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Default Tutorial: Easy STBL Editor
I've always found creating, editing, and adding translations to STBLs to be tedious, and wished for a tool to make it easier to do. So I did it myself. This tool is meant to be useful for script modders, maybe object modders, and users who want to make translations for their own games and/or contribute translations to mod creators.

Here's a run-through of the main functions:

Creating an STBL and adding strings:

1) Unzip all the program files to a folder and run EasySTBLmanager.exe. Initially the 'preferred language' will be English, but you can change it using Settings / Set Preferred Language. The Preferred Language determines which language the strings will be shown in in the Strings List tab. (Assuming an STBL for your preferred language exists in the package. If not, the first language the program finds - usually English - will be used.)

2) Use File / Open Package to open a package. If the package has an STBL, it will be opened and the languages will be listed in the Language List tab, and the strings will be listed in your preferred language in the Strings List tab.

If the package does not have an STBL, you'll see a 'Create STBL' button in the upper section. Click that, and you'll get a window asking you to select the languages you want to create STBLs for. You'll also have to enter a name to be used to generate an Instance ID for the STBLs - usually this will be a unique name for your mod, like "cmarXmods.PregnancyController". You may find it easier to create only one STBL (usually English) to start with, add your strings, and duplicate it to the other languages later.

3) To add a string, go to the Add a String tab. In the 'Key Text to Hash' field, put the text key from your script, object mod, or whatever. If you prefer to use a hex key that's already been hashed, you can. Then enter the text that should be displayed for each language.

For example, here's the localization code from a script:

Localization.LocalizeString("cmarXmods/PregControl/PregStatus:Display", new object[0])

The Key Text to Hash is: cmarXmods/PregControl/PregStatus:Display
The text I want displayed is: Display Pregnancy Information

If you have no translations except for English (or your preferred language) just click the appropriate button at the bottom to copy the string you entered to all the empty translations. In practice, you'll usually copy English to all the untranslated languages.

When done, click the Add String button.

Duplicate one language to other languages

1) When you open a package that doesn't have STBLs for all the languages, each language that's in there will have another button, to Copy to Missing. Clicking this button will duplicate the STBL for that language to all missing languages.

Edit strings/add translations

There are two 'views' of the strings you can use for editing:

1) All the strings for one language. In the Language List tab, click the Edit button and you'll get a window listing all the strings in your preferred language on the left and the way they're currently entered in the language you're editing on the right. (In the picture below, they're still in English.) You can then update the translations for the language you're editing.

2) One string in all the languages. In the Strings List tab, click the Edit button and you'll get a window listing all the languages present in the package with the selected string. (In the picture below, they're all still English.) You can update the string for each language. You can also duplicate the string in any language to any empty spots in the listing, in case you forgot to duplicate a string when adding it.

Exporting and importing a language

This function is intended to make it easy to export strings in a text file, send it to a translator for editing, and import the translated version. It could also be used for users to share a translation with their friends/family.

1) To Export: In the Language List tab, click the Export to File button. Give the file a name, hopefully including what language it's for, and save it.

2) To translate an exported file: Open the file in any text editor. You'll see a list of <Text Key="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"> and </Text> tags before and after each string. ONLY the text between the tags should be changed - don't touch anything inside and including the < > brackets or the file will not import correctly. Replace the English (or whatever language) text with the language you're doing the translation for. Save the file.

3) To Import: In the Language List tab, click the Import from File button and select the file with the translation.


Please note that adding STBLs to a mod that isn't coded for localization will accomplish nothing.

Forgot to mention if there are no names for the STBLs, you can use the Tools / Name STBL Files menu option to name them and add a name map file to the package if necessary.

This tool needs testing and I'd like input about what might be done to improve it. While it's in beta, please go slowly and make backup copies of any package you edit with it, just in case. Let me know what you think!

Credit: Peter and Inge Jones for the s3pi library and answering my noob questions about how to use it.

Update 10/5/12: V1.0.0.1
Fix for errors when adding an nmap to a package without one.
Added a Delete button in the string edit window for deleting a string from all the languages.

Download moved to the thread in the Downloads section:
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VERY NICE! Translating strings has always been such a pain. This should help immensely!

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Updated. Yes, already. :D
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Is there a update to this program? I found that in Edit Translation windows, when we click Copy to Blank then Commit, it doing nothing.

EDIT: my bad for not seeing that this has been moved to download area. Sorry.
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I have already apply it but
Thanks for the updating....
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sorry to bother.I'm a fresh here
the pics are all broken and there is a promlem with add new strings!
I enter the text on 'key text to hash' and display for what language that I want.but I didnt find any buttom to click to add a new string!!!!! if I save at that time and open again,there is no string added!!!!

please reply me asap!!!!very hasted to solve this problem!!!!
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never mind!!!I am a tool just happened to pull the window larger and found them all!!!!
that's pretty useful app,
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