possible need is there, they shouldn't leave for a long time, allowing you to gain money as time goes by.

Have 3 Employees and 1 Manager. One will clean, one will serve food, one can do the etc things, like being a DJ. The manager is there so that you can stay at home and just regularly check on the business without going there.

Sadly, your owner-sim might not enjoy this since the employees might need to leave for home to recharge, or you can make the employees practically live there by giving them breaks, of course, the AI of the sims on break can be weird. Like when a person is hungry, they might just want to play an arcade game. So let your sims break at your own risk.
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if you want to open a business that requires badge skills (florist, toy maker, robotics), there are a few things you want to do before opening the business:

-get the highest badge level.
-accumulate a large number of the floral arrangements, robots or toys prior to going to your business lot.
-buy your business lot
-stock with whats in your inventory. I find that making new stuff on your business lots negatively effects your recorded income, since it costs money to make this stuff.
-leave when you are out of stock.
-always have a snapdragon handy (particularly wonderful if you open a snapdragon store like i did).
-start off with as few employees as possible. only use family members in fact if you can in the beginning.
-have your kids move out when they grow up and hire them as employees and make it a family business.

to me the best businesses are, bakeries, flower shops, robotics stores, and toy stores.

buy the smallest lot possible in the beginning, upgrade later if you become a simolean millionare.

thats my two cents, which is sometimes what my sim makes in their respective businesses.
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If you're desperate to make a hotel, here's some must-have downloads.
Autonomous Pay-per-visit computer by Pyrobon

Work and Store Scehduler by Paladin
It's found under the buisness section
And he still has even more business-helping objects in the site!

Tomosuke's links (read above this post)
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Oh, and I suggest every shop MUST have a Mind Control Mirror by Merola!
Just select a customer and when you click on a stuff, an option "Add To Chart" will appear and simply select it. This adds up shop loyalty really quick and makes millions of simleons in a couple of days, believe me
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If you are trying to run a ticket business that also sells food, get Inge's restaurant podium from the dinnerbell at simlogical. It is perfect for that.

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Default Restuarant Guide WARNING: Very long
Restaurant Guide

Table of Contents
1. So, you want a Restaurant?
2. Setting up Shop
3. The Employees
4. Your first day!
5. Dining Time
6. Complaints and Suggestions
7. Ending the day
8. Upgrading
9. Recommended Custom Content
10. Questions that might be FAQs
Bonus: Long (but safer) way for a buisness

1. So, you want a Restaurant?

Congratulations on choosing the largest business. Largest as in largest capital, largest profit, largest failure rate, and largest pain in the neck. Don’t you worry however, this guide is written to help you understand and succeed from a tiny canteen to a 5-star munchkin. A word of warning!

*Restaurants are HARD business*

2. Setting up Shop

Not afraid to lose your hard-earned cash huh? Well then, we start with the skeleton of the whole thing- your lot and building, of course

1.a Rank
If you’re thinking of switching a community lot with a raised rank into a restaurant, or adding a restaurant, then you’ll have a head start of more customers. Even better, switch when you have a Best-of-the-Best award. Skip 1.b if you do plan to switch.
1.b Lot size
I would recommend something about 3x3 size lot. If you wish, get a larger one, but remember to fit it properly.
2.a Dining Area
One TABLE is to ONE sim, that is the rule of thumb. For now, place 3 tables with matching chairs in the dinning area. Place a podium.
2.b Cooking area
Here, you add the Chef’s stove and a sink. For faster cleaning, buy a dishwasher, but leave the sink if you want a bathroom to have a bathroom with a sink. I’ll explain later why.
2.c Bathroom
This one is optional, but it does help a bit. Obviously you add a toilet here and a sink.
3.0 Things you must NOT add
Trash, anything dangerous for a sim or the YOUR computer, anything that fills customer’s hunger, and the Electrono Ticket Machine. The ticket machine runs a bug that stops customers from eating their meal.
3. The Employees

Got through the first part? Good. Now let’s start on the people that will run the business.

The chef is the one that makes the food. He’s at the stove all day, cooking for the guests and his heart’s desire. While he can only prepare food one at a time, he raises his cooking skills if he stays in front of the fire.
Required Skill: Cooking
Note: This job is best fitted to be done by the owner. He can cook a meal and leave it there, do some sales interaction with the customer, then cook again when the meal is taken.
The server is the busiest employee you’ll have. The server regularly cleans his hands using the sink (thus you will need one in the kitchen), cleans drinking glasses, cleans finished plates, and cleans everything else that is dirty. He also takes orders and serves the food to the customer. A server with low body will spill food on the customers, while a server with high body can get nifty tips.
Required Skill: Body
Note: When your business matures and hiring a cook is worth it, your owner can work as server. That way, he gets the nifty tips, which can go into hundreds per day, as long as body is high.
The Host is the one that brings the people to the food. It’s an easy job, and having a sales badge cuts the time your Host chats on the phone and reads. Fortunately, just working as a host already increases sales.
Required Badge: Sales
Note: This is a cheap job. However, your once salesperson can work here as a host.

4. Your first day!

Start by clicking on the podium and select “Plan Menu.” Kick out the food your chef can’t cook, or remove food that you don’t feel to be a part of the restaurant. Set your price by clicking on the podium then select “Set Menu Price.” Be careful that having high prices can turn off a customer fast, so set it average or cheaper. Then, open your business, call in your employees and wait for your first victim!

5. Dining Time!
Here’s how the customers come and go.
1.0 The customer comes in and checks the place
2.0 Goes to the podium. The buy bar appears and fills.
3.a Chooses to eat OR
3.b Detested eating or No table available(FAIL)
4.0 Talks to Host and gets a seat
5.0 Server comes and takes order
6.0 Server delivers food
7.0 Customer eats and finishes, pays food.
8.0 (Optional) Customer gives tip.

Keep an eye if the tables are full- if it is and there are still customers waiting, plonk some tables and chairs down to give way for them.

Watch your Income bar and increase both price and pressure on sales if you notice your total profit is not rising.

6.0 Complaints and No Seating

As early as your first day you might have these two. Complaints are said when a customer dislikes something in your shop. The customer’s shout bubble will show what he/she does not like. For example, a customer’s shout bubble shows Dina Caliente with a cross on her face. That means the customer does not want Dina hanging around. After the rant, depending on the charisma the one being complained at will have a boost or lose relationship points with the complainant, and could make the loyalty point loss to a lesser degree. That customer will complain again after a while if you do not fix the problem.

When tables are full and another customer tries to sit, s/he will talk to the host. A speech bubble appears above the customer showing a table. The Host will reply “no seating,” then you lose loyalty. That’s YOUR cue to add more chairs and tables, FAST.

7.0 Ending the day

You can’t work forever. After a while, you and your employees’ needs deteriorate and fails. I recommend a maximum time of 8 hours (without breaks), and an overtime of 1 hour to let the last customers finish. Here’s how you close the day.

When you hit your eighth hour, LOCK the entrance from customers and finish the last ones inside. After all are served and finished eating, CLOSE your shop and send your employees back home. UNLOCK the door.

If you just close shop then send all employees home, you run the risk of people waiting for a host or server or food, then they get fed up and leave with lost loyalty points.

8.0 Upgrading

I doubt you had already gotten profit from your first day, but once you do, you’ll want to improve. You can add bathrooms, decor, employees, and custom content (the last one is the best) to spice up your shop or improve its quality. Just remember: anything that is trash (including not yet drunken coffee cups) will be cleaned by your server.

Got a gold Flower Arranging badge? Then make some Snapdragons! These nifty flowers give a motive boost (and a fresh smell) to anyone near it. Place one near the podium, near the Chef stove, near the Server’s sink, another in the dining room, and an extra three in the kitchen. Yes, what I recommend takes a total of these seven beauties, but the more the merrier when it comes to these powerful dragons (I'm dead serious).

Adding Servers can be useful if your first server is forced to stop frequently because of the people tipping him. To make the second server useful, add even more chairs.

ABUSE the Business Perks! Get your lost money back with the Cash perks. Afterwards, choose the ones you want. Motivation and Networking are great, along with Manipulate and teeny-weeny of discounts.

9.0 Recommended Custom Content
These things make your restaurant life easier. By the way, these doesn't help you cheat.
1.a Customer Limit Adjuster
Can break or lower the customer limit in ranges of 3 to 48. This helps you get more out of your shop (since the maximum customer limit is only 8 at rank 10) or lessen it when things get out of hand.
1.b Time Clock
Calls in your workers at opening and closing time. You can buy multiple clocks for shifting, allowing you to have 24 hours of employees. Great if you already have a manager.
1.c Hugernator
Makes customers hungry. Only set at level 1. Can cause errors if power level is raised.
Available at the Business Facilitator area in:
2.a Customer selector
Targets the specific customers you want (Best setting: rich, only NPCs, include Downtownies, include nonlocals, no robots, no sick people, no plantsims). You can also select your business type. By selecting “Retaurant,” sims will hone-in at your podium to eat. However, customers can still detest eating. Works best with No Playable Shoppers.
2.b No playable shoppers
Stops the game from making playable shoppers from appearing in you business lot. It allows the game generator to yield to the Customer Selector rather than messing it up. If you do select "Allow Playables" in the customer selector, they will appear like regular (except that it is bugless!)
Available at The Armory in:
3.0 Improved dining podium
This has a pro and con. It allows sims to sign up using the Electrono Ticket Machine and they will finish their meal. However, sims will not leave after eating, causing a buildup that new customers can’t come in.
Available at the Dinnerbell in:
4.0 Promote anyone to manager
Allows you to promote anyone to a manager without the need of badges. This helps much since the extra cost for excess badges can be high. If you’re a bit guilty, then set the Manager’s wage to overpaid.
Available at Squinge’s hacks in:

10.0 FAQs which I expect will pop up.

Q: My host says there’s no seating when there are available tables and chairs already!
A: 2 possible reasons. One is that this is a known bug .To fix it, change the tables and chairs. The second is that your Customer selector might be preventing that specific sim from entering. Check your selector and fix the problem.

Q: I can’t perform sales social on this guy! What’s up?
A: Another known bug, mostly prominent in undercover reporters. The best way to do sales on that person is use the “Show menu to… sim” option on the podium. Make sure you cancel the “Just Browsing” interaction before your sim starts shouting.

Q: Can I assign my employee “Sell items” to customers?
A: Except for your controllable manager, no. The “Sell items” assignment is not available.

Q: It’s getting congested near the podium.
A: Then it’s time for a bigger movement space. The best place? Outside.

Q: Customers are getting fed up and leaving.
A: Check your Server. Is he being nuked with too much tips? If so, it’s time to add more servers. Get someone with 2+ body skill points, however.

Bonus: LOOONG (but safer) way to business
1. Get a Restaurant-size lot
2. Start by making a bakery. Cook, stock, sales and ring up your customers. Cook cheap foods first
3. When it gets busy, hire a cook to make the food. Stock, sales and ring up your customers.
4. When it gets even busier, hire a salesperson. Stock, ring up and do a little sales with your customers.
5. Do the stock/ring-up on your own.
6. Be friends with someone with 3+ body skill
7. Build up some body skill
8. When you get the best-of-the-best award, swap the entire bakery. The cook is now a chef, the salesperson as the host, and you as the server.
9. When the time is right, hire your friend
10. When you're already soaring, you can now hire playable sims and overpay them
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The easiest, the fastest and hands down the most profitable business is REAL ESTATE.

All you need:
6-7k to start off
A phone to buy lots and an enclosed space for displaying deeds

How to make silly amounts of simoleons:

Start up a home business
Initially buy Mercantile Mart or Little 'n' Local or you could build a community lot to suit your budget
Place the deed in the lot
Set the price to "Very Expensive"
Sell, Sell, Sell!

You should make a tidy profit - above most of the top ranked careers salaries from your first sale!

Now just rebuy and repeat until you make enough money to go onto more expensive lots. They take slightly longer to sell at the higher end but just keep your customers loyalty up and they will literally sell themselves.

I prefer to sell one property at a time - just makes the sales go quicker from my experience.

As you unlock the business perks prioritize Perception, Connections and Wholesale. Perception will help your sales (especially lvl 4), as will Connections.

If you have the Nightlife expansion you have access to properties for more than 150k+ which can really bring in the money once you've developed your business.
If you have the Bon Voyage expansion you can buy vacation homes and sell them on just like community lots or you could build the houses and then buy them and sell them on.

You don't really need employees when you're running a home real estate business - though they do come in handy on a community lot businesses.

My record is close to a million simoleons PROFIT in a day - though that did put a strain on my employees and my sim (and me)! Comfortably you can make about 300-500k profit a day.

Making this sort of money (without cheats) lets you use it for expensive businesses/building new houses/buying vacation homes.

Hope that helped.
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If You Want To Run a Produce Stand I would Suggest Getting SimWardrobe's Employee Gardening, and Produce Packing Station. It Assigns Your Employees To Do Tasks That Have to Do With Gardening, Such As Tending The Garden, Planting Items. The Only Probem is, If You Have Compost, your Employees Will Use the 10 Dollar Bags Instead, So I Suppose You'd Have To "Fertilize Many..." yourself, the Plant. After That They'll Tend The Garden.

If You Would Also Like To Run a Fishing Business You May Use Simwardrobe's Employee Fishing and Fish Packing Stations.

All Located Here Under "Business Facilitators".

These May Be The Hardest Jobs, However They're Worth It. You Make Alot Of Money Selling Produce As Well, and Your Customers Can Get Fat Too because of the Sparkly food

#18 Old 21st Nov 2007 at 1:28 PM
MATY has a packing station too, just like Simwardrobe, except that it doesn't have Paladin's bug that anything you put in the crate becomes of "mouth watering," even if the produce is really bland or anything else.
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Originally Posted by franky21
The easiest, the fastest and hands down the most profitable business is REAL ESTATE.

It definitely is! This is THE business for your sims if you want to get rich quick. I set up a small home business, one room with 3 snap dragons (plants that a sim can make for 250 simoleons with a gold flower arranging badge) and a phone. My sims were quite wealthy to start off with though (about 450,000 simoleons) so it was easy to purchase expensive lots. But basically it has taken me 6 sim days to work my funds up to 1,315,000 simoleons! Fantastic! The snap dragons really help too, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to earn so much in so little time! I usually hate businesses because they are way too hard t start and maintain but this is definitely, hands down, the best business you can do IMO :D
#20 Old 30th Dec 2007 at 5:19 PM
Dillitru thank you so much for posting that. I've never run a restaurant, and have been itching too. So that was a huge help! :D
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Here's some help:
Q: What's the easiest kind of business to manage?
A: A business that involves buying stuff like those you see in Buy Mode. You don't need much employees, and if you have gold badges, you'll get this business in full swing easily!
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No one's said anything about salons in here or the wiki, so I'll post some of my observations from the one I've been running lately.

First off, if your plan is to get rich quick I do not suggest a salon, as they are rather slow money-wise compared to other businesses. However, they are rather fun to own and you get to de-uglify some townies in the process!

Starting out is a tad difficult, because it seems more or less impossible to make money from makeovers until you have a bronze talent badge in cosmetology. Just do free makeovers until you have it. After you have the badge, here's how to makeover sims for money: Just as with selling buy mode and created objects, the teal buying meter thing will appear over the customer's head. Perform sales interactions on the customer until the bar is almost to the top, then have your sim go to the makeover chair and click "Be Stylist." Unless you cancel the action or have your sim do something else, the customer will automatically sit in the chair when the meter reaches the top. If the makeover goes well, the Change Appearance screen will appear. If it goes badly, the customer will get a bad haircut or weird face paint and will probably leave before you can fix it. However, you get paid either way unless you were doing it for free.

Hope this helped. c:
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University: Your students can have a community business, but not a home business, if they're in University. Unlike campus lots, students do not age on commuity lots. Myself, I have a residential lot with career reward items (donated by grateful alumni) and another residential lot with talent-building items.

Apartments: With a Throne of Light, your witches can recharge (including Energy) on a community lot and live on the lot, without aging.

Illnesses: Cockroaches and the logic career reward can get your sim sick. Have a Family Sim open a small community lot business and sell Grandma's Chicken Soup!
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I am trying to set up an adult nightclub,ie, dancers, etc. In all the posts above, you talk about hiring employees, however, when I try to hire, it only gives me like five choices to hire. How do you make it so that you can hire more people? I made 14 different sims for this and put them all in apartments. They don't show up on the list for hiring. Should I make them townies or downtownies? Do I have to make the owner go to meet each one and hire them, or maybe make them go into the nightclub itself? My nightclub is in my Downtown. Any thoughts? Thank you

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Yeah, the game only gives you 5 choices each day. I used to either wait for the sims I want to visit the store or invite them over (if I had enough relationship poins), then you click on them to hire the one you want.

Now I have an employee placement center where my business owners get to pick and hire whoever they want courtesy of Christianlov's Easy Computer from Modthesims which allows me to "power hire".

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