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Default Miscarriage Mod?
Hey guys so I tried to download the InTeenimater but the thread is gone, so I downloaded some versions from web but nothing works. I want to abort a baby but I can't, so someone know a mod that does this or a least the actual version of InTeenimater for Ultimate Collection for download? Thanks.
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The Insiminator has the ability. I don't remember what site hosted either of those though.
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Actually I already tried with the Insimenator (wich site is also out, someone knows why??) but I can't. How it works?
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There's an option on the space where you can get a sim pregnant or change from single to twin or vice versa. Playing the pregnant sim "abort pregnancy" should be an option. If it doesn't work it might conflict with another mod. Not sure if it works once pregnancy shows.
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Sim Blender & Sim Manipulator also can do this for you as well.

To do with the Sim Blender: Buy the Sim Blender (it looks like a plant) under misc - misc, click on the plant, click Pregnancy and select "Terminate Pregnancy". I haven't tried with "showing" pregnancies.

To do with the Sim Manipulator: You can find the Sim Manipulator under buy mode then decorations then sculptures. Click on it, find Pregnancy and then select "Terminate Pregnancy". It does work with "showing" pregnancies, tested on Pascal Curious a while back.

You can find Sim Blender here Requires PETS or HIGHER:

You can find Sim Manipulator here Requires at least one expansion, doesn't matter which one:
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Thanks, I made it with The Sim Blender!
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