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Default Has anyone played the Tricous and/or Rainelle?
I just finished resurrecting all of them (though I did leave Rainelle Neengia in her grave) and giving them makeovers, and even though I haven't played all of them yet, I love them! None of them are fugly, not even the elders, which is an achievement for Maxis sims, and I love the gothy/witchy air they have about them. When I get AL, I might make one of them an evil witch/warlock. And their names are nicely unique, not wtf-worthy like Goopy or Abdijeet.

A few odd things I noticed, though...Gvaudoin (the female teen) has negative relationships with everyone in her family except her grandfather and cousin (o_O), and soon after they were resurrected, Jennail, Nylissit, and Kvornan inherited money from some guy in a Nature Club outfit. Has anyone else had the latter happen with them, or is my game wigging out?

(For confused people, the Tricous are a dead Downtown family that are, unlike most Maxis-dead sims, resurrectable. Info is here. And this isn't just a question, tis a general discussion thread.)

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Haven't come across –that- website yet, but they provide very useful information, Carth! Thanks for the tip!
Sorry, that I can't help you with your problem, I've just wanted to thank you for the link to the website.
Have fun with the Tricous family they sound interesting!
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My husband resurrects them often, but he has never mentioned them inheriting money. (I leave them dead as a source of free entertainment for my knowledge sims. )

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I've frequently considered resurrecting the Tricous family, but I don't play downtown that much because I forget about it being a neighborhood...but they do sound quite cool now you;ve told us a bit more about them. I might finally do this when I get bored of sims 3 and go back to sims 2.

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I love playing the Tricou family. They're one of the most interesting maxis made families. Gvaudoin is a very anti-social sim which is why she has a negetive relationship with everyone, especially her cheating father and evil grandmother. Gvaudoin is my favourite sim. She becomes a really gorgeous adult. I made Gvaudoin & Lilith Pleasant best friends in my game and she married Alexander Goth. The Grandfather Jon has loads of secret kids. He's the father of half the townie teens. I've turned the grandparents into vampires like the game intended them to be. I might turn Gvaudoin into a vampire when she is close to coming an elder to keep her young. I don't want her to die.

I don't think Rainelle Neengia is related to the family at all. I think she is just someone who moved into the house after they had died and got scared to death by the ghosts.

When I resurrected them, they did inherited money from Beau Broke even though he was just a toddler at the time and still ALIVE.

Btw, if anyone doesn't have university or just doesn't want to go to the bother of sending one of the townie teens to college to resurrect them, I've packaged the sims from my game. I can email them to you if you want them just pm me.
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I've always liked their house, I don't really ever use downtown though. Mostly I just add the house to the bin and move in other fams. I think I'll try reserecting them, I'll download some custom eye-contact thingies, I have a phobia of the creppy maxis eyes.. lol. How do you pronounce Gvaudoin??? Her face I think is one of the teen templates in create-a-sim, with her hair, makeup, ect.

I'm diffrent. Is that going to be a problem?

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I've played with Rainelle. She's very pretty actually. She has big blue eyes with pouty lips, and is a total neat freak (neatness personality points are to the max!) So don't make a mess around her! .

BTW - I think Gvaudoin is a french name and is pronounced something like "VOW-DWAH"
But I'm not really sure. And someone told me Nylissit is pronounced like "NEE-LEE-SEE". In fact, A lot of those Tricou names are cool, but it kinda bugs me cuz I don't know how to pronounce any of them either. Fricorith, is that like "FREE-COR-ITH"? Blahhh I don't know. Does anybody else know how to pronounce these exotic names?

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I have a Irish but American citizen uncle and I know how to pronounce these words, Guavdoin is pronounced Gah-don while like my techie uncle says, the name is Medieval Gaelic, and Nylissit is Finnish and pronounced Neels-sit. I hope these obscure Europa names help you pronounce them a lot!!!!!!!!
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I resurreceted the Tricou's and they made it into Little Carping. I decided they were a vampire family that got killed off and then were resurrected by accident by two of my teens. They dress in old-fashioned clothing - I found a use for some of those great victorian duds at AAS. I wrote a story about it called Tricou Treat. It's still actually the grandparents who are vampires and one of the adult men. I resurrected Rainelle too but they were mean with the money for her so she came back as a zombie (ghoul?) and works as their maid. She's kind of frustrated and sad most of the time - she sleeps in a cupboard off the kitchen at the back of the stairs. Gvaudoin moved to college and is engaged to Edward Crumplebottom. There are two toddler daughters - Saffronelle and Violette. I don't play them much really since I regard them as moving scenery really. Gvaudion is pretty though.

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To let every one know that you will need to fix there relationship with each other or it will be all screwed up and not be able to do things that they should be able to do.

I use the Sim Blender to remove family ties and then reattach them as they should be and it works great for me.

ADD: Just to let you know @Jomarism1993 this thread is over 7 years old since the last post.
Don't worry about it for I like them to and bring them back in every hood I add Downtown to because it seems like downtown works better if someone is living there.

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I adore the Tricous so so much <3

Fricorith is my precious cinnamon roll tbh. I always dress them super gothic but like modern gothic (bc I like GOS stuff and I'm not into victorian/medieval aesthetic at all haha). Especially Gvaudoin and Fricorith, I try to combine Addams Family and Elvira-style gothicism with a little modern Hot Topic-esque stylings with them. Gotta say I love how it turns out every time~

Also I love all their names, e.g. Fricorith, Gvaudoin, Jennicor, Kiernan. If I ever have a son IRL I am seriously considering Fricorith as a name for him. 100% seriously. Kinda reminds me of posh-sounding Germanic names such as Friedrich and Dietrich (also adore those names)
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I almost always resurrect the Tricous but I **always** forget about resurrecting Rainelle!

I normally make the Tricous all Evil/Neutral->Evil witches and wizards.

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