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Default How skycraper views from windows are made? (link)
For example like in this view. It doesn´t look like wallpaper, because it seems to "curve" around the building. Looks like a globe or something on top of the building, or huge curved wall object outside the building that has skycrapers picture on it. How those views are made in pictures like this?
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My bet is that it IS wallpaper placed upon angled walls. Since skylines don't have an easy to determine size perspective, the wallpaper sections can be placed on walls at 45 or 90 degree angles without it really being noticed. By doing that, it can appear that the scenery is bending around the building without you seeing the "corners" of the walls. That's how I managed to do it in several of my stories.

EDIT: Here's a quick example I just did. The first 2 panels are straight, the middle two are at a 45 degree angle and the last two are at another 45 degree angle. It's not perfect as you can see some of the seams and I didn't go to any trouble to try to correct the lighting or camera angle to hide them, but it should give you an idea of how it could have been done.

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There are also some very large panels/murals you can download as objects - these can have certain advantages like rotating, OMSP placement, small adjustments with cheats, and so forth, plus they're often quicker to set up and don't take up as much space in the walls section (downside is they often have large textures and can be a drain on texture memory, but if that's a problem you can for instance use a smaller placeholder file for a lot, and put the textures in and out as needed, because most likely you only need them for storytelling and not for playing).

(The ones under are just a few examples I could think of, but I know there are several of these - maybe post in the WCIF topic for more?).
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Thanks! I think I am going to test those walls
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