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Default Sims 4: Dying Hospital Challenge
Hi! First challenge so if there are any obvious flaws, please do point them out for me to correct.


Hillside General Hospital was established in Oasis Springs in 1856. Originally set-up as a hospital for miners from the Gold Rush, the hospital provided care to the gold-hungry men and women of the area for multiple decades and adjusted to meet the demands. In 1962, the hospital moved to its current location, a modest 30x40 lot in a quaint suburban neighborhood, though not too far from the central strip. By 1970, the hospital was serving an area of 40,000 and offering services such as Emergency services, Surgical services, Inpatient care, Intensive care, Long-term care, and of course, Psychiatric care. The 20th century was a blurry time for psychiatric treatment that no one enjoys to talk about too much. Jump forward to 2008. Rising costs, corruption, and state-led investigations caused the hospital to make some radical changes. All services were cut except for long-term care. Mounting costs, more corruption, and even more state-led investigations, the hospital was forced to make a rash decision: hire outside help to kick the hospital back into the green. That's where you come along. You've been hired as the new hospital administrator and thrown into the shark infested waters that is modern day healthcare. Have fun and good luck.


Long-term care is the supervision and assisting of elder sims who need help going about their day-to-day activities. Hillside General Hospital's goal is to provided healthcare with heart and to make sure that the residents remain happy up until the hour of their death.

At this point, the hospital has been reduced to a struggling 12-bed long-term care unit. Some instructions and requirements for this scenario:

• In CAS, make your sim. They can be any age but Adult probably checks realism out the most. Should have formal wear or a lab coat. This sim is the administrator and is in charge of management. Administrators can not do the jobs of nurses but can organize outings/fun days, play with the funding, hire staff from the outside world (maids, chefs, gardeners, etc.), entertain, keep nurses morale up, and make sure the hospital stays open.

• Construct a fair sized building on a 40x30 lot (lot size doesn't matter but 40x30 works best). Your building can be as fancy or as plain as you would like. Budget is §50,000 for every patient room. Building must have an admin office, patient rooms, nurses station, a common area, an activity room, a cafeteria, a kitchen, and a breakroom for staff.

An administration office requires a desk with a computer and a bookshelf. A nurses station needs a computer for every nurses and a sink. A common area should have a television, comfort furniture, a bookshelf, and a stereo. Activity rooms should have furniture for activities in them. A cafeteria should have several tables and at least one chair for every resident. Kitchens require stove, fridge, sink, trashcan, and an alarm system. Staff breakrooms need space for a chair and a coffee maker. Minimum of 2x2 tiles.

Surplus funds should be deleted and replaced with §500 for every resident.

• Build semi-private rooms, private rooms, or both. Any number is fine but the less the easier. A semi-private room requires two beds preferably with a divider in between for privacy, one shared or two separate nightstands, two cabinets, a painting, a clock, one window, and an ensuite bathroom WITH a shower. Private rooms require a bed, a nightstand, a cabinet, a painting, a clock, one window, and an ensuite bathroom WITH OR WITHOUT a shower.

• In CAS, make as many elder residents as the building permits (max is 15 due to nursing requirements). Patients can wear anything, just make sure they're clothed at all time. You can also move elders in from household management. NOTE: ONE RESIDENT TO ONE BED. NO DOUBLING UP. Sims can have any traits or aspirations you desire though 1/4 residents is required to have the "Insane" trait.

• State nursing requirements require one nurse to five patients. Nurses run the show and can clean, cook, assist, dispense medication, admit, etc. In CAS, make the total amount of nurses you may need (should be about two or three). Nurses should wear scrubs, can be player controlled, and can be any age.


The State Health Department's definition of activity is when a resident is involved in an event that they enjoy. Activities can be dancing, walking, hiking, moving, painting, swimming, etc.



The daily schedule is up to you and what works best for you. However, state law mandates that residents need at least two meals and a snack a day, three hours of activity, and eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. The kitchen and common areas can be locked at any time when not needed. Outings or free days can be held on any normal day.

Only 1 in 3 residents is allowed to have a part-time job. Working removes their daily snack and activity requirement.

To keep some order, this is a weekly schedule that must be followed. Failure to will result in penalization. More info in the point system below.

Sunday: Add §500 for each resident. This is your budget for the week. A bit tight but it should get the job done if managed correctly. Operate as a normal day.
Monday: Admission Day. Only day of the week new residents can be admitted.
Tuesday: Normal Day
Wednesday: Physicals. Around 12pm have nurses go around and ask patients questions and give them medical advice.
Thursday: Normal Day
Friday: Visitor Day. If any residents have extended family, invite them over. If none have family, operate as a normal day.
Saturday: State/County check-up day. Rubric below.

Week restarts on Sunday at 12:00am.


To stay open, you must have at least 100 points by 12:00am on Sunday. Failure to do so results in one demerit. Three demerits and the hospital gets shut down and residents relocated. On the bright side, getting 200 points by 12:00am Sunday the following week results in one demerit being removed.


Here is the standard point system used on every day except for state inspection day. Add up points everyday at 6:00pm. Final calculation is described in the above section.

+5 points if every resident has a positive or fine mood.
-5 points for every resident with a negative overall mood. For example, if a resident has a tense moodlet and a happy moodlet but the happy moodlet is dominant, mark as a positive mood.

+10 points for a natural death (cardiac explosion, overexertion, or old age). Natural deaths are a good thing since it means you're doing your job correctly. Resident can be replaced on next admission day.
0 points if cause of death "cannot be determined". Only allowed once a week.
-10 points for an unnatural death (anything NOT listed above is unnatural). Sigh. We all wish for the day that nursing home residents don't have to worry about getting eaten by a cowplant.

+5 points if you personal schedule was followed for the day.
Remain the same if it was not.

+5 points if every resident's required needs were met for the day.
-1 point for every resident neglected.

+1 point for every craft completed and sold by residents.

-10 points for any dangerous event that occurs on the facility grounds. For example: fire, electrocution, broken appliances/plumbing fixtures not repaired in 4 hours creating puddles, etc.

+1 point for every resident holding a job that showed up for work on time everyday.

-1 point for any illness that went untreated into the following day.


Following some troubling events in the past, the state performs a weekly check up on the hospital held every Saturday between 6am and 6pm. The state point system is based out of 20 points and is shown below:
The daily point system is not to be used on State Inspection Day.

Is anything broken? Yes -4, No+4
Are residents happy? Yes +4, No -4
Are needs being met? Yes +4, No -4
Are staff members happy? Yes +4, No -4
Are any residents sick or have been sick in the last week? Yes -2, No +2
Is the hospital financially good (has at least §200)? Yes +2, No -2

Add up the points. If it is a positive number, add it to the total points from the Daily Points total at 12:00am on Sunday. If it is a negative number, subtract it from the Daily Points total at 12:00am on Sunday.

The main goal of this challenge is to see how long you can last and how many residents you can successful "pass off" to the other realm.

Recommended Mods: Functional Medicine. If downloaded, residents can take daily vitamins which makes the challenge a bit more realistic.
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