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Default Strays respawn with no respawn hack?
I've been working on getting those strays off the streets by having a friendly servo run an animal shelter. She adopts them and takes care of them until they die of old age. Since I have nostrayrespawn, I figured this would eventually make my neighborhood free of strays. Today, I noticed the game lag before a stray I hadn't seen before entered the lot, so I checked with SimPE and sure enough, there's a new stray.

Any ideas? I use the correct version (AL). HCDU can't find any conflicts related to nostrayrespawn.
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Nostrayrespawn doesn't work on wolves. These are only animals in my game. There are few though, they respawn only if you befriend or adopt them.
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I use the Visitor Controller to ban all animals even the wolves.

All the no re-spawn mods allow 1 to be gen up (if my memory is correct) or at least it does for me.

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It wasn't a wolf though, just a normal big gray dog. Or do those count as wolves too? I thought those were just the black ones. If there's others, the culprit is probably one of the two big dogs I moved in this session.

And there are still at least three strays on the streets that the servo hasn't adopted yet.
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Wolves come in white and gray too. They aren't always black.
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By my experience they spawn after set amount of time. Even if I ignore them, there will be another one after a while. If I adopt, they respawn immediately. The only solution as Marka commented is visitor controller, but you need ban all animals. In that case if you ban them from start of neighborhood they don't even spawn but you need do it in every household from start. Yes all big wolves can be even white, gray or black. Even with nostrayrespawn if I'm playing neigborhood longer time there can be 2 or 3 LTPs.

This is stray wolf on my lot:
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Originally Posted by Annaminna
Even with nostrayrespawn if I'm playing neigborhood longer time there can be 2 or 3 LTPs.

I wonder if the game considers wolves to be NPCs instead of strays. They seem to be treated differently than dogs and cats. Do wolves still spawn with antiredundancy loaded?
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They're not part of the stray family but usually generate into one of their own. They have semi-NPC functions I guess.

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That's the guilty one, then. Okay, now I know to leave those guys alone. Thanks!
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