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Default UC and SimPe?
I just installed UC (and finally got it workin .. yay!). SimPE also works find and for the most part, of what I've looked at so far it's all fine and dandy. However, it now is mostly blank for the Nightlife tab. There are no traits, turn ons or offs. It's all blank. Anyone else have this issue and/ or know how to fix it?

Print Screen to show what I mean
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You need to go into SimPE and set the path for each and every EP/SP in UC for SimPE is set up for disc/download install of the game before UC came out. please read the thread for help with this problem.

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I'm confused :/

I know, or think I knew, I had registered at SImbology in the past, but can't recall UN or email so I can't see the link. In readin the comments I tried to follow the intructions there, first in puttin the info in a notepad and puttin it in SimPe/Data. That didn't work.

So, now I"m tryin to follow what Nysha said in pointin SimPE to the right places. This is also slightly confusin as with UC they combined some of them.

How do I know whereto point/ which one to point them to?
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There is directions here about where to point SimPE to the right places:
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Thank you Orilon.

Ok, that didn't work

I did it manually first, only that didn't fix it. The file table was still grayed out. So then used the file that was listed there and it still didn't work, but at least the table was not grayed out.

Should I go take out all that I'd done manually and reload the file and game?
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I just grabbed the file from The Sim Manipulator. Did all the hard work for me. ;D

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No one knows?

I don't mind not bein able to access the traits or t/on t/off's, but I can't edit the memories either
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I've had the same problem, this "Fix" doesn´t work for me.

First i put the right path in SimPE for Nightlife EP.

this is my path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Double Deluxe\EP2

Second, at the File Table i check the "Nightlife loading" on, then in the left corner i click "New loading"
on, that take a few seconds. Then i close SimPE completly and started it again, and then i look at the File Table
and everything has been loaded.I have taken two Screenshots (my SimPE is in german) but it is self-explanatory.

I´m not a native english speaker.
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I don't know if it works for everyone, but the fix in this post in the thread that marka93 posted above worked for me. I downloaded the file from Sim Manipulator (from the link posted by Orilon and siletka above), put it into the Data folder of SimPE, then loaded SimPE and manually changed the path for Mansions & Gardens (I changed it to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9"). If you change the other paths then it doesn't work. You may have to reload SimPE, but after that you should be able to see all of the Nightlife information, and all memories.
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