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Default weird water appearance
I have looked for an answer already but can't find a way to work it around, so here it is;
I wanted to create a little river /canal in my town, so I started shaping it roughly in order to put some retaining walls around the edges so it would look nice
Everything is fine at first, but when I do load back my world to continue my work, the water texture is glitched
It misses its color ; the water is there, it's not "empty air", i can see it when I zoom in, but it's color / opacity is missing weirdly near the edges
I tried to run it in EIG and this problem is showing there too
Just to mention my pc is way above what's needed and I never have any problem running the sims in general
Here is a picture, I may be doing something wrong and causing the glitch myself as I'm quite new to CAW
Hope somebody can help me sort this out, I really do want to create my world
Thanks a lot!

PS: I've tried editing the INI files in S3PE to maybe "load back" the water appearance but it just applied it as you can see on the photo on the "non glitching" water
Not sure I'm doing what's right to upload the picture so here's another link to watch it in case that doesn't work:

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@Eolwe I am not an expert on that problem. But it seems, that the tool does not like sharp edges on water. It occured in some of my worlds too. When you start to smoothen the terrain, some water issues will disappear, some will stay :/
You can try covering it with walls or water plants. I am sorry, I don't know how to fix it.
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