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Default #FirstWorldProblems
When you wanna build something, but your architecture and interior design skills suck. You don't want to browse and download 'em. Help?
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Learn to build!
Here are a lot of tutorials:
I always builded rectangles, until I red an afternoon in the tutorials. Now it's still mostly rectangles, but with more variation.
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I stumbled upon JodelieJodelie's lot makeover videos and was inspired and improved on my interior decorating skills

She also has a page where she has links to a lot of cc she uses here and she's WCIF friendly on her tumblr

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Newsflash: Nobody has a skill straight out of the box. They have to be learned. Your architecture and interior design skills will always suck if you don't train them!

So sit down and build, and playtest, and build some more. Join contests - you may not win but you may score higher than you expect and you will learn something. When you want to do something and can't figure it out, find a tutorial. If you can't find a tutorial, PM people you know can do it till somebody answers. Copy builders you admire. Recreate houseplans. Open tabs you don't normally look under and play with what you find. Build, playtest, bulldoze, build again and again and again and someday, someone will say to you: "Oh, that house in that picture you posted looks so nice! Please upload it!"

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It also helps to study how real-life houses are put together. Or try to re-create them yourself. Check out this website to start out with.

Just don't study plans or read tutorials so much that you procrastinate on actually practicing it!

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the MikeInside site is another place for Build Mode tutorials.
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Thank you everyone for helping me
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There are building groups on MTS that you can join. Check some out in my profile or go up and search the news forum.

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