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Default What are some good OFB mods?
I have had the OFB expac for years now but i have never opened a home business, are there any mods out there that are good for ofb?
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If you mean mods that are specific to home businesses, then I have no idea because I do not ever play home businesses. But if you mean just OFB mods in general, then I could probably find you a list of things I find helpful...if not necessarily "essential."
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There's a ton, what do you want to do? What do you want to run and how do you want to run it?
Pesacado has a business suite, so does sim wardrobe to start.
Simler90 and Pescado at Maty also run mods to correct bugs and flaws.. but there are others.
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I wouls also strongly advise using a lot visitor controller to ban badly behaved NPCs and a hack to allow sims to say goodbye or ask others to leave on community lots if any NPC is behaving badly like starting fights with others.
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Visitor Controller or Pescado's Customer Selector
Simlogical Auto-Restock sign
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Somewhere there's a faster skilling mod. I know there's one for registers but I can't currently find it.
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I'm really not the best person to suggest mods for helping to run a business as I have very little experience, but here are some OFB-related mods that I currently have in my game:

Nopke's More Helpful Salespeople:
simler90's Perfume Mod:
kestrellyn's Pass Along and Transfer Lots to All:
simler90's Salon Chair Mod:
kestrellyn's Hire anyone in person regardless of relationship:
gummilutt's More sensible badge gain:
Lord Darcy's Celebration & Custom Cakes can be placed in OFB Decra-Chill Food Display:
Numenor's Custom objects placeable on OFB displays and shelves:
Numenor's Cash Register Trainer:
Numenor's All-placement "Open/Closed" sign:
Midge the Tree's update of Cyjon's Less Complaining:
Midge the Tree's Business Owners Can Be Baristas:

I'll come back later to list the relevant Cyjon mods I have.
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As promised, here is my list of OFB-related Cyjon mods:

Commercial Buffets:
Customer Cleanup:
Customers Leave After Paying:
Cyjon's Badge Scholarships:
Date Bandatron Fix:
Faster Pass Along:
Faster Restocking Badge:
Faster Set Price:
Leave Business:
Less Hydrobot Breakage:
Less Servo Sleeping:
More Customers:
New Servos:
No Commercial Recharge:
No Quitting:
No Window Shopping:
Want Changes Business & Servo:

Edit: Non-Cyjon one I forgot to include in my previous post
kestrellyn's Sellable Novels:
I also have most/all of Pescado's OFB mods.
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OFB has many mods, the above combination works very well together as a package and is a good choice. Cyjon has many little fixes mods, that are elegant and necessary. But please read carefully what you choosing as there are also many conflicts. If you choose to use Nopke, then you get a conflict with Simwardrobe. Simwardrobe and Pescado don't work well together. Pescara has BRY (automation) and can do farming, Simwardrobe can do farming but also Car Mechanics and fishing as a business. Squinge mods are the only one's that allow a properly family run business. Where it's unknown about Simler90 because it's not declared and seems to do the exact job of other modders (similar mods must be removed) Plumbobkeep will give you animals (non-npc) for a profitable petting zoo, Mr Cyclopes will give you a paid library, and Sophie-David Dance Classes and Cooking Demostrations, make for fun paid classes at home. You can also have mods that allow shopping at home, or restaurants at home. Things not available in the regular game. Heck you can even sell the juices from your garden, aspiration points or souvenirs from holidays. You can run at home churches or at home brothels. The beauty of Sims 2 is that if you imagine it, modders will help you realise it.

My favourite OFB mod is monique's fairly paid sign here MTS. It sorts out OFB chores as well even when lot is not the playable.

Just be careful to understand the modding choices your making and why. That's why it's useful to decide first what type of business you want to run. From there, you decide the mods that you need. I been using OFB intensively since it released but never done a home restaurant so have no mods for this. Whereas other players love this. Currently I'm running a grocers shop, butchers and a Detective Agency. But you could just get some roomates (Squinge) a bubbleblower and the electro-machine thingy and watch the money come rolling in.
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Whichever one prevents the restock signs from relocating randomly to the far corner of the lot. IIRC if you don't have it in advance, you can never bring those signs back...


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Originally Posted by simsfreq
Whichever one prevents the restock signs from relocating randomly to the far corner of the lot. IIRC if you don't have it in advance, you can never bring those signs back...

I had to use Pescado's nuker on the signs. AFAIK it's something to do with pre-OFB custom items and the OFB shelves.

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Pescado have great controller ones. There's a mod with a self-checkout object.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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...I already wrote up a giant list. No harm in copy-pasting it, right? Some listings might be ones already posted by Rosawyn, but, well, here you go, in case someone stumbles across this thread, instead of the other:
Originally Posted by Phantomknight
For other business mods in general... Um, yeah. The list got long. What can I say, I like to be through.
Cyjon's Basic Sell Only
Cyjon's Commercial Buffets
Cyjon's Customer Cleanup
Cyjon's DJ Booth Fixes
Cyjon's Donate Lot
Cyjon's Fake Townie Sales
Cyjon's Faster Pass Along or Squinge's Pass Along Business Perks Fast/Always Positive
Cyjon's Faster Restocking Badge
Cyjon's Faster Set Price
Cyjon's No Quitting (Squinge also has mods for this)
Cyjon's No Window Shopping
BoilingOil's Numbered Business Ranks
BoilingOil's No Met Self Memories
BoilingOil's Pass Along to Family
BoilingOil's Residential Shopping
Inge's Auto Cash Register, Auto Restock Sign, Automatic Open Sign, Employee Scheduler, and Hotel Podium. Or use BoilingOil's Simulated Sales Auto Cash Register. Gummilutt here on MTS made the Auto Cash Register recolorable.
Inge's Pay Door, Buffet, Gym Machines, Arcade Games, and Toilet
Gummilutt's More Sensible Badge Gain and Faster Crafting
Gwenke33's Pickable OFB Employee Work Schedules
Hackster Manic's Mod – Sell Photographs at your Businesses for more than §2
Kestrellyn's Pass Along and Transfer Lots to All
Kestrellyn's Hire Anyone in Person Regardless of Relationship
Lord Darcy's Celebration & Custom Cakes Can Be Placed in OFB Decra-Chill Food Display
Numenor's All-Placement "Open/Closed" sign
MidgeTheTree's Business Owners Can Be Baristas
Pescado's Customer Selector
Pescado's No Lame Hires
Pescado's Rally Forth No Move
Pescado's Relevant Wages
Pescado's Smarter Cashier
Pescado's Swindlers List or

Pescado also has OFB Fixes and Business Runs You, neither of which I don't personally use, but I know others do (instead I use a bunch of Simwardrobe's mods). He has No Playable Shoppers, too, but you don't need that if you use BoilingOil's Simulated Sales or Simwardrobe's Playables Don't Go Broke + Bandatron Playables Don't Go Broke or Squinge's No Unwanted Stuff in Inventory.

Squinge's Assign Sell Items & Tidy Up To Selectable Sims
Squinge's Customers be Seated Faster at Restaurants & Browse Quicker
Squinge's Close Shops Faster
Squinge's Employees Always Rested
Squinge's Employees work for half of normal pay
Squinge's Employees No quitting for low pay & no charging owner to work
Squinge's Hire More Employees
Squinge's Hire Young Adults
Squinge's More Employees For Hire
Squinge's Move away from cash register
Squinge's No Auto Answer Cell phone When Shop is Open
Squinge's No Autonomous Shop Fighting
Squinge's No Autonomous Tipping at Restaurants (to prevents sims from wandering in the kitchen)
Squinge's no more who are you trying to call
Squinge's Order Espresso Owner Fix
Squinge's Promote any Employee to Manager
Squinge's Ring Up Customers Faster
Squinge's Restock crafted items without the need to craft more (this apparently works on food, too) or Restock crafted items without owner
Squinge's Sales Manipulation less motive cost

Simwardrobe's Customers Leave After Purchase build into Playables Don't Go Broke or Cyjon's Leave Business
Simwardrobe's Crafting Station Routing Fix
Simwardrobe's Customer Limit Adjuster or Cyjon's More Customers or Squinge's More Customers At Shop or Piqiwi's More Townie Sims Visit Community Lot (+ Business Lot's Customer). Or you can increase the default number of visitors in the first place by increasing the number in your user startup cheat (add "intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims XX"; replace the Xs with your desired number).
Simwardrobe's Help Shoppers First (there's two versions) or Nopke's More Helpful Salespeople
Simwardrobe's Improved Perk Up Interaction
Simwardrobe's Mood Check For Sales Interactions
Simwardrobe's Show Item To Fix AL Only
Simwardrobe's Timeclock (you might not need this if you have Business Runs You or Inge's Employee Scheduler)

If you run non-traditional businesses, you might want to pick up Simwardrobe's employee controllers. There's one for fishing, gardening, maintenance, and musicians, to name a few. Also:
Cyjon's No Engine Weenies
Cedrigo's Buy Juices on Community Lots
Mike_1102's Juice Tray Mods /Fixes - Never Be Cleaned up, Placeable on Endtables, Sellable & More
Simler90's Massage Business Mod
Simler90's Salon Chair Mod
MidgeTheTree's Sell From Inventory
MidgeTheTree's Witches Are Matchmakers
MidgeTheTree's Tell Fortune
MidgeTheTree's Custom Potions Made Better
MidgeTheTree's Buyable Canvases and Prints

If you run home businesses or a farm you might want these:
Kjestrellyn Sellable Novels
MidgeTheTree's edit of Cyjon's Less Complaining or Squinge's Customer No More Complaining
BoilingOil's Shoppers Respect Privacy
BoilingOil's More Realistic Yields and BoilingOil's Lower Fish Prices and the Simwardrobe Produce Packing Station Update to go with them.
Simwardrobe's Fish Packing Station and Produce Packing Station or BoilingOil's Simulated Sales versions of the Fish Packing Station and Produce Packing Station
Pescado's Fish and Harvest Fix
Monique's Talk To Many (Plants and Trees)
Monique's Harvest Yield and Harvest Time
Dickhurt's Harvestable Produce Restocking Fix

If you want your playables to visit each other's businesses:
Pescado's No Reassign
Squinge's Hire Family Members

Finally, there's also Simler90's Business Mod and Townie Budget Mod; these are big mods (especially the Business Mod) that attempt to provide fixes or change gameplay.

Note: Pescado's mods can be found here:,7.0.html (or, more directly, here: Pick your latest EP and download from that folder. And there's a big word doc with descriptions of Pescado's mods linked on the first post here:,14444.0.html.

Note: Simwardrobe is gone, but Paladin's archive is available here: thanks to Bulbizarre. I believe there are text files in the downloads, but if not, you can look up "" on the wayback machine; most pages are archived and you should be able to screenshot a description.

Anyway, these are just the ones I know about and/or have in my game (I don't have all of these in game, though my download folder is a huge 19 GB. ) Well, except for mods for adult-type businesses, but that's a whole different discussion for another thread. And, actually Squinge has a bunch more business related mods, but they felt too cheaty--in fact I didn't link to those at all. So if you're looking for mods like always get good reviews, no bad makeovers, no customer's throwing their bags down, instant badges, employees don't quit, free employees, get back to work is always positive, or mods that prevent certain socials while the shop is open, etc., they are out there (and a lot are by Squinge), I just didn't link them.

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I got a lot of good advice from various members when I got OFB a few years ago, and started a thread to ask about it. See my Opening for Business ... soon thread here.

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