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Default Good vs Evil
In this challenge you must have good compete against evil, you choose the out come!!

Create one "good sim" and one "bad sim" in CAS, the good sim must have good traits (good, cheerful, family oriented etc) and the evil sim must have, well, evil traits (evil, mean, hates children etc) same idea for the life time aspiration
Move them into any house (money isn't a big deal)
Then decide if you will fight for the good or evil side!

For every achievement you get (see below) you can change 1 trait according to what side you're playing for, if you're playing for the good side then you would complete a certain amount of "good" achievements, and would change 1 of the evil sim's traits. Once you change all three traits you need to change the life time aspiration. Follow this to change the traits:
1 achievement= change the first trait
2 achievements= change the next trait
3 achievements= change the last trait
4 achievements= change the life time aspiration


*Make 5 enemies
*Lock some one in a room (or pool) and let them die
*Bind a voodoo doll to someone
*Join the criminal career, reach level 3
*Get into 10 fights
*Be mean to a child 25 times
*Make 2 angry paintings
*Get to level 6 of the criminal career
*Reach level 5 of mischief skill
*Use a voodoo doll successfully 5 times

*Have 10 friends
*Have 5 good friends
*Have 1 best friend
*Get to level 5 in any instrument
*Grow 1 plant to the best quality
*Have 1 boyfriend/girlfriend
*Cook 5 excellent meals
*Reach level 5 of charisma skill
*Have 1 party that reaches gold level
*Earn 1,000 simoleans selling things you made (songs, paintings, books, etc)

Thank you for reading

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