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Feeling a little bit of nostalgia when thinking back on how I used to enjoy playing some of the Maxis sims back-in-the-day, and decided to download cloned versions of them (from Maxis Taste) to makeover and then add to a new neighborhood I'm going to start working on more in a week or so when I take a break from my research station neighborhood (random pics of the research 'hood, more pics and a couple more pics). I've also cloned (40) sims from a few of the MTS Hood Building Group's great neighborhoods to increase the population and add a little variety... especially since I like a lot of the backstories (which can be easily tweaked to fit my new neighborhood's story arc) they gave most of their sims. So, it should be fun to play the Maxis sims, HBG sims and a few of my own sims all in one neighborhood. I'm excited.

So far the backstories for the Maxis sims are as follows:
After running away from home as a teen, Lilith met Tara and Jacob, who were also teen runaways at the time, at a home for troubled teens (in another town far from their own) that was being run by Jodie and Marla. With the financial support of the Worthington Foundation (thanks to Frances whom Marla met while at university), they were also able take on full-time counselors (Gabriel, Chastity and Natasha) to help guide the troubled teens and put them on the path to a better life... hopefully. They have now grown up and managed to finish university (though it was a struggle for two of them), and are ready to start their lives as adults and give a little something back to the people who helped them get to this point.

That's all I've come up with for now.

And the 'hood will be a city/downtown setting (instead of my usual countryside or suburban ones) with only rentals for living options. So, time for me to get cracking and start building some more lofts/apartments.

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I've been working on writing my advanced BACC rules to make sure I can avoid making mistakes of growing my towns too fast like I've done in the past without having rules written down to guide me.I'll have to lift some restrictions on things as I go and start with the basics of establishing my first homesteaders and getting their service center build to bring the farmer's market indoors before winter arrives and forces it to shut down for the season.I prefer starting my towns very small and slowly building it up over time to eventually become a larger center and eventually become a city.
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It was an eventful day in the Lazlo Curious household. Lazlo's older daughter, Marita, was about to move to college, so Lazlo threw a family party and invited Vidcund and all the nieces. It was a good send-off and Marita got her scholarships and moved to college uneventfully. Lazlo's younger daughter, Cassandra, had been ill for quite a while and hadn't even been well enough to go to school in some days. After the party, she suddenly collapsed and died. Lazlo was about to plead for her when the hula dancers appeared and Grimmy turned around. Yes, it was also Lazlo's time to go, and at the end of the day, the house was left empty. Grimmy did have one last drink from the bar before he left.

ETA I played the werewolf house and big drama there. There has been a huge rift in the Ottomas family. Tommy and Marsha both wanted to become werewolves, so they moved in the abandoned house with Melanie (she and Marsha were best friends from college). Marsha's twin brother, Greg, and his fiance, Vincent, had already agreed to come in and help them out with things, but when Greg got there, he balked. He knew there would be maiming and savaging, and he couldn't get on board with that. So he broke up with Vincent and moved back home. It remains to be seen whether Vincent will try to make it up with Greg or stay with the werewolves. Meanwhile, Melanie had Gunnar's baby, but Gunnar was mad at her for flirting in public earlier, so he just left. He's sleeping on the Davis brother's couch because he thinks Almeric is his best friend, but doesn't realize he may have ulterior motives. Melanie turned Tommy into a werewolf--and he's very happy--but Marsha almost died in a huge kitchen fire, so they had to wait until she recovered.
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Checo Ramirez paused to catch his breath at the top of the hill. Did Lisa really have to bring that wretched piano on a trek through the desert? He had to admit, he had enjoyed listening to her play in the evenings, and it had helped to give some sense of normalcy, but dragging the thing up that hill . . .

"Checo, look! A village!"

Checo looked. There were indeed houses in the valley below them, and what appeared to be ploughed fields.

"Is it Respite?" Tessa asked eagerly.

"I don't know," Lisa answered slowly. "I kind of thought Respite would be, well, greener."

"Well, there's only one way to find out," said Checo. "That looks like a store or something down there on the main road. We should see if they can point us to a place to stay the night."

"Respite?" said the boy behind the counter. His name badge proclaimed him to be George McCarthy. "Nobody gets into Respite unless Mr Landgraab invites them personally. Nobody even knows where it is. It must be up in the hills somewhere near here, but nobody's been able to find it. This is Sedona. Mr Landgraab wants to rebuild it, says there are a lot of refugees coming up from the coast." He eyed their rather ragged appearance, but didn't comment on it directly. Instead, he slipped a shiny blue brochure over the counter. "If you're interested in moving here, this tells you all about it. These are the properties for sale, and if you don't mind working construction, just fill in one of these cards and somebody will pick you up once you're settled."

He let Checo and Lisa look through the brochure for a bit, then asked, "Interested? If you want to buy something, Mr Landgraab's Gentlemen will be along tomorrow. Until then, you can stay in the cabin over the road." He handed Checo a key. "It's not much, but it's warm and dry."

"What about schools for Tessa?" asked Lisa.

George shrugged. "Online for now. Three thousand dollars upfront if you want the Gentlemen to take her to university in the chopper."

So the Ramirez family stayed in the cabin overnight, and sure enough the following morning a Mr Picaso called on them. He showed them the house Checo and Lisa had decided on, took their money and gave them the title deed. He called a car to take Checo to work, and left Lisa and Tessa to settle in to the first real home Tessa can remember.
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I got to work on starting to set up my community service center in Durango for another challenge game in case I get bored and want to play something different for a while or so I can alternate games.
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For these past few days, I've been doing some things with one of my custom 'hoods (Crystal River) in SimPE, like sorting out memories and genetics. So, as a result, I've not been doing much playing lately.

However, I did play a bit of another custom 'hood (Crystal Lake), which I've had for over a year.

The household I play the most is the Castellano Household and when I loaded that household up, the phone rang. It was the Diva, Cathy Bruenig, asking if Fricorith wanted to go Downtown. I said yes. Upon getting there, she gets out of the cab and leaves the lot, leaving poor Fricorith with a group of strangers. That's a red flag in real life.

As for my SimPE stuff with Crystal River, I almost made Jennail an aunt to Kvornan. That would have been awkward if I hadn't noticed.

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Jay and Tracy Hobbs played another day in fall and had to go to work and got into bed almost right after getting off work.It's almost mid fall and they have to get to work on the addition soon and get it finished as they will want to add a stove soon.
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Streaker Theodore Townsend poked Jessie over the issue of whether or not getting engaged automatically changes the polyamory rules once too often, and got turned into a townie. He has twice returned to play the violin - the second time, for tips! Jessie was depressed by the whole debacle, but decided she needed to get back on the horse, so she called up Mickey Dosser. They haven't dated since college, but fell into the way of it easily enough. Mickey was still hanging out canoodling with her and telling dirty jokes when Sarah went into labor and produced twins; but he left in the middle of it.

The run on boys (continued with David Grunt's alien baby, Isherwood) has come to an end, with Sarah popping out two brunette, brown-eyed girls, Claire and Luna.

Pippin Williamson took his sweet time growing up to toddler, but the face he got was worth the wait. Blossom is already plotting to get a second baby, but she'll need to build up a lot of stock for the florist shop before I allow it.

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It turns out that Aldric Davis has the cowplant and wants to form a cult dedicated to worshipping and sacrificing to it. His first sacrifice was Gunnar Roque, who was crashing on their couch. Aldric was quite satisfied with the result, but his brother, Almeric, is having a bit of a nervous breakdown from all the stress. Aldric had even chosen his first victim for Almeric’s sake--Almeric hated Gunnar for woohooing with his late wife--but that didn't make it better. Almeric thought running a cult would be easy money, but he’s finding the guilt hard to live with. He's drinking a lot and skipping work.

The farmhouse turned restaurant is getting quite crowded as DJ Verse moved in there to help with the gardening, and Olivia gave birth to Matthew Hart's twins, Jamie and Oliver. So far, there's just enough room for everybody.

Over at the Ottomas house, things do not look like they are going to get better between Greg and Vincent. Vincent came over to talk, but they spent the whole evening fighting.

Shake-up in the Williamson household. Both Ophelia and William went on dates and realized they were with the wrong partners. Ophelia proposed to Peter Ottomas on their date, he accepted, and she moved into the Ottomas house. On his date, William asked Tina Beaker to leave her husband, and she agreed. Neither Ophelia nor William seemed all that upset about the change, and they parted amicably. (ETA William was briefly a vampire, but Ophelia found a cure for him through the paranormal consultant at the New Age bookstore, so he's all right now.)

In the military barracks, Guy got Sarah pregnant, and they had a boy, Antony. According to the military's very conservative rules, they now have to get to married. Guy is an officer, so the new family will move into married-officer housing as soon as a place is available.

In the werewolf house, Melanie had a want to be cured of lycanthropy. Tommy's sister Sharla had given him the cure that the military developed in the hopes that he would drink it, so he gave that to Melanie. Even though she had the want, she had a negative memory of being cured. Still, it was for the best, as she now has to raise her toddler as a single mom, and the werewolf house probably isn't the best environment for a child. Tommy turned his sister Marsha into a werewolf that night. The two brazenly went to the public pool, and there were negative memories all round as Tommy stood by the water and howled and Marsha fed on (but did not kill) a townie. (Those garden club townies cannot be killed, I think.)
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Default Diaper Fear
Originally Posted by sturlington
Gunnar got my werewolf Melanie pregnant. Right before he is to become an elder too. Sorry, Gunnar, I don't care how much you fear having a baby, this time you're changing diapers.

After playing Vidcund almost to elderhood himself, he is finally interested in a woman. And she just happens to be Tina Beaker, wife of Loki's and Circe's son. Guess history repeats itself.

When I have a sim afraid of changing a diaper, no one else is around to do it, and they've got the time: I just make the sim give the baby a bath in the sink. Clean baby. Happy Sim.
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Clean baby, happy sim, multiple sim hours wasted when they could be doing something else, all to avoid the loss of 500 aspiration points that they would gain right back by fulfilling almost any piddly want.
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In my game, if you have a baby, you are changing diapers. Sometimes you have to suck it up and face your fear. Gunnar's fear was not of changing diapers, though, but of having the baby in the first place. Maybe he shouldn't have woohooed with every girl that walked by. He's rather fortunate that he only had two illegitimate children, and he managed to slip out of raising both of them. Well, he's gone to his reward now, and truthfully, I kind of think he got what he deserved.
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Sims wants and fears are trainable.
My sim got today 2 fears fulfilled. "Change diaper" but rolled immediately want to hold babies. He has twins and no more diaper fear for second baby.
"Sell a lousy painting" but got immediately want to next level creativity skill.
You ignore their stupid wants and fears and they will start roll affordable wants. I don't mind if they need to go through aspiration failure for this.
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Aldric and Almeric Davis had a huge fight. Almeric just can’t take all the murdering. Aldric has a new angle, though. He has been seeing the director of the asylum, Klara Vonderstein, and he just got her pregnant, so she proposed marriage. Aldric has thus moved into the asylum, set up the cowplant in a place of prominence, and married Klara. He plans to recruit asylum patients as cult members and cowplant sacrifices. The bonus is that Blossom lives there too, and she already worships the cowplant, so she can help with the cult. Almeric, meanwhile, got a job in Medicine and is going to try to clean up his act; he is also seeing Aldric's ex-wife, Sharla Ottomas, and they have both rolled wants to get engaged. Oh, boy.

Whoa, had a lot of other weddings and proposals. Something must be in the air.

Telegonus Beaker rebounded from his divorce with Monica Bratford, and she proposed and also got pregnant.

Sarah Love married Guy Wrightley, both under duress but ordered to do so by their superior officers. Guy took Sarah's last name to make things easier on me.

Peter Ottomas married Ophelia Nigmos. He died of old age one day later. Ophelia was very sad, but she kind of has an adopted grandchild now in Sharla's son, and they are too cute together.

William Williamson married Tina Traveller Beaker fresh off her divorce. Vidcund, who Tina was also seeing on the side, actually took them all out after the wedding. He didn't do anything to provoke jealousy and even dropped off a cheap TV as a wedding gift afterward, so I guess he is okay with things. He seems happy pursuing his goal of becoming a mad scientist and making zombies, and doesn't really seem to want a woman in his life.

Frances J. Worthington III graduated from college and promptly proposed to Jessie Pilferson, who he has been in love with forever. What he doesn't know is that she is pregnant by Matthew Hart. She moved in with him immediately and is planning to let him conveniently believe the baby is his.
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Sugar may have had the affair, but Evan is only making things worse. He's still furious at her and because of that Sugar has been giving him space. They haven't interacted at all. She did however get her job back at the record store and she even went to the bakery to help out Evan. They had a really successful day for a new business and made 1200 Simoleans. Since Sugar was busy at her new job, she wasn't able to take care of their son, Bud. She's not even friends with Bud, that's how little she's taken care of him. Evan took it upon himself and managed to teach Bud how to talk, walk, and use the potty all in his first day of toddlerhood. It seems like it's something else he can just hold against Sugar. But come on, Evan, you didn't need to teach him everything at once. He's not even giving Sugar a chance to care for Bud. He's also already started seeing the culinary hobby NPC, Brooke. How's Sugar going to feel when she finds out Evan is moving on when they haven't even discussed their marriage?
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I was only able to get a little work done in Durango and didn't make it into my BACC in Dodge because our weather is one of the worst nightmares I've ever had and I can't wake up from this one.
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Aldric's first sacrifice to the cowplant in the asylum was a patient named Renee Andrews. She was a townie who had been dating Tommy Ottomas. He turned her into a werewolf, which she barely got to enjoy before Telegonus arrested her, had her forcibly cured, and sent to the asylum. She was fed to the cowplant just before the wedding, and pregnant Klara got the benefit of her milk.

In the Grunt household, the twins are getting ready to go to college. Stella took Judit out for lunch downtown as a treat. Magnus wanted to go to the cemetery instead, where he got to see his first ghost, and it was none other than Loki Beaker. Buck has been mooning after Jill. He has her over frequently, but all he does is watch TV with her and give her compliments. He wants to make a move but hitting on his brother’s wife would just be wrong.
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In my 'Blue Alien' Emerald Heights, sims are slowly moving along the road to somewhere they hope will be better.
I had my first death: Shonda Watson. A natural feature (the extracted CS Story rocks are flamable, fyi) got hit by lightening and started burning, and she caught fire from it and died. Since she lived alone, her supplies and grave were left on the lot for the next household that reaches there.

All the sims she knew are either hoping to resurrect her, beat the Grim Reaper, or get saved from death, depending on aspiration.

The rest of the sims are still moving along slowly. Poor Claire has her work cut out for her wrangling all those teens. Rose and Leti keep getting in fights. The King-Montes family have a similar problem with Raneka and Miribel.

I admire Pearl Davenport's stubborn determination to keep moving, even if it's only a lot or three a day. (I'm rolling a D4 only for sims with visible pregnancies, infants, or toddlers. D6 for families with children or more elders than adults/teens, D8 for families with adults/teens outnumbering elders, D10 for households with only adults and teens.)

A couple boys grew up to teens and rolled pleasure for aspiration, Josue Montes and the little boy in the pirate outfit, Corina's brother. Can't remember his name (hers I remember sort of because I think it's the same as a character in The White Dragon, or if not, that's what she gets called in my game lol.) Not that it helps the families move any faster, since both have pregnant mothers.

On the Coppersmith household, Seamus decided he would remarry Jia, and she agreed, and is now expecting. Rob is less than thrilled. (Those tents!)

I set the neighborhood to start the first day of spring, it's now wrapping up day three, and there are still six households in the bin. I think some of the late departures are going to be on the road when winter rolls around.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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Ripp went over to Trisha Traveller’s house one too many times, and she turned him into a vampire. They both immediately wanted him to be cured, however, and Trisha knew how. First, she had Ripp move in, then she told him how to get the cure. (Ripp did enjoy one night as a vampire first, hot-tubbing with the Grand Vampire and sucking Ophelia’s blood until she passed out.) Once Ripp was cured, Trisha killed off her human helper, Matthew Hutchens. It seems that Matthew was getting a little too old for her, she wanted a younger replacement, and Ripp got the nod. Sad for Ripp's wife, Jill, but maybe good news for Buck?
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I realized that at some point I'd turned aging off at the Traveller trailer and never turned it off again, making Tina much younger than she should be. I turned it on again and fixed her age, but not those of her parents. I figure they had her really young.

Loki's alien baby arrived while he was in his teen daughter Kriemhild's room. He had intended to continue the Norse mythological naming theme, but when he looked into the enormous blue eyes in the green face the only word he could think of was: Celestial. So she's Celestia Beaker. Matthew the nanny popped at about the same time. He's tired and run down, and Loki rolled a want for a skill point (which he almost never does) and didn't think it wise to vacuum it out of Matthew in his current condition, so he was reading; and Circe doesn't regard alien babies as her job; so Kriemhild wound up doing most of the feeding and baby changing duties. Hagen grew up without any fanfare, but Circe took him down to 88 to buy clothes and he got to bowl and meet a few people. He can also control when he goes to the basement, now, so he did that and used the play table. The original idea was that he'd be kept down there most of his toddler years, but people kept dragging him upstairs again. Celestia (and Matthews kid) may be another matter, since they are considered to be part baby, part test subject.

The castle is getting a bit crowded, so Circe put a small camping trailer off the patio and decorated it for Hagen; but Hagen decided to sleep in Matthew's double bed and Matthew was too tired to dispute with him about it or to drag himself upstairs, so for the moment he's sleeping there, even though it take him out of earshop of Celestia. He's on manternity leave, dammit!

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Originally Posted by Sunbee
On the Coppersmith household, Seamus decided he would remarry Jia, and she agreed, and is now expecting. Rob is less than thrilled. (Those tents!)

Tents are good for this one! I don't have them, though, so my Sims only get pregnant during a night or two of privacy at the newly-named Lost Springs Resort (formerly the 'bombed-out apartment building'). Wanda Tinker has just given birth to Damian, while Mary Gavigan and Priya Ramaswami are both in their second trimester.

Denise Jacquet died, and Gilbert is a mess. David Ottomas, close behind him, is depressed about missing out on university and having nobody around to celebrate his birthday. If he catches up to Gilbert, they may end up traveling together even if they don't know each other. I think David will be the responsible one of that pair, despite Gilbert being almost an elder. He needs to find Cyd Roseland quickly, though, or he'll have a lot more to be depressed about, as the family is almost out of food.

The Newson kids were wanting a dog when along came Tiffany, so they decided to adopt her. It was Ginger who really wanted her, but it's Gabriella who gives her the most attention. Tiffany seems a smart sort of dog. She went straight to the pet bowl to eat and later on, when Garrett and Georgia took their afternoon nap, Tiffany decided this was the new pack activity and immediately curled up on her own cushion. Who's a Good Girl?
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Veronaville (well at least the western side) was quite shocked to hear today about the death of Desdemona Capp. Ariel was burning the leaves she had raked, when she suddenly caught fire. A whole lot of panic, extinguishing, Goneril and Desdemona also catching fire, and even more panic later, all the fires had been put out, but Ariel and Desdemona's hunger bars were completely depleted. Luckily, Ariel had just enough to make it. Desdemona was not so lucky, and starved to death. Ariel tried to beg the Grim Reaper to bring her back, but lost the game, and Desdemona passed. A funeral was held the next day with her siblings, divorced father, and grandfather.

Rest in peace, Desdemona Capp. Lived 16 years. She was a good student. Perhaps not the best person considering she had Sebastian Monty cheat on India Summerdream to be with her, and she also cheated on him with a townie, but we liked her nonetheless. (Maybe Ariel will get to marry Sebastian now?)
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It was Monday in Strangetown, which meant moving day, which meant lots of weddings and welcome wagons.

In the Curious house, Joanna, the last of the kids, graduated from high school and went to college, taking her high school boyfriend, David Gibson, with her. They're both family Sims, so he proposed immediately once they got there. Quela graduated from college, moved back home, and took a job in medicine. I think her motivation was to take care of Vidcund. Ursula was already living there, but Ursula doesn't really take care of other people. She's more of an observer than a caretaker. Vidcund is on the cusp of realizing his goal of becoming a mad scientist, so he went ahead and finally made a zombie from a dead townie, as he figures that will push him over the line. The zombie will live with them until Vidcund gets promoted, but then I think he's going to get dumped in the desert somewhere to do his zombie thing. Which apparently includes showing up with every welcome wagon. Welcome to Strangetown!

Monica Bratford moved into the Beaker house. She got her baby bump, and she and Telegonus got married. Mostly, it was Monica's friends from college who attended. Also the zombie, who happened to be stealing their newspaper when the wedding started.

Almeric Davis proposed to his brother's ex-wife, Sharla Ottomas, and she moved back in with her and Aldric's son, Charles. Almeric has promised her that there will be no more criminal activity going on. He has a job in Medicine and is trying to turn his life around. Meanwhile, over at the asylum, Klara had Aldric's daughter, who is named Elisabeth.

Hunter Grunt graduated from college and joined the military, with the intention of finally fulfilling the wishes of his late father to have a son become a general. The problem is that he's in love with Clara Curious, and the military has a strict no-aliens policy. Fraternizing with an alien is grounds for dishonorable discharge. Also in the military barracks, Zoe Zimmerman achieved her goal of moving more quickly up the ranks by getting engaged to a higher-ranking officer, a townie named Oliver. She will have to wait another week to get married and move into the officer housing, which is much nicer than the barracks.

In the Grunt household, Magnus and Judit graduated from high school and moved to college. Jill visited with Ripp to see them off (apparently not aware yet that he had left her for a vampire). She let Buck flirt with her in private but firmly rejected his advances in public. Later, though, Ripp asked her to meet him at a very public restaurant and told her what was going down. She's in shock at the development, so it remains to be seen whether she will warm toward Buck now.

In the Ottomas household, with Sharla and Charles gone, Ophelia got lonely and seduced poor Greg. So apparently he's bi and not gay (thanks, ACR).

Frances J. Worthington III had a wedding party and married Jessie Pilferson (they took her last name to make things easier on me). Then she popped, so it appears she has succeeded in her plan to make Frances J. believe the baby is his. Matthew Hart was lurking around outside, but no one invited him in, so he couldn't make any trouble--at least not today.

Trisha the vampire and the werewolves caused mayhem and killed a couple of townies. The werewolves also turned a couple of members of the garden club into werewolves, just for fun. And since it was summer, there were lots of thunderstorms, and townies soaking in various Sims' hot tubs got struck by lightning and then wandered around town all black and smoking. So between them, the garden-club werewolves, and the new zombie, Strangetown looks very strange to any tourists who may be stopping by. Which pleases me.

Oh I forgot to say that William and Tina Williamson went on a honeymoon to Twikkii Island, where William was gifted a voodoo doll. He intends to use it to further his romantic exploits. Tina is trying to get pregnant, but no luck so far.
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I've almost gotten my community service center ready for settling Durango though the residential lot still has to get set up first.
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I had a spate of sims wanting to be Hand of Poseidon, which normally wouldn't be an option in Strangetown's limited economy; but it occurred to me that when I added the Burning Robot vacation hood I established the existence of an Inland Sea; so I made a subhood called Research Beach, using the Three Lakes terrain, which has room for a line of beach lots along the lake frontage. At the moment it consists of one beach set up for various "research" activities, three empty beaches, an apartment block as living quarters for the staff of the Inland Sea Research Institute, and a canteen where staff can buy basics and even eat out without going all the way to Strangetown. The apartments have no garages so there's shuttle bus between Strangetown, LFT, and the Institute, but it doesn't run often.

I moved two ex-townies, Kendall and Tina, in with Erin and Chloe when they graduated LFT, expecting Kendall to live there a little while until they found their oceanography jobs, while Tina would marry Gavin Newson, moved into Strangetown Tech Flats. To my surprise, the first job Kendall found the first time she looked at the newspaper was training dolphins! Tina immediately pounced on the paper in turn and got a job as fish chummer. Kendall moved out promptly, and Tina married Gavin in a roof-raising wedding party (during which most of the guests were too busy dancing the hula to Santana on the roof to watch the ceremony, but Kendall and Ginger were there for that part and Tina and Gavin were perfectly satisfied), before following Kendall to Research Beach. I moved them in just long enough for the other apartment residents to move in too, made a note of them, and have now changed them all to the Oceanography career in SimPE.

The current weekday in Strangetown is Sunday, and three new single-family residences (one per sim in the Architecture career) have become available for habitation Monday, so we're having a spate of move-outs and -ins as households earmarked to move finish up their Sundays. Aldric Davis and his bride Eva have used her trust fund to get into a new one-bedroom stucco home, leaving Almeric and his boyfriend Quentin to enjoy their apartment in peace, while DJ and Guy Wrightley and their baby Will have moved into the similar two-bedroom, opening up an apartment for the next LFT graduate. The third movers will be the Roques, Gunnar and Lola, who will desperately need to get out of their tiny trailer when their son Ringo grows to toddler Sunday night. Lola, as a Curious-Smith, is entitled to a plat on Cover Up Road, and they appropriated an abandoned cabin and a small trailer they located at Burning Robot and cobbled them together into a home. Since Gunnar is unemployed he'll be staying home with Ringo and fixing the place up a little at a time, freeing construction hands to make more houses to meet demand.

Other families desperate for new housing are Ophelia, Ripp, and little Creon Nigmos, who despite recent expansions to the old Specter place really want a home of their own (Nervous hates Ripp, whom he once saw cheating on Ophelia) and Tank, David, and little Isherwood Grunt, who are currently crammed into the General's residence along with General Buzz, his wife Kristen, and their child Lyla. The General's second marriage has mellowed him considerably, and he is even tentatively accepting David's alien baby as essentially a grandchild; but Tank wants to adopt, as well. Theoretically either of these families could move into one of the two empty units at Tech Center Flats or one of the three that will be empty at the trailer park once the Roques move; but only one trailer is a two-bedroom. Neither move makes sense to Ophelia (who is sure Ripp and Nervous can work things out and likes being where she can keep an eye on her cousin, as well as having family support for Creon). David and Tank are far from sold on either the trailer park or the apartments as the best place to raise the intended two children, when they could be saving for a house. There's room on the General's lot to place a small trailer for the younger Grunts, but the General's not sure that's quite kosher, given that the house belongs to the Strange Military District, not to him.

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