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Default Daylight Rings
Hey all,
So I was looking for a way to give some, not all, of my vampire sims the ability to walk out in the sun. I already have the vampire sunscreen mod but it annoys me how I have to keep applying. I need something I can take on and off. Then I was like "vampire diaries! They have rings!" so does anyone know where I can find daylight rings or something like them for vampire sims?
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You may have more luck asking in the WCIF section, where people expect to find Simmer searching for lost downloads. I don't know where to find an equivalent of vampire rings. Sorry.
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caragon has a daylight vampire mod which allows them to be in daylight with no hit to motives besides normal decay (if i recall correctly) the only downside is that calling over other vamps during the day will make them leave once they arrive on the lot because of the daylight. As to where it is i can't be sure as I deleted it years ago and can't for the life of me remember exactly what site he/she had it on.
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