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Default Feeling frustrated with Vampires, need some tips
Ok so I recently bought the Ultimate Collection, and made one of my first households with an actual story. Erika Reeves (a neutral witch) and Victoria Germain (a vampire) are childhood friends who are now together, and who decided to move out and go to Uni together to escape the politics of their respective races. Erika's pretty normal and career/knowledge-driven, while Victoria wants to start a family and go out and travel the world. Basically: finish uni, get them married, go on vacations.

The problem is that Vampires in this game feel kinda... lackluster in comparison to TS3? Like don't get me wrong--I love the culture and lore it feels like TS2 interjects into its different life states. I wish 3 had done more of that, because there it feels very barren. However, the more I play this family the more restrictive and annoying vampirism feels. The time in which I can actually play Victoria is so limited, and I've had to use maxmotives liberally just to keep her alive as she goes to/comes home from class since there's no way to mitigate daytime motive decay! I can't even patch up her motives when she gets home from class, because it's still daytime! This will probably be easier once they're done with uni (though I'm really struggling rn) but even then the only-13-active-hours-a-day makes me feel like I have so much less time with her compared to Erika.

The duo are at the end of sophomore year now, and have gotten engaged and moved out of the dorms into their own home. I've been wanting to send them on their first vacation, since I've had a huge Bon Voyage itch lately, but trying to work out how to go on vacations with a vampire is just a nightmare. I'll have to either get a vacation home or put a coffin into the hotel rooms, not to mention how much less time Victoria is going to have to do things and what I'll even do with Erika in the meantime since I don't want her to go on and do vacation stuff alone.

I'm just having a really hard time mixing vampires with other playstyles, I guess. If anyone has any vampire-at-university/on-vacation tips I'll gladly take them. I'm desperate. I've even considered trying to recreate the family in ts3, but trying to make them look like they do in ts2 feels impossible. Help??
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There are lots of vampire mods. You definitely want the no decay of needs one indoors. And Midge The Tree mods

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mods are your friend, here and the ONLY way I've ever successfully played vampires. Mine are always sun worshippers and even if they are in their coffins, they will jump out to go stare at the sun. Sigh....

I've tried to use insim or sim manipulator to max their motives and keep them static, but that doesn't work for me. So, I use simslice exerto booster (I think it's called. It's shaped like the burglar alarm. Available at the booty. If you can't find it, let me know and I'll have a looky loo. I'm fighting a headache right now or I'd go ahead and link it for you. Let me know, though, and I'll be glad to.

The problem with the booster is that you can't select one person to do it with, so everyone has maxed motives. I just pretend they all go about their regular activities anyway, like they do in the Twilight series. They have to keep up appearances so others don't suspect.

Let me know and I'll be happy to help. :3

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I've played a vampire unmodded and while I never had any trouble keeping him alive, I did find it quite restrictive and honestly quite boring to have him sleep so long. I highly recommend a mod that makes Perfume work as "vampire sunblock." With that, vampires will still be a bit challenging to play during the day as you'll have to be sure to apply the sunblock, but at least they won't have to sleep so unreasonably long.

As far as university goes, I just assumed it was best to have vampire YAs skip classes as going to class is largely useless anyway.
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Meh, i'm not too keen on modding all the vampirism out of your vampires. Takes away the challenge. I dont care for playing vampires, but i did manage to get one through university. It was VERY difficult, but it's manageable without modding your game to make them exactly the same as other sims, except that they can "BLEH!"

One, turning into a bat and flying is faster than walking, so if you have to get out of the sunlight, FLY!

Two, manipulate the game clock to your advantage. If your final exam is going to fall during the day, have your sim spend a few hours at night, stalking around campus. Get home and the game clock will be the time you left. You want to make sure your final exams are during darkness. You may have to travel to campus more than once to achieve this. Example: you go to campus at 8pm, skill, study, make friends, all that stuff. Rush home at 5am. When you arrive back home, it's 8pm. Being a vampire, your motives should still be in fairly good condition -- GO back to campus!

Another thing is, skipping classes and doing homework and/or research papers (or influencing other sims to do your research papers during the day whilst you sleep). It can be a big help.

It's quite challenging and even irritating and frustrating trying to survive Univ with a vampire. Good luck to you with that!

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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
There are lots of vampire mods. You definitely want the no decay of needs one indoors. And Midge The Tree mods

Thanks so much for these! I never played vampires because they were so restricted. I just downloaded a bunch of vampire mods and now I can't wait to play them :D
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