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Default Disney Descendents Challenge
Hello and welcome to the challenge!

Most of you might have already heard of the movie descendents so I wanted to make a challenge about it. Basically you make the main four characters or 4 of your choice but they have to be daughter's/son's of villains. They all must have the evil trait. If your gonna use the four main villains try to match there traits with the movie. The four main characters are Mal, Eviee ,Jay, and Carlos. But like I said you can use other characters as long as their parents are villains. Here are the rules.

-Must complete high school with A's
-Reach a high level of mischief
-The sims must be teenagers
-Must have a least one skill with a high level other than mischief
-Can get Boyfriends/girlfriends
-complete their aspirations

They must complete all this by the time adulthood starts. There are different types of game mode

-Start off with 5,000 cash
-Can have any objects they want
-Two teen can have a part time job

-start off with 3,000 cash
-CANNOT own computer,television,anything thing to do with electronics
-One teen can hold a job

-start off with 2,000 cash
-CANNOT own anything above 500 cash
-No part time job (grow plants or fish or paint to earn money HINT HINT)

You may buy an empty lot and build on it but remember the game mode rules that you picked. When making the house waste as much as you want but remember the game mode rules. When your done go back to your money that your supposed to have according to your game mode.

WELP HAVE FUN! (comment questions I WILL ANSWER ANY!)
Also tell me If you think im copying someone else will erase this post or adjust it bye!
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