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Default *NEW* Medieval TS3 Series! Ye Olde Royal Kingdom Challenge
Hello! I'm fir3princ3ss (aka lfria) and I'm excited to share with you all my latest series for Sims 3: Ye Olde Royal Kingdom Challenge. I will play it rotationally and use the rules by natasha699 found here . The challenge takes place in the reworked city of Praaven by Norn and Simsmidgen! The citizens include new CAS sims as well some familiar faces from the premades of TS2. I would love if you all would come join in the fun!

The first video is an intro to the series as well as going over the ground rules. New videos will get posted every Friday. I will update this post with new videos as I have them. Enjoy!
Introduction to the Challenge

Fall Round 1 Rotations!
Meet the Royal Family!
Meet our first sims in rotation within the custom hood Praaven! King Barthalomew and Queen Esmour are ready to rule the city as they see fit. But first they'll need some horses!
The Vampire Noble
Octavian is a lone vampire in a world where magic witnessed in the city of Praaven is a death sentence. He and his trusty horse Treasure explore the world to visit the local graveyards all while trying to keep his true nature hidden. What mysteries will they find?
The Goth Family (Yes those ones!) (Noble)
Here are some familiar faces for our Royal Kingdom Challenge in Sims 3: The Goth Family! Meet Mortimer and Bella in this medieval universe in Praaven. Bella spends her days craving attention, while Mortimer enjoys the adventure of relic hunting. Will he be able to find a keystone to explore the Hall of the North?
The Giffords
Thomas and Lucy Gifford are betrothed to be wed. The problem is, Thomas has a lover who also happens to be a fairy. Will he be able to hide this from Lucy? Perhaps their nectar making business will keep her distracted enough to not find out..
Don Lothario (Merchant)
Meet Praaven's latest resident: the one and only Don Lothario! Don and his horse Sullivan spend their days working as the blacksmith, repairing chamber pots around town, and talking up the ladies.
The Pleasants (Merchant)
Meet the Pleasant family! Yes the same ones you know and love from Sims 2. Daniel and Mary Sue live in a lovely high rise in the Castle Hill Quarter of Praaven with Mary Sue's parents Coral and Herb Oldie. Daniel's up to his usual ways sneaking around with Nina Caliente. Will he be able to keep this affair secret from Mary Sue?

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