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Default "Be complained at"
Okay is there any way to remove "be complained at" from the game? I've got nothing against OFB (it was my latest after all the expansions except i dont own freetime) anyway, it's really starting to bug me!

I only noticed it not long ago, I had that ticket machine and even if all needs were met at the place, people would nag about stuff. Fine, I thought, it's just because they spend money and want to nag aswell. A sort of real-life I guess.

Then I invite a friend over to someone who happens to have a make-up stand at her home, (though it was closed) - first of all I greeted him and he went inside and looked at the ticket thing. But since I had "closed", he just left. So I sold the ticket machine and invited him again, making dinner while I waited for him.

I greet him and the firs thing he does (they are friends, crushing on each other) - is complain about food. So I invite him to the food-plate, but he just ignored that and complains. Then her dog wanted her attention, he nags more... I have to ask him to leave because I was so offended, haha. Have any of you found this really annoying? I havent played OFB long, but this really got on my nerve. I get that it fits in when they are having their business open and runnning, but come on - friends don't go around complaining like that. Atleast not simmie-friends!
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Yes, I recently realized how annoying it is on a home business. You can't throw a party without everyone complaining :/

Customers stop complaining mod:,7026.0.html
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I oftentimes put vending machines in any venues my Sims might own...and it cracks me up when some Sim leaves an empty chip bag lying around, then has the nerve to complain about it! Mostly, though, they're good about throwing away their trash--especially since I strategically place trash cans.
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oh thanks for the link! will deffo be trying that one out, haha glad I'm not the only one who got annoyed by it. :'D
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