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Default Is set to bithday safe to use?
So i have been playing the sims 2 doing the rotation (i think that's what is called) thing, since i don't like that only the active household ages. However, the way i did was too only play on the households my sim had friends in it, not the whole neighborhood because that would that too long. So when my sim went to university i had this terrible idea, to send her friends to university too. But i was too lazy to wait 14 days for them to send them there so i just send them right after they became teenagers. But now they came back, and they are the same age as the parents. In some cases i don't mind because the parents have like 4 days before becoming elders, but in others they have 20 days left, just like the kids. So i was wondering if the Set to birthday cheat is safe to use, or if it can cause corruption in the neighborhood?

Also it's using testing cheats on the newspaper to get any job you want safe?
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They're both safe as far as I know. If you don't want to use testing cheats, get something like the Sim Manipulator https://simmanipulator.forumotion.c...sim-manipulator which has those options available.

My rule of thumb for testing cheats is, if it's something that happens with normal gameplay, it's probably fine. Aging up is a normal function, you're just speeding it up.
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I would got with Simmanituplator as it's far safer than using the cheat which might be fine as long as you remembered to turn it off once you're done with it and aren't leaving it on since it adds the risk of doing something insafe if left on.
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Using testing cheats for these actions is completely safe.

The issues arise when people do stuff like spawn the testers and don't know what they're doing. I have it permanently on and haven't accidentally impregnated Miss Crumplebottom with the Grim Reaper's baby yet.
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Set to Birthday seems a bit like overkill to me, if all you want is to make sure the parents are older than their children. The Sim Manipulator allows you to add or remove "Days Left". I use it regularly to adjust the ages of CAS children and teens, so siblings won't all age up on the same day. Of course you can also use SimPE to adjust their "Days Left".

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