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Default Nraas
I know Nraas is for Sims 3, but does anyone know of any equivalent for Sims 2? I am looking to boot up Sims 2 again after revisiting 3 and I really got into the Nraas mods for that.
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I felt the same way and found that it mostly just needed a few fixes for some issues not fixed by cheats and a few hacks to fix school assignment issues though my game play in both games is almost the same except that TS2 requires each household to be played each day because time plasses for a household where it's global in TS3 and rotations just cover each household for a day of time in your town.I ended up having to use just as many Mods as for TS3 or something close to it to fix most of the issues like fights breaking out in apartments by disabling the assignment of NPCs as neighbors and those on community lots by using a lot visitor controller to ban NPCs from most lots if it wasn't built up enough to allow swarms of sims on the lot or was too small to accommodate that.
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My big thing was time manipulation with Nraas Relativity. To be able to tweak how fast time passes was a great help in various things. Also, able to add more than the recommended number of traits was also a boon.
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Sim Manipulator is probably the closest equivalent for TS2.

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@ashyarmyguy, TS2 is different than TS3 in that you're not really going to find a mega mod that covers a big bulk of stuff like Nraas does. For sure you can go in and download a mod suite--there used to be some who downloaded everything by Pescado, for instance--but I don't believe that's the best practice for TS2.

The best practice is, imo, is to play the game, see what you want to fix and then find a mod that does that. Keep in mind too, that a lot of things Nrass does are already built into cheats. Boolprop (testing cheats) or a debug mod (like the sim manipulator HarVee linked to) can do a lot of that stuff. The sim manipulator will pretty much cover everything, but I'll also mention the Sim Blender by TwoJeffs and the bat box (its official name is the "ffsdebugger") by Pescado. Players who've been playing a long time tend to use those (cuz they've been around longer and are more well known, and/or have better menu systems) or some combination of all them. I myself use all three; I'm more familiar with the blender and the bat box so sometimes it's easier to do something on one and not the other. Plus there are subtle differences between them. I'd recommend you'd get the bat box in addition to the sim manipulator, at least, as it can help fix bugs too.

Anyway, since you specifically mentioned Relativity, I'll point you to Chris Hatch's update of community lot time Time Controller. But again keep in mind that, TS2 is a different game engine with a different time system altogether, so the flexibility isn't the same. Also messing with the game's clock can lead to conflicts with other mods or you might experience rare errors. I don't mean to scare you; I believe Chris' mod is well recommended, I just want you to be aware of the chance of errors so you're not confused later if you see any irregular behavior. And if you haven't already, I again stress that you should play the game without slowing down time first; it's okay if still want a slower speed--I just feel that TS2's game clock is better as a whole; in TS3, you'll find that actions take way too long for sims to do things and that a day isn't enough to get what you want done. TS2 doesn't really have that problem, imo, and the game clock is fine for most generic play. Plus community lot time is a definite advantage/plus, so just be sure that you don't want that before you mod it out, you know? I guess I'm just a little wary of new/returning simmers throwing a bunch of mods at the game when they're not even sure if they need them yet, . Again, I find TS2 a little unique from other games; it's not something, imo, that you throw mods at and "fix" before you start to play--rather you play first & learn the basics, and then tailor the game to your personal preferences. Because everyone's play style is going to be a little different. Does that make sense? I hope so.

Anyway. Links:
Pescado's mods are here:,7.0.html on More Awesome Than You; pick your the latest EP and then search the hack directory. (BTW, if you have the Ultimate Edition, get mods updated for Apartment Life, if you didn't already know.) Also, take a look at the director's cut, to see if you want any mods in there (,8.0.html). Finally, Pescado's mod descriptions can be found in a master word doc here:,14444.0.html. Usually.
The Sim Blender is here: on Simbology.
And if you don't already have it, the Hack Conflict Detection Utility (HCDU) is available here: (thanks to Bulbizarre!) under programs. When installing mods, it's best to run the HCDU to see if the stuff you're installing has the potential to conflict with each other. And, if you do run into any problems later, the first thing someone else will usually ask is if you ran the HCDU. So get it if you don't have it already.
Chris Hatch's mods are available here (after clicking on the .mht file, look for Time Controller, for the mod I mentioned above).

Finally, if you need more than those--tell us what you want to do/fix, and then other simmers can point you to the right direction.

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I think you might want to outlay here exactly what Nraas does that you want in the sims 2. Apart from the fact many of us here do not play sims 3 so we don't even know what that mod covers others things won't apply to sims 2 at all. I remember vaguely using Nrass traveller, well there would be no point to that in sims 2, you can go away as often as you want.

If you are new to Sims 2 you want to be sure to have the needed mods to stop corruption first like no unlink on delete and no corrupt death, the batBox (which I have up as a vase and other have it up as other things too because that box is ugly) The simblender.
Then as you play take note of what you don't like, what you feel is missing. We have literally thousands of mods and by mods I mean hacks. Other items like clothing, hair, furniture is all called CC not mods in the sims 2 community.

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As the others have stated, there are all kinds of hacks that cover various functions of what Sims 3 NRAAS does-but it usually takes years and lots of trial & error to cover all the bases.
Starting out with Pescado's hacks (imo) is the best way, then grading up to Chris Hatch, with others thrown in for a good game. Between all of the available hacks there's usually something to deal with any problems that might occur in the game.
But also, Sims 2 is far different in how it processes certain things so you might want to figure out what you want to do with the game before spending all kinds of time downloading mods.

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My favorite way to affect time in the simworld is Treeag's Freezer Clock, although it does require Apartment Life expansion pack. It freezes time in place so you can keep moving sims around without time of day changing, effectively giving the sims more time for a particular task or conversation and whatnot. For more variation, the boolprop sethour cheat that came with Open for Business expansion pack ("Sethour #", # is number from 0-23) is also available to skip around times of day. These two are the only time manipulators in sims 2 I know of besides the ones that sync community lot time to home lot time. There aren't any that slow down the game clock gradually and automatically.

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Just to be clear; Chris Hatch's time controller does slow down time (by 50%):

It's Chris Hatch's Wait on Community Return that's the update to Community Lot Time, and makes it so that when sims return from a community lot, they don't return to the household at the time they left the home lot, but rather at the time they went home on the community lot. The player can then play the rest of the household during the time the sim was gone, or if the sim lives alone, time fast forwards until the right point. See description below:

Sorry if I caused any confusion about these. Both are available from the link in my previous post.

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Testingcheatsenabled true I found to be equivalent to nraas mastercontrol. Yeah, no idea what exactly you're looking for because NRAAS is compilation of mods, so it's a vague question.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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@Phantomknight -I've got that wait on community return in a stand alone version in my game and also use the time freezer clock because that set hour cheat is very glitchy and unstable with a possiblity of breaking the game if it's overused.I'd only use it for screenshots and use the time freezer clock to get sims ready for work with time frozen if they woke up too close to the carpool arriving and didn't have enough time to do everything without freezing the clock.I also used to use to to freeze my sims on returning from community lot outings until the time caught up with when they left the community lot.
@Nottakenaway -That time freezer hack is much safer than the set hour cheat even for freezing sims until the clock at home catches up with when they left the communtity lot to head home and it's also great for getting apartment sims ready for work when they don't have a vehicle and might miss the carpool.
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