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#801 Old 11th Jun 2017 at 8:56 PM
Theses are names from my hood:

[First Name] [Last Name]
Thunderbird Samuels
Tornado Samuels
Abomination jnr Goodman
Abcdefghi Goodman
Jurassic Park
Mcdonald Berger
Jonathan Berkley
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Uh... Interesting names DP_sensei... How do your child sims cope at school?
"Tornado Samuels" "McDonald Berger"

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I like female name,
- Fiona
- Heather
- Annie
- Elisa
- Jennifer
- Zoey
- Brittany
- Hazzel
- Carla
- Elizabeth
- Roxy
- Rita
- Alesia
- Alicia
- Alyssa
- Jessica
- Amanda
- Cassidy
- Aurora
- Ellen
- Becky
- Courtney
- Willow
- Camilla
- Susan
- Suzie


Leon (I got from Violetta Movies).

Last names
Sharp (my last name) my nick name (Gunner Sharp)
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Originally Posted by Emperor Crat
Uh... Interesting names DP_sensei... How do your child sims cope at school
"Tornado Samuels" "McDonald Berger"

If the whole 'hood has names like that, I doubt it's a problem.
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Default Piwowwarski Twins Spell Twins
I chose my sims, I will create my own sims

Susan Tunstill with her daughter Debbi.
Alice Grigsby (CrichtonGrigsby 's mother) adopted
Joseph Makely ( with his roommates)
Abigail Moore ( one of her best friend)
Hannah Monore ( her Best friend)
Crichton Grigsby (Alice Grigsby's son) Adopted
Chris Shubert with Joseph Makely
Jeffery Yagher with Abigail Moore
Kathleen DeAlessandro (Susan Tumstill's sister) Susan (nee DeAlessandro) Tunstill.
Mickey Giacomazzi with Jason and Donnie Workman, Chris
Brad Monymaker (Heidi 's husband, Heidi (nee Former Ainsworth) Monymaker - 1 daughter Rachel Monymaker
Jason Rodriguez with Mickey and Doonie Workman, Chris.
Donnie Workman with Jason and Mickey
Debby Austen (nee Paczkowski) Austen, her husband, Michael Austen. ( Debby Austen's sister, Natasha Paczkowski) Debby and Michael Austen had 2 sons, Sam Austen and Lee Austen
Natasha Paczkowski (Natasha's sister Debbie Austen (Debby).
Micheal Austen( married to Debby Paczkowski) 2 sons Sam, Lee
Myron Baker with her mother, Michellle Baker
Cynthia Hubenthal with her father, Police officer, Zack Hubenthal
Melanie Hawthorne-Piwowarski ( nee Hawthorne) married (Piwowwarski) her husband, Christian Piwowwarski 3 children, Kevin Piwowwarski, Maria Piwowwarski, and Karen Piwowwarski. Karen and Maria are twins
Debbi Tunstill (Susan's daughter) adopted black daughter of Susan.
Tammy Vasquez best friend with Hannah Monore
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I like playing Romance Sims, both male and female. (It helps to make up for the total lack of romance in my own life.)

One of these days I must have a really wild female Romance Sim -- the kind that has woohoo five times a night and three more times during the day -- preferably all with different partners . . . and I'll name her "Chastity".

(Can anyone think of a nice surname for her?)

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Chastity Belt?

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I've got AL and that's pretty much what Chastity Gere aspires to do. If I was making a new sim, I'd go with Pru, as a play on prude.

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I've got Jankowsky and Hobbs families in Dodge so far though more will arrive in time as the town grows though they'll be travelling by wagon train or getting a ride in somebody's wagon.
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All of my Sim families have themes - a little trick I picked up after playing with the Widespot characters when I was a kid.

The family I'm enjoying the most now with naming is my Parker family- named after my favorite parks and trails. Shenandoah is married to Kaibab and they have a son Forrest. Shenandoah is after Shenandoah National Park and Kaibab is after the Kaibab Trail on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. They only have one son and it seems like they won't be having anymore children, so I look forward to naming their grandkids.

Last night in CAS I just made adults Charles Wolff, Winnifred Germain, and Eleanor Dane. They're inspired by my dogs Chip, Winnie, and Ellie. They're going to be roommates and I'm going to see how things go. If they have children, they will be named after dog breeds. Akita for a girl, Jack and Russell for twin boys, etc.
#811 Old 12th Jul 2020 at 9:11 PM
The only "recurring" theme I have is that sims born from alien abductions always have "celestial" names. That explains how I sometimes end up with girls called Cassiopeia, Charon or Pleiades, boys sporting monikers such as Orion, Ganymede or Octans, and on more than one occasion I've had male twins named Phobos and Deimos.

However, in my current Pleasantview, I decided that Delilah Sharpe (O'Feefe) would give her kids names that meant various colours. Her firstborn and only daughter is called Xanthe (Yellow), then she had Bruno (Brown) and lastly Midori (Green). I did have to go hunting for that last one though, and found it on a baby name website.
The other recurrences I've gone for are with the Gavigans and the Critturs. The Gavigans always try for a second child, and if it's a girl, she's always called Meredith. It seems to suit that family. With the Critturs, the 3 puppies usually consist of 2 male and 1 female, so they get named after my colleague's dogs (past and present): Chester, Wilbur and Flo. Cats often have names based on RL ones I've known.

No need to use my full name, "Selly" will do just fine.

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#812 Old 12th Jul 2020 at 10:46 PM
I've had a couple of families that had botanical and nature names such as Fern, Holly, Cedar, Ocean, River, Dew, Oak, etc, with the surname of Greenwood and.... I've forgotten the other at the moment.
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I have a tendency to name a cat "Chewy" after the website store.

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#814 Old 29th Aug 2020 at 7:36 AM
I quite like experimenting with foreign names, for example I have a Vietnamese guy in the works whose name is Tony Tha'ng Quan. Both his English and Vietnamese names have meanings along the lines of "victory".
I'm also working up a bank of names I'd like to use, but argh I actually have to make Sims to go with them.
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