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Default Animated Teachers for the Class
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Is there any way to create Real Teachers / Professors who lectures to the Young Adult Sims?

This would be great if a Professor Sim lectures about all University Majors

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This belongs in WCIF, but yes, you can use simwardrobe's vocational controller or one of Sophie David's many mods

Updated Vocational controller

Example of some of Sophie-David's mods:

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If you have Free Time, you can take one of the people who have maxed out their enthusiasm (using Sophie-David's mods) teach other people.

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If you are playing Uni in the main hood there is no reason you couldn't make a professor and teach YA's either at a residential lot that the professor lives at or have them buy a community lot that they use as a classroom. Just takes a few mods.

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Katy_76's podium is great for acquiring badges
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