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Default How to change a Servo (Robot) into a Droid - Easy!
All rigth... first of all... I don't know If someone has already posted something about this... I performed a little search on the site... and google it but I haven't found anything like this...

So let's get started!


When We create a new servo robot in the sims 2 game, it has also wants and fears ... just like a normal Sim... So it's kinda weird having a robot kissing a Sim (For example)....

But what If I tell you... that you can change its all appearance and make it look like a Hot Male/Female Sim?

Ok this is a simple guide which helps you to do it! And Have Fun!

What Do you need?

Firts you need to Donwload The Sim Blender if you don't have it yet!

Tom's clothing Tester (Find it when ingame)

Let's Do it!

Start your Sims 2 game!
Create a new family or single sim and move it into a lot or house! Or just play with a family that you have already created...

Go to Buy mode and find the sim Blender in catalog under Misc/Misc (it's a potted ficus and costs $10).

Then place it anywhere...

Press the Keys: CTRL+SHIT+C to open up the cheats console and enter the following cheat:
BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true

Now press and hold the SHIFT key and click on active sim... now you can see some hidden options...

Click More... and then Spawn... Then click more... again and search down until you find the option (New Servo) then click it.

Turn it on as Male or Female that is up to you... (Then name it)

Click on the sim blender...

Then... Appearance / Servo's Name / Makeover/ Plastic Surgery...

Now you can modify your servo's face structure

When it ready... click OK... You will probably not be able to see your servo's changes yet... Then click on sim blender again: Appearance/Servo's name/Makeover/Change appearance...
and select any hairstyle...

If you click ok and you can't see its face yet... Don't panic...
click on sim blender and change its appearance again. but this time select Clothing option... and click on Casul or Formal... Voila!

Note: If you're not satisfied with your droid face... just goto plasctic surgery againg and so on until you love your results.

Let's keep on going... We just have a Head...

We need a Body... Don't we!!!

Click on sim blender... Aging/Age to Young Adult/ Servo's name

tada!!! When Robot is aging to young adult it'll have a new full body and clothes...

But... you can't change Servo's clothes with a regular closet...

And here is when we need Tom's clothing tester.... To provide our servo with something better to wear... than maxi's choice

Press and Hold SHIFT Key and Click on active sim...

Click more.../Spawn/More.../Tom's clothing tester...

Now click on it... Plan Outfit/ Casual 1...

You could be able to see your family's wardrobe...

pic up your favourite one... and Voilá

Do this every time you want to change servo's clothes...

If everything has gone right then Congratulations!!!

Now you have your own desirable droid

A whole customizable Sim... But... He's still a robot

I suggest... that you age servo to adult so you can see the servo's normal age panel again... instead the unirversity one...

Subete wa ugoki dashita
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Hi. I'm not allowed downloading until next month. So I will get The Sim Blender next month.


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Originally Posted by Ambitions999
Hi. I'm not allowed downloading until next month. So I will get The Sim Blender next month.


Sim blender is available for free download in ... you don't even need to register an account to download it!!!

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Default Thanks!
Thanks!Now I understan how earendil made C-3PO for The Sims 2!
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How do I change the Droid's skintone?
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Thank you! I will definitely be doing this.

BTW~~your sim with the black hair is a Final Fantasy creator's dream!
Can you please make it available for download? :D
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Personally, while I know many use this method, it gets me nervous.

I usually use Sim PE, but gave this method a try. My servo wound up turning into a Potato Head. (For those who have no idea what I'm babbling about, potato heads in Sim PE indicate a Sim that Sim PE does not recognize. In many cases, it's not a problem. For instance, certain NPCs such as custom PT techs can cause it. As long as you know the usual suspects, you're fine. But in this case, my Sim turned from a recognizable entry (grey background, likeness of Sim, even if it's a previous one) to an "Unknown" (Red background. potato head).

I have no idea whatsoever whether this corrupts that servo or can even corrupt a hood. Most likely, I'm being paranoid, though with my reputation for corrupting things, I think that's understandable. But I didn't take any chances, and went to a backup. Better to lose a few days of gameplay than have a corrupted Sim running around. I do a good enough job corrupting things in my game! At the very least, I would like my poor Servo to not lose his or her identity!

Prior to AL, you could use certain mods by Squinge which really made life easier, but apparently AL borked that up. I use this method, which was posted by lowdog on Back Alley Sims:

METHOD 2- (SimPe Method)

Simply use the plastic surgery function in SimPE to clone a townie or NPC's looks onto an existing servo. This way you don't have to go back to change skintone or natural eye color, and you can again use a combination of Sim Blender and Insiminator ... to customize appearance and clothing ...."

I find using an NPC or townie as a clone works OK, rather than making a new Sim to clone (stay far away from those dangerous NPCs ... I would hope you all know who those are by now!), but either option will work just fine. In my experience, sticking with your four default skintones works the best (I find I have trouble with custom skintones). Find a townie whose default skintone is the color you desire. I chose Christy Stratton this time.

Here she is ... a fine S3 specimen:

Back up your game. Go into Sim PE ( I wouldn't download the QA version, unless you know your way around Sim PE. The one you want should be in the Downloads section on that site.

Fire up Sim PE. Select your hood. Wait .... it takes a while for Sim PE to load everything up. Use the Sim Surgery feature. Your servo/droid should be first. Your victim ... I mean Sim you want to clone ... should be second. I find it's best to use the same sex and age group. Once I tried cloning a male donor on a female Sim. It's not advisable.

Clone and commit. When Sim PE asks you if you want to save ... yes, you do.

Use the Blender and/or Insim (I found I didn't need the Insim for this), find appearance, find plastic surgery, and change your droid's features as desired. (Unless you want the poor townie to have a type of doppelganger!) Use the makeover for glasses, hairstyle contacts, etc. I like to use a contacts eye set with a slightly glassy tone to make my droid just a wee less human, but still really close.

This might be just me or a stubborn mod, but I find I can no longer have servos easily change into gym outfits, underwear and outerwear. Again, prior to AL, it was really simple. I used to use a Squinge mod and Christianlov's clothes rack. I still use the rack (the mod doesn't work with AL), but make sure I have a couple of pieces of undies and clothes suitable for workouts and outerwear in my Everyday or Formal categories. Many creators do have multiple categories for their clothes. I just keep them as is. Her wardrobe is smaller than that of human Sims, but it's still quite large.

I am positive that others with AL here have more efficient methods. This is just the one I use that makes me freak out the least (Shudders at the potato head transformation), though I would love to find out another way to get around AL's insistence that my now-Android doesn't need panties. Why shouldn't my droid have a better choice of lingerie?

Oh, well.

Thanks to ALL free-site creators, admins and mods.

RIP Sunni ... truly a ray of light.
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I used this method and the SimPE method as well for making a human-looking Servo... It was great until I went too far by turning the servo into a werewolf. I tried making an ultimate robot by making her a witch and a vampire...then when I turned her to a werewolf, her face went back to her robotic feature...then when she reverted to her "human" self, her face was gone! All she is now is a floating blonde hair. Maybe there is a limitation for all good things. Or did someone else try what I did but didn't mess the servo's face?
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Thanks for this tutorial on how to change them into humans. This is really helpful but I really need to know how to change the skin tone & eye color aswell. I can't figure it out and have been fiddling with this for an hour now. Though I'm glad to be able to change my servos into human sims to live out the fantasy of robot boyfriends...but I can't change their skin to the one I got specifically for them nor can I change their eyes to ones that don't look so aweful as the default ones. So i can't have my asian male sim robots. T_T
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I just wanted to add something about this method. It works, aside from maxis genetics, but once you leave your house or go to neighbourhood, the servo comes back to normal. Unless this is happening only with me.
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