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Default Combining CAW Buildings and In-Game Lots (Tutorial)
Something forgotten/overlooked in tutorial earlier, the CAW item's placement footprint MUST be for the majority, outside of the lot. If it is mostly within the lot, the item will vanish in map view

Hey all, this is a tutorial on how I've blended together the decorative buildings from CAW placement and actual playable lots. It's a handy way to make things fit in better (a favorite of mine was making a military base merged into shuttle launch facility- why on earth would they be 2 separate buildings since top military is astronaut?!) both spacewise and so maybe it's a little less startling to use the decor objects.

Thanks Moria/Graham for the CAW objects I used in a few of the pics in tutorial, and Raven Shadow (rabbithole doors are great for using with CAW buildings), and whoever once posted about this in another thread- I couldn't find an actual tutorial though maybe just overlooked- so I made this one for folks starting out.. just am hoping it's clear enough.

Side note, the Science Dome seems to vanish when it's pretty much fully on a lot when you go into first floor view, possibly because it's hollow anyhow... handier since it means less hiding things with markers.
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Excellent work, Baka- this has given me some ideas!

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Thanks I'm glad it was useful! I wasn't sure if I was yammering on about stuff other people had already done to death or what. LOL

I started doing this on a world after reading somewhere about how 'if you put a lot in CAW building you can build on it and Sims will go through the CAW stuff" and found I really liked it- and with the extra stuff we can now put in via CAW thanks to folks like you and Graham, seems like it'll only get more and more flexible =D
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