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Smith (Theo) - Banyan returned home and called up Stephanie so she can move in. It's Saturday, so family day at this household - so no wedding party, I'm just going to take advantage of the full house! Stephanie arrived and naturally agreed to move in, bringing 4k with her - those Uni students are broke! Aww, they matched! I think Stephanie chose Banyan's formal wear so that it would match her dress - she was in a light blue dress, he was in a dark blue suit with light blue shoes and accents! It was a beautiful ceremony, and everyone changed into formal. They immediately went to Aaliyah and Theo's bed for some post marriage woohoo, while Sara and Barid did the same in Banyan and Stephanie's new bed. Which pissed Amin off, since they're technically married! Naturally they slapped the shit out of each other. Meanwhile Banyan and Stephanie TFB and I heard chimes. I'm VERY excited to get the next generation going lol. Banyan got a job as a Juggler and Stephanie as a Sea Lice Research Assistant.

At 8pm the kids and their parents left, though some remained behind. The dogs seriously need baths, so Aaliyah got to work on that. Bambi studied the two cooking skills she needed to get promoted. Carl got promoted to Therapy Pet. Everyone left at 2am and all seemed to have a good time - even Bailey and Barid behaved themselves.


Miles - Sunday means family day! Barney had no teen possibilities so he looked up his highest match and went on an outing with Veronica Beckham (who I keep calling Victoria). Bandele made friends with Cordelia and Hunter checked into his businesses. Camryn and Collin got their woohoo on in Hunter and Abbie's bed. Abbie read the newspaper until it was time to go to work. Barid and Bailey got into a few fights and Barry got the bronze fishing badge that he wanted. Barry, Becka and Barto all played around the toddler table for awhile. Abbie headed off to work as a Space Pirate, cause she hadn't found a Music job yet. Barney's outing was Super, though all they did was hang out for awhile til Veronica got bored and I free ranged them. Camryn checked into her businesses, but she's going to have to visit them sometime this week.

At 8pm some of the parents and children left. Abbie found a job as a Symphony Conductor. Stephanie Smith passed out on the floor and was sent home. Barney got a Rave Against the Machine Nightclub Lamp from his earlier outing. Barney also studied the mechanical point he needed for a promotion, then studied cleaning. Captain couldn't eat from any of the pet bowls, so I had to moveobjects delete him - fortunately that seemed to fix it.
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With the exception of the Greenman family, I finished my Riverblossom Hills makeover! *collapses*

Architecturally speaking, this town was very dull - farmhouses and cottages, yawn! But hey, it's another town off my "maxis makeover" list - and the town itself is really nice, even if it's not my style architecturally speaking. It will be fun to play with when I get back around to RBH.
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I'm at the beginning of the second day of the first rotation of my next family - the Holts. Well, family would be an overstatement, seeing as it's just this one guy (Pierce Holt, successful CEO) and his elderly dog (Snuffles, a small mutt). So far, he got a roommate, went on a date--sorry, "business outing" with Pendleton Dubois, and heartfarted at all the well-employed men he came across in community lots (no, he's not a Romance sim, he's a Fortune sim with a turn-on for hard worker).

Snuffles is one of the cutest dogs I've ever made in Create-a-Sim, though:

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I've decided to start a fresh save on The Sims 2, so I downloaded Marka's Riverside and poplated it with some of my new charachters. Today I played the Park family. Here's George and Caleb having dinner together.

Then Caleb decided to serenade his husband, and I think this picture is quite funny lol
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Izza Lesage (ex-cheerleader), Pacey Walle (ex-mascot), and Nigel Beauner (dormie turned frat member) had graduated and left me with no idea what to do with them. Izza loves both men, both men love her, Nigel also loves Heather Huffington and has crushes on several other women. I moved the three of them into a house together and watched them for a day - ACR had fun. Izza made out with both of them, and then Heather turned up in the welcome wagon. At that point, Izza and Pacey went off to woohoo, and Nigel and Heather paired off. I decided Izza and Pacey would stay roommates, and I moved Nigel out. Izza and Pacey finished the week with jobs as in animal control and fire fighting - nothing special happened, and they love each other but showed no interest in commitment.

Nigel moved in with his best friend from the frat - Ashley Pitts. Their little house downtown now has the pinball machine from the frat, and a train table. Ashley also loves Heather, and is engaged to her with a locked want to marry. Nigel was unlucky in love all through university - most of his loves and crushes ended up preferring other playable sims, mostly his frat brothers. I then played Heather's house for a bit, and she rolled a want to marry Ashley. They married and Ashley moved into her apartment, leaving Nigel alone with his train table. I went back to Nigel. He had a want to go on a date, but didn't want to go with his best friend's wife; fortunately he had one crush that wasn't involved with anyone I was aware of. I don't know where the crush developed, or how he knew this townie, but it could work. He called Lorraine for a date, and by the end of it was in love. She quickly fell for him, too. They spent the spring dating. She'd been involved in a short fling with Glibert Jacquet (he rolled wants to cheat on his wife earlier this rotation and I hadn't paid much attention to who he flirted with and kissed), but Nigel is the only sim she has strong feelings for and a high relationship with. They had one last date in the spring and got married - they are now Nigel and Lorraine Neilson.

Back with Ashley and Heather, they are both very happy together as they both love the same activities, mostly playing video games and having parties. Heather started rolling wants to learn skills she needs for her career (slacker) and Ashley socialized and made friends. They had a whoops baby that neither really wanted (I made a mistake with their ACR settings) and placed her for adoption - there was a family ready to take her. Both Heather and Ashley are now on birth control, and continuing to play sports, watch movies, and throw parties together.

Wanda Tinker had a miscarriage early in the spring, but recovered and soon got pregnant again. She rested a lot more during this second pregnancy while Melody helped her father with their toy shop. Melody also helped care of her little sister, Wendy and baby brother, Steve, while working in the teen science career. Wendy and Steve both aged up at the beginning of spring; Steve was taught toddler skills over the weekend by Stephen and Melody, and Wendy played peek-a-boo with him a lot. Wendy and Melody got colds at school on Monday; while Melody recovered by the next morning, Wendy needed more rest but went to school anyway. She went to bed when she got home, and a message appeared saying she was cured, just as she disappeared from the family listing and the Grim Reaper arrived. Wanda pleaded for her life and saved her. The cold was getting passed around; everyone except toddlers and babies got sick at least once, and soup was the only thing eaten for two days. At about the same time that everyone was finally healthy again, Wanda gave birth to twin girls, rolling a want for another baby at the same time. Stephen also had that want and called to adopt. They adopted the baby that Heather and Ashley had given up - she's one day younger than their twins. I played the house an extra day as I forgot that adoptions arrive the next morning. The family now has the six children that Wanda needs for her LTW (marry off 6 children), but they still want more and will probably adopt as they are getting close to elder (maybe a child aged sim next time). The house is a bit crazy but they are happy. Melody will be moving to university in the summer and will be missed - she does a lot to help her parents, and Wendy adores her.

Jane and Castor Nova's family is starting to save money to buy a community lot. Jane will own an elementary school in the downtown, and I also want them to build a science lab. Their twin girls, Laura and Cassie, spent the spring playing and making friends - they invited other children over almost every day. Laura was the first child I've seen roll a want to have a new family member, and that want was filled when a third daughter was born.

Over at my fishing family, one of the teen sons gave birth to an alien, Athena (for some reason I like a naming pattern to my aliens, and in this town I've decided to go with gods and other names from mythology - other towns I've used names that start with either X or Z, or characters from Star Trek). Grandpa Henry was thrilled and wants more grandkids (that will take a while). All of the teens in the house helped Grady care for his daughter while balancing part-time jobs. The two children couldn't help when she was a baby, but did play with Athena when she reached toddler. Grandpa rolled wants to teach toddler skills, but Grady did most of those - Henry only managed to teach walking. When the ice finally melted off the river, the family spent afternoons together fishing. They are trying to catch enough to reopen their fish market, and fishing has the added benefit of building their relationships with each other. For some reason, one of the children had almost no relationship with three of the teens, and Grady had a low relationship with his mother. Fishing and chess together is slowly remedying that.
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My game got an operation this weekend. Sims 2 has been crashing for me the past year. Game is still playable, but I had to start getting into the habit of saving a lot more often if I wanted any progress to be had. Crashes were random, not seeming from any CC, and the errors were between 'system out of memory' and 'graphics couldn't process' something. But the thing is my computer was specifically built for gaming and it has a lot of memory, so I chalked it up to just being an old game that thought I only had 2 gb of memory.

However I learned something that fixed the constant crashing by following instructions found at GOS.

It's amazing and my game hasn't crashed since. I went on a playing spree this weekend after modifying the exe. I could have parties with 20 sims, I could leave the game paused 5 hours, and come back and play for a few more hours without it crashing when before sometimes it would crash up to five minutes after I got into a sim household. It was a fun time.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Guys, remember to put your pictures behind spoilers!

Nothing too important has been happening in my game atm, just finishing up the rotation between shopping for Midget's birthday and doing other things.

ETA: Aaliyah just accepted a first kiss from Fenton and now all hell is breaking loose. Theo is seriously NOT amused. So I lied...sorta. Then Theo accepted a first kiss from Natalia - I'm in stitches here.
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My winter rotation is done. Before playing spring for real and have a sort of fresh start, I decide to empty all inventories, withdraw all bank accounts, add the needed lots and tweak some of the existing lots.

Played with aging off
Millie Martains, head of the farmer household, opened her new business, a nursery plant. On the opening day she got a bad review but made a few successful sales.
Meanwhile at the farm, Laetitia Johnson, Millie's fiancee, and Abraham Granville-Carver, started to plant crops (12 of each plant). They still have to plant cucumbers though. Emma, Millie's sister and Abraham's wife is currently pregnant with twins so she rested even if she really wanted to help. Caleb and Olivia, Abraham and Emma's children, went to school. At 5:00 PM, they were back and Caleb helped with the crops (he planted tomatoes) for two hours while Olivia was playing chess.
At the end of the day, everyone was really tired and I guess that the next days are going to be tough for the family.

Town funds are currently 324 553§. A bark park was added to the hood. The city hall is still in the making (mayor's office and courtroom are sort of ready). I still have to add a newsroom.
Mayor Natacha Morand is also wondering if she's going to do taxes this round, lessen them or remove them. Time will tell.
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The appointment of Kairaba Kunta Kinte as Foreign Minister and Abishag Ruben's resignation to become the new Dean of the University opened up two seats in the National Assembly. President Sanchez knew his fading True Whig party would have a difficult time holding either seat; although he hoped the party might surprise him.

He had no such luck. His party was already short of any young blood, and these elections showed just how far they had declined from the virtual one-party state that had dominated Monkeykid for several weeks running; indeed, the party could muster only one candidate for the seats, running IT Executive Ali Osama bin-Fahd (who only ran to spite his ex-wife) against rising political force, Mercy Jackson. Although she had just completed her military service, Mercy had been instrumental in the rebirth of the RDF and is widely seen as a future President herself (although it remains to be seen if she will run to succeed Sanchez himself or let an older candidate, like nominal party leader Chief Justice Beare-Pitts or long-term Representative Adams-Jackson, step forward.) As expected, she crushed bin-Fahd.

For the other open seat, Mercy ensured the RDF would field another strong candidate - her own husband - star athlete Hezekiah Jackson, whose playing career was ending and who had long supported his wife's political ambitions. With the True Whigs unable to find their own candidate to oppose him, Progress put forth Abrihet Ruben; the Eritrean native had built a strong base of support as a solid bureaucrat in governmental service and proved a strong candidate; indeed, against a weaker opponent, she likely would have won the seat - but Hezekiah's reputation and broad base of support proved too much to overcome.

With their victories, the True Whigs lost their majority in the Assembly, as the body split 3-3-1 between the Whigs, RDF, and Progress; that party's sole Representative, Ephraim Phoenix, had never been known as a particularly active legislator and seemed particularly unsuited for the pressure of the swing voter that he now found himself in.
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I finished up the Holt family and began with another of my own Sim families: The Palmer. Pleasure-sim Candice Palmer and son Andrew (by Goopy GilsCarbo, because I have a strange sense of humour). First day went relatively well; they live in Sentinel Apartments, also home to the Newsons, Goodies, and Julien Cooke. Before heading to her job as a waitress, Candice played with her bird, Julius, a bit before putting him on her shoulder. She then introduced herself to the neighbors and had a fascinating conversation with Julien Cooke about...traffic laws, apparently.

Then her carpool came up. She went to work. With the bird still on her shoulder:

Then I fast-forwarded until about 2:30, a half-hour before Andrew arrived home. Candice had previously hired a nanny to watch him for a few hours before she got home from work. And, um:

I'm guessing a portal problem here, because I moved the mailbox (I swear it was only a bit...) and the school bus also didn't show up (I had to get Andrew to walk to school). I hope I don't have to move all the families out to fix it.

EDIT: Two of the nannies got into a fight in the middle of the living room
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Default R.I.P Diego, famous romance novelist.
Diego and Tatiana are an elderly couple. They never married due to Diego's Cassanova's tendencies (romance sim to the core), but nevertheless have lived together all these years and have not one, but two children together. Diego spends his days at home writing trashy romance novels while Tatiana has always been climbing the rungs at a business career. She paints as a hobby.

Anyway today it was a regular summer weekend. Diego was working on a new Romance series with a time-of-day theme to follow up his series of lusty-named seasonal novels. Tatiana was painting small canvases. I had done some cleaning out of Diego's backpack because he was 83 days old and I didn't want some unique things to disappear forever when it was time for Grim to show up.

It had started raining, Diego took a break to go get some leftovers and when a clap of thunder struck - Tatiana fell to the floor in crazy despair. I realized Grim had struck in the kitchen without me seeing since I was focused on the second floor. What was eerie though was I hadn't noticed what she was painting and I got a notice it was finished right when the thunder happened.

It was a terrible timing to let Diego go, as their youngest son, Raphael, was going to college the next morning and no one was around to console his mother and in general, she was being left alone. I thought of maybe having him stay and do community college but he had done all the skill work and scholarships needed to go to Uni. His faithful companion, Diablo, the German Shepard would stay around if Tatiana needed to huggle on something.

Funnily enough, I found a jar of butterflies in Diego's backpack and it was a symbolic gesture for Tatiana to let them free just as she had to let her old lover go. At least she has 5 steamy romance novels to remind her how romantic he was.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Aww, she let his butterflies free! Makes me think that that can be used as a sim ritual in religious sim towns.

Also, I'm going to be annoying and ask you where you got Diego's shirt. It's such a normal, sensible guy shirt and I'm always looking for those.
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Originally Posted by RedSimmies
Aww, she let his butterflies free! Makes me think that that can be used as a sim ritual in religious sim towns.

Also, I'm going to be annoying and ask you where you got Diego's shirt. It's such a normal, sensible guy shirt and I'm always looking for those.

That's actually an outfit from All about Sims Style here third from the top, in the middle. And i hear ya, elder male clothes are probably the hardest to find for CC out of all the clothing options, at least for me -started converting regular adult male clothes to elder ones in SimPE

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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The Landgraab (3) boys are struggling to get their sport scholarships. Both of their lifetime wants is to get to the top of the sports career so hopefully they get it soon! They have four days until they leave for sim state.

Madeline graduated from culinary school and got a job as a dish washer. Gotta start somewhere! Her sister Hailey got a job as a bartender which suits her outgoing/party girl personality.

At one of their many parties someone congratulated Kenneth about his baby, which I found funny because he's never even met his son before and his son is already a child. What they probably said was, "Nice job being a dead beat, Kenneth!" At least he pays his child support, well his parents pay for it but whatever

His baby momma, Evelyn was walking by and he autonomously greeted her....next thing you know they were making out again! Watch out Kenneth or you'll be paying child support for two.

Depending on their financial situation I may have them rent a house together during college. After the obligatory first year in the dorm of course.
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I made a beautiful Georgian style house. They're so big though! - my sims usually have tiny little houses so I had no idea how to fill up all that space. I've decided to make a Georgian style neighbourhood. - I made some sims too, from the CC that I have. They didn't look very good, I'm not sure whether I should download some more stuff because I don't like filling my game up, especially for the sake of a neighbourhood I might not actually play.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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Main House - It's a Saturday at the main house, which leaves me wondering if I'm going to continue family days or not - or only invite one or two households instead of the whole family. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first Gen C baby - though at the same time I'm not, cause it's the first "awkward" generation, and my rule is if the game doesn't see them as family, I don't, within reason - at least in this challenge. So far I've decided to just do the next two households in line - that should still provide plenty of chance for everyone to get to know each other without lagging me to no end as the family grows. So the Smith (Theo) household and the Miles household were summoned. Everyone had a good time hanging around waiting for the expected arrival, though Jules had to go to work before it could happen. He's going to become an elder next rotation.

So Wendy decided to give me triplets - 2 girls and a boy. So she's done having kids unless they ACR themselves some more! They're named Cade, Cadee and Cady. Amin cheated on Sara with Camryn, but Sara couldn't slap him cause of the crowd of people praising the babies. She finally found a way around and nailed him. Then Aaliyah started beating on him for no reason that I could see, unless it had to do with his cheating on Sara - they're best friends I think. Jules came home with a promotion to World Class Ballet Dancer, which marks his 4th, and final, LTW achieved. Barbra taught Cayla to roll over and made friends with her in the process.
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I'm fiddling about with skintones and using cc eyes and makeup for the first time. Yesterday I expanded that to learning about overlays; today I edited textures for a tattoo and started wondering what I could do with some skintones that I have in my game which are almost what I want but not quite. I'm not great with image editing, but I think I can do enough for my own wants. As for eyes, I've been trying out different default sets every time I play the game, trying to find the look that I am most happy with. There are so many eyes to choose from, but I don't want to add genetic eyes that aren't defaults until I'm sure I've found ones I really love.

In my actual play of the game, I've added Land Grant University to my modern 'hood. My town is still small and being built, and Land Grant suits it much more than Sim State. In my mind, LGU is between the coastal/mountain town that is my main hood and the bigger city that is the downtown sub-hood. I'm just starting to get to know the Land Grant students. I'm playing 4 or 5 households with LGU attached before really playing the premade LGU households so that I can see them and have them interact a bit with each other and my sims. Hi Thyme has shown up at the Ramirez furniture store a couple of times (he's collecting cheap tables), Lacy Curtain (I changed most of the dormie names back to their punny originals) made friends with my farmer and bought a couple of crates of tomatoes, and Dot Matrix autonomously flirted with both the farmer and one of his teen sons.

My farming family had a busy spring. They've doubled the size of their garden - it's planted in 5x5 blocks, with the center square holding a ladybug house. They've got 8 such blocks, but with two adults, three teens, and three children, it's manageable even with school. Once summer starts, they will add another couple of blocks. Everything was planted on fertilized squares, and once everything was in a great state, they called to join the garden club. I haven't bothered with the garden club since the first household I played after getting UC, and I was curious about the process and about the well, which I've never received. Most of the plants were thriving, and the inspectors seemed to think that the baskets I use for my market stall were garden decor, so getting a wishing well was straightforward. Next rotation, I'm going to try out the well, and try making juices (another thing I've not done before).
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With my current 'hood, I'm playing pretty loosey-goosey with rotation lengths. I finished up a several day run with the Gavigans and as I was putting everyone to bed, I noticed the youngest (who had aged up to child not a few days past) had the want of a new family member. Oh ho no, said I. Your family is living in the only four bedroom apartment in the whole hood. One that I had specifically built and decorated just for you guys. There's really no room for another sibling, unless you're willing bunk up and you're already sharing with the dog. Besides, your parents are on birth control, so there will be no trying for baby, and even if they did the hefty penalties I have in ACR for each additional child would run interference, plus their age mean less fertility to work with. So, no, not happening, sorry kiddo. After everyone is tucked in and the clock reaches a good hour, I save and quite the game for a while.

Fast forward to now, when I'm not tired enough to sleep. I decide to start up the game and play the Travellers, who live in the same apartment building as the Gavigans. I need to get Tina up to teen, as she's lagging behind the other 'hood kids. I put in a few extra bits of furniture, speed things up 'til morning, and see Tina off to school. With Trisha just hanging around due to a day off, I unlock the front door to allow neighbors to come in and out. The Travellers apartment is usually open, with everyone congregating around the Mahjong table or watching TV.

The very next thing I see is a streak of pale skin and dark hair as a swimsuit-clad Mary Gavigan runs in to throw up in one of the now available toilets.

My reaction, and I quote, "Are you freaking serious?"

So, yeah...

They're still not moving >:/
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I just entered the Pleasant household and Lilith threw up with a pacifier above her head with a question mark next to it. I was baffled. How could I forget she was pregnant? I didn't even know who it was by until Delilah Pleasant was born. She had blonde hair and dark blue eyes. There was no doubt about it. Dustin Broke was the father and then I remember what happened. Lilith's cousin Lucy had a long-term relationship with Dustin and they got Lilly. Almost two years later, Delilah was born. So, these girls are both half-sisters and cousins. That is extremely weird to me. Oh, and don't forget Dustin was Angela's (Lilith's twin sister) boyfriend before she died, as well. I need to let this sink in.
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