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Default Modifying Pollination Technician Genetics
Are you also sick of all your alien offspring having black hair. Well, you can change the DNA of your Pollination Technician.

This is the first time I ever wrote something like this, so bear with me. For the rest of the thread I’ll be calling the Pollination Technician PT, since it’s easier.

Changing the DNA of your PT is no different from changing the DNA of any other sim. Except he technically doesn’t exist. Just his DNA does.

EDIT: I just found out by making a new neighborhood, that there has to be at least one alien child in the neighborhood otherwise the PT's DNA info is not available. So just have one of your families have an alien baby and you'll be able to change it.

Changing the DNA of your PT.

1. Open simPE. If you don’t have it, you can get it here It’s always convenient to get the latest version, so all the options are the same.

2. backup your game, since SimPE can crash it. Never happened to me, but better to be save than sorry.

3. Open the neighborhood browser by selecting Tools (at the top)/neighborhood/neighborhood browser. Now you’ll have to do this for every neighborhood, so it’s probably easiest if you start with the first one and work your way up. Or down. Whatever .

4. Select a neighborhood and wait for it to load.

5. Click on “sim description” in the left upper list. This makes it easier to select the PT’s sim description later on.

6. Once in the neighborhood file, you’ll have to locate the sim description for the PT. The easiest way to do this is by using the sims browser to locate some of his spawn :p. So click on Tools/neighborhood/sim browser and wait for it to load. This might take a while, so you can take a potty break, get something to drink, fix your hair or make out with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife (i’m jealous ), whatever.

7. Once it’s open, find one of your alien offspring. This is not too difficult, seeing as how the names and pictures are there. Select it and wait for it to load.

8. When it’s open, click on the Relations tab. There should be an unknown sim in the list, but it could also say Pollination Technician. Mine says the latter, but either way his GUID should say 0x2E17B9FC. This is the GUID for the PT in every neighborhood. But you can find your PT's sim description in the list by his Instance number. This is different in every neighborhood, so you have to do this every time.

For example, mine says :

Pollination Technician (NPC)
Household : Default
GUID : 0x2E17B9FC
Instance : 0x0132
Lifestage : Unknown

9. Now look at the Instance number and browse through the sim description list that you’ve opened at step 5. It’s the last list of numbers, that only says Instance above it. Not the one with Instance (high). There are four more zero’s in these Instance numbers, so only look at the last 2, 3 or 4. When you've found it, click on it. (Example: I have to look for 0x00000132)

10. Once open go to More/open sim DNA (above the sim description, the blue box).

11. Now, from here it’s pretty simple. Everything is very clear and it says what it is. All you need are the codes.

The codes are as follows:

32dee745-b6ce-419f-9e86-ae93802d2682 = Brown eyes
51c4a750-c9f4-4cfe-801c-898efc360cb7 = Green eyes
e43f33602-3a08-4755-8b83-a0d37a6c424b = Light blue eyes
2d6839c5-0b7c-48a1-9c55-4bd9cc873b0f = Dark blue eyes
0758508c-7111-40f9-b33b-706464626ac9 = Grey eyes
12d4f3e1-fdbe-4fe7-ace3-46dd9ff52b51 = Alien eyes

00000001-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 = Light skin
00000002-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 = Tan skin
00000003-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 = Medium skin
00000004-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 = Dark skin
6baf064a-85ad-4e37-8d81-a987e9f8da46 = Alien skin

00000001-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 = Black hair
00000002-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 = Brown hair
00000003-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 = Blond hair
00000004-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 = Red hair

To change the codes click on the code and you will get a cursor (like in Word) and you can just type in the code that you want. If you think you got what you wanted and are happy with it, click commit and then save it. And if everything went alright you changed the DNA of your PT.

If you want to change the DNA, you could make the dominant (strong) and recessive (weak) genes the same, but you can also play with them. You could make the dominant gene for example blonde (speaking in haircolors ) and the recessive black. But I must say that I think Maxis made the black hair gene ridiculously dominant.

I must admit that I’m not completely sure if the DNA for the eyes and skin is changeable. I assume it is, cause you’re changing the DNA info, but I only tried it with haircolor. If you want to know if something is possible, I’d say just try it. That’s what I did. Just browse around SimPE until you find what you’re looking for. BUT MAKE A backup FIRST.

I gave my PT red hair, because I love how red and blonde hair looks on aliens. It is also a recessive color so you have a chance of getting every haircolor in the game depending on the color of the “normal” father. But that’s all up to you.

Like I said before, I’ve never written anything like this. So if anything is unclear or if you have comments, please let me know.

I got the codes from the thread “The mysteries of sim DNA unraveled”. If you want to know more about how sim DNA works go here:

Make sure you click commit and THEN save.

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I tried this, however, at step 10 His DNA didn't open. With all my other sims, it does, just not with PT. I fear he does'nt have DNA...

Now that I think about it, my latest abducted fathers got clones of themself, instead of aliens. I thought thisis was the result of one of those "firstborn" effects. I guess not. Does anyone have a backup?
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There's one nasty side-effect to modifying alien skin and facial structure; the alien eyes are lost (replaced by normal human eyes). If anyone knows how to restore them please post the procedure here. There's just no explanation... the alien eyes dtString DNA code was never modified and is still in place both in the character file and neighborhood file in all three corresponding places. The only possibility would be the text strings labeled "facial features" (mouth,cheekbones,eyes,) but I just don't see how those could be to blame. Anybody else having this problem?
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If it's not in the "alien eyes" string itself, the next most likely place would be the facial features - eyes, ne? Though my first thought was "did they add contacts?" I read somewhere that the child doesn't always have alien eyes, or alien skin. Was it all of your PoliTech legacy children that had the problem, or just one?

>.> I think it might be better to do what DaniCast did, and make the PoliTech DNA override a package file that you put in your MyDocs/[.......]/Downloads folder, and you can delete it if it doesn't work.

Reference: Here is the link to her default PoliTech (it uses custom eyes by so pixel and bean, the custom default alien skin replacement by Buffy over at Insimenator, and the "Flora Hair 062 dkgreen" hair and mesh from XMSims, which are all pretty much optional, but he turned out really really nice....

-->Picture <--

Like I said, she packaged it separately, as an override that goes in the DL folder along with the rest of the objects, genetics, etc. The one baby I had via Joe Tutorial's wife had the right genetics, and managed to keep it's custom alien eyes, too, so hopefully the reference will be helpful to you. (I'd feel more comfortable editing a backup of Dani's file than editing my actual in-game file, tbh. Though this is a good tutorial if you don't have a replacement file to reference from.)

If you're like me and fell in love with Dani's PT, you can download the CAS version of him here.

I'm probably rambling too much now, but I'm just trying to be helpful.

Edit: Ah, gawd. I just realized this topic is over two years old. *slams head against wall* Sorry for the necropost. T.T
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Eh, please don't apologize for the necro. You posted just the info I needed. Tutorials are a bit diff than normal forum rules, because they can still be relevant years down the road. Thanks for the links!

As far as modifying the skins go, Maxis enabled the alien eyes for the alien skin only. You change the skin of the character, the eyes are no longer available. Good news is that there is now a mod to make the eyes available all the time, and someone on MTS2, can't remember who, also unlocked the eyes as a download. Lots of options now to fix the prob. I think So Pixel and Beans has a very nice eye, and I like WynNyx's Rensim Mayday Alien eye as default (the full black one that looks almost human.)

This tutorial is just what I needed, along with your info and link to a replacement file, to modify my PT. Thank you both!!!

I found a post by Sadie79 over here with even more explicit instructions on how to mod your PT and Plantsim Progenitor... She found it at Insim by Xylune.
You should have the latest version of SimPE installed from SimPE requires .NET 1.1 to work.

1. Go into Create-A-Sim debug mode. If you don't know how, go here:

2. Create your alien using the alien genetics. Making a replacement PT with a different skin color like lavender would require changing the default alien skin which is beyond the scope of this tutorial.

3. Once created, enter a neighborhood and place the alien on a small empty lot. Exit the game.

4. Open the package file of your newly created alien. It is found in the Characters folder of your neighborhood and is named something like N00X_User00XXX.package. Sort by Date Modified to make it easier to find.

5. Under Filetypes, select Facial Structure. Under Packed Files, right-click on the Facial Structure file and Extract it somewhere where you can easily find it.

6. Under Filetypes, select jpg/tga/png Image. Under Packed Files, extract both the images to the same place where you can easily find them. You may then close out of the package file by closing SimPE.

7. Open SimPE, click on File--> New to create a new package file. You can leave it on Long Index and click OK. Click on File--> Add..., browse to where you extracted the files, and add the files ending in .xml. There should be three in total, two for the jpegs and one for Facial Structure.

8. You should now see the three files listed under Packed Files. Below that, make sure the tab is on Packed File. In the Group box, change the ID to 0x7F45284D which is the Group ID for Pollination Technician. Click on change all listed to the right of the box, then make sure the three files all have this Group ID.

9. Click on File--> Save, and name the package file whatever you want. Close SimPE because you are done.

10. Place the newly created package file into your Downloads folder, and Pollination Technician should now be replaced.

Take that and apply it instead to your Plantsim, and replace the group ID above with 0x7F56568B
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