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Default pet clothing
this thread is to discuss whether sim pets should be able to have clothing or not. am not talking about collars.

me; I think only to keep the pets warm in winter if Seasons is also installed. otherwise I think it would be silly.
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Clothing would have been a nice addition, I presume that the only way to add some would be to create clothing meshes and classify them as collars.
the PSP version had quite the selection of pet clothing that I was very disappointed that the PC game did not have. cats with hats, dogs with bandannas.
space suits, pet shoes etc. it would be a lot of work and since I've never seen pet clothes i don't think that anyone has figured out how to add new meshes to pets.
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I'm of the opinion that clothes for most (real) pets with lots of fur isn't a good idea. The whole reason for them having fur is to deal with temperature changes. If they have fur and you put clothes on them (swaters and anything that covers a lot of fur), their fur is flattened so it's possible that the natural air circulation in the fur that keeps them just the right temperature may not work as well. It can even lead to overheating. Clothes can be uncomfortable or itchy for animals, and most pets don't need them. The animals who may need clothes are the ones bred to have little to no fur, and those who are shaved short (like poodles), and only if you plan to have them out in cold environments. (A lot of dog and cat breeding is dangerously close to being animal cruelty - and breeding them to have little to no fur is in my opinion tethering on the edge).

When that's said - clothes for sims pets clothes can look cute. They're not real, so dress 'em all you want.

There are some dog bandanas here:
And a cat bow here:
Plus a flower collar here:
Dog wings: (default replacement for fur)
Cat wings: (default fur)

All are classified as collars or (default replacement) fur, but with a bit of imagination and skill it might be possible to do something more complex. The main problem is that there's just a few items clasified as animal accessories (collars and possibly the long fur items), and since the animals come in several sizes the morphing may be a problem.
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The morphing is a pain in the bum. I wanted to make a cat bell collar, but the bell distorted on big cats.
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Maybe it needs separate items for each size of pet?

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But as far as I can see there's no way to do that.
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Over on the Sims 4 section, people were talking about making service vests for dogs. That could've been a nice addition for Sims 2, maybe along with a custom therapy dog job.
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For furrier cats I've seen their collars nearly consumed by the fur, which ends up not looking good on them.

I can imagine pets dressed in a type of uniform that matches their current job, but not too much clothing. Even something as simple as a hat would suffice, like an army helmet or a nurse cap. Even long ago while I was a big WoW fan, I pictured some hunter pets dressed in light armor.

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clarification:: by "silly" I was thinking of human-like clothing.
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