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Default Your Favourite/Least Favourite Sims 2 Townie?
A sequel to my previous thread about it.

My favourite townies are Sandy Bruty, Melissa Fancey, and Amin Sims.

(Also, could anyone attach a picture of Benjamin Long's nose? I haven't seen him in my game yet)

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#2 Old 26th Aug 2018 at 8:42 PM
My favorite townies are Sandy Bruty, Meadow Thayer, and Benjamin Long. I don't know why I like Benjamin so much. I think it's because Nina Caliente always seems to have a relationship with him in my Pleasantview, so I've grown a little attached. My least favorite is Goopy Gilscarbo,
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Goopy??????????????????????????????????? That simply has to be a typo.
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I think Alexander Goth is Goopy's lovechild.

I don't have any EA townies in-game, mine are all randomly generated sims that my stylist has given a make-over to.
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Originally Posted by STS3388
(Also, could anyone attach a picture of Benjamin Long's nose? I haven't seen him in my game yet)

Here's a picture of Kennedy Cox (left) and Benjamin Long (right). They both use the same face template and have the same "ski nose." Amin Sims (not shown) also uses this face template. They're wearing custom skins and eyes in this picture, but hair and clothes are as Maxis made them.

I use Tarlia's templates and haven't played Pleasantview in awhile, so I don't often see the Maxis townies anymore. I do remember that Benjamin could be very annoying. He is both playful and mean, so likes to tease other sims and can make a lot of enemies quickly (at least in my game).
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Marisa Bendett is by far my favourite, I play her as a tough cookie with a mean streak. In one of my old Pleasantviews she was the only one who could make Don settle down and they had a great marriage and two girls who turned out to be handfuls themselves.

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Benjamin is a knowledge sim - obviously he gets irritated by stupid sims
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Didn't we just have this topic.


Favorite: If we are talking Pleasantview then I guess Kaylynn Langerak since she's the only one I haven't replaced, due to her being involved in the stories of characters.

Least favorite: Everyone else, but especially Goopy.

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Said it before and I'll say it again. Melissa Fancy. I hate everything about her.

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most favorite Townie/NPC; no particular. though have frequently moved in the ones that start out known by pre-made playables.
least favorite; do not really dislike any Townie/NPC. though nannies (through function) came close.
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Christy Stratton is my most favorite townie. Ages and ages ago, the first legacy I ever attempted, she was my founder's wife, and she was a real trouper: raised a passel of boys, kept a tidy house, did all the enabling stuff so her husband could max his career . . . I've had a soft spot for her ever since.

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Most favorite? It's a toss up between Christy Stratton and Marylena Hamilton.

Kennedy Cox is all right and his heart is in the right place. Benjamin Long does not suffer fools gladly.

My least favorite? Komei Tellerman. He's just totally annoying. Marisa Bendett comes in second place.

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Goopy! Goopy goopy goopy. He’s my favorite townie, mainly because of that name and that fashion sense. Plus, he makes a perfect sleazy romance sim. I don’t really have a least favorite. The most problematic, annoying townie I ever had was one I created, so she doesn’t count.
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Komei is the best karaoke townie in town
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Do social class townies count?

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Then my favourite townie is Kaylynn Spitzig. My most hated townies are Linda Barthelet and Ethan Barrett. Want to kick a bin? How about you kick your own and YOU deal with the roaches?

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I wouldn't say she is my absolute favorite (like personality-wise), but as far as interesting story, I like to play Olive Specter. Everyone in her backyard gets resurrected and put back in the game, and I have fun with that. My favorite though, is Brandi Broke and her family. I give her a little makeover, and pretend she won a trailer makeover... I'm weird. I haven't played in a long time, though, as I am still organizing CC, but, soon.
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#19 Old 31st Aug 2018 at 12:44 AM
Hey @chicvibe, while I always love a good conversation about Maxis-made playable sims, the thread is asking about favorite townies. These are the sims that populate the hood that you cannot control unless you move them in.

My favorite is probably Kaylynn Spitzig, because she's so cute looking. I also really enjoy the two Ivy Copurs, and I like Benjamin Long just fine. I'm not super keen on Komei Tellerman. His lantern jaw and overly orange palette turn me off.

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I hate most of them. I like my own Sims.
I do like Katlynn ? the maid as she is attractive for a premade and I've had her marry into my families before. I rarely play townies/premades so I don't know much about them.

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For the longest time whenever I played the big three were always Marisa Bennett, Benjamin Long and Brandi Letournu (sp) they were the big three that I almost always had people in a legacy challenge hook up with. I grew a big attachment to the town's "Uglies" when the Uglacy was born like Sandy aka "Fish Lips" Bruty, Komeii Tellerman and of course Goopy. Meadow Thayer was a go to heir to marry but then I read someone's cover a Tosha Go backstory that was so well written it broke my heart and I have a soft spot for her.

Right now I keep running into I guess what are known as the social class townies? I dunno?? Their are at least like three women, the only one I remember is Sandy Fairchild (a romance Sim) but there is a redhead and a blonde too lol that are my current favorite. Least favorite ALL the freaking teen & child Bon Voyage people that come home with my Sims lol
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Komei Tellerman isn't so bad. He just needs a little makeover..
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#23 Old 1st Sep 2018 at 8:51 PM
I don't know about a makeover -- I think it's sympathy that Komei Tellerman needs. In my imagination at least he's married to Jan Tellerman and . . .

. . . the things I saw Jan getting up to in Don Lothario's hot tub!! Poor, poor Komei!

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#24 Old 2nd Sep 2018 at 12:17 AM
In my Pleasantview, the only townie that become playble was Marsha Bruenig. Considering that now she's an elder, after a fulfilling life, I'd say she has grown a lot on me. I think that, if I ever start Pleasantview again, I'd make her playable again. I'm in love with Kaylynn too, although she's not technically a townie.
I have a few more I like, usually because of the storylines they share with some premades, except for Meadow Thayer - I like her but I don't know why.
Then, definitely, Crystal Vu, fake Bella and Abhijeet Cho because are the only townies that come with the clean templates.
And last, the Tricous and Rainelle - I love all of their faces.
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#25 Old 2nd Sep 2018 at 12:36 AM
Originally Posted by AndrewGloria
. . . the things I saw Jan getting up to in Don Lothario's hot tub!! Poor, poor Komei!

^^ My sim's expression after hearing this scandalous gossip!

@*_Drew~ I always liked Meadow too, and I remember that adult Ivy Copur had nice babies.
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