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Sims 4 BaCC
One of my favorite challenges is the BaCC (Build a City Challenge). It was unique for the sims 2 and though many tried to convert it for the sims 3 and 4 it just wasn’t successful. But now with the cats and dogs patch it seems this may not be able to happen… I am still a noob at sims 4 and with more packs and my knowledge growing these rules are subject to change I thought I would share these with anyone that wanted to give it a go.

Getting Started:
Roll a die to determine how many families you will have in town.
1-2 = 1 family
3-4 = 2 families
5-6 = 3 families
Once you figure out how many families you will have roll a die to determine how many sims will be in said family.
1-2 = Single Man
3-4= Single Woman
5-6= Couple
Once you have all that figured out bulldoze all the lots in Willow Creek. If you want to you can bulldoze all the lots for every world but I wouldn’t worry about that until you unlock that world.
Have aging set to whatever you want, short, normal, long but have it so only active household members age or turn it off completely. You don’t want your other settlers getting old before you really get a chance to play them.
1. No Electronics/plumbing. To start off your sims may not have any
electronics (tv,computer,stereo etc.).
They can have the cheapest fridge and a grill. Bushes to use for the bathroom, 1 sink and 1 bathtub.
Rocket ship cannot be used until electricity is unlocked.
Retail lots cannot be opened until electricity is unlocked.
This restriction is removed when one of the settlers reaches level 10 handiness
2. No Adoption/Pizza/Maid Service etc. Population must be 100 to unlock services.
3. No Hospital Birth. It is unlock when the doctor career is unlocked.
4. No aliens. This restriction is removed when Magnolia Promenade is Unlocked.
5. No Magnolia Promenade. Restriction is removed with 3 retail stores have been opened.
They must all be owned and run by settlers.
6. No cheats.
7. Aspiration may not be changed! Even when you complete an aspiration it must stay the same. If it bugs you that much to see a completed aspiration sitting there then you may change it but it doesn’t count toward anything. In essence 1 aspiration per sim.
Example: Your first aspiration is angling ace. You complete it and that’s awesome then you change your sims aspiration to athletic to complete a goal but that one doesn’t count.
8. Club cannot be joined until you have unlocked Winderburg.
Retail Lot:
Retail lots are unlocked with electricity.
Unlocking Community Lots:
Park- Park is unlocked when someone reaches level 5 gardening and 20.000
Bar- Have a sim max the mixology skill and 7.000
Library- Have a sim max the writing skill. and 10.000
Lounge- Have a sim max guitar,violin,piano, and comedy skill. More then one sim can complete this. (Ex: One sim can do piano while another does comedy and another does guitar etc)
Museum- Have a sim max a painting skill and 20.000
Nightclub- Have a sim max the charisma skill.
Spa- Have a sim max wellness skill and 6.000
Gym- One sim must have completed the athletic aspiration
Arts Center- When a sim grows up to adult with max creativity its unlocked.
Cafe- When a sim reaches level 5 culinary and city pays 10.000 this unlocks.
Karaoke Bar- When a sim reaches lv.10 singing skill and 5.000 dollars.
Pool- When 10 sims in town have a pool and 25.000 dollars is paid it is unlocked
Resturant- When Culinary is unlocked a resturant may be built
Vet Clinic- When a vet clinic retail lot is max then this may be unlocked
Unlocking Careers:Astronaut- One sim must max the rocket science skill to unlock the career.
Athletic- There be at least one gym community lot in world.
Business- Must be 3 retail lots. (Vet, Food, Retail)
Criminal- One settler must max the mischief skill
Culinary- There must be a resturant retail lot.
Entertainment- Must be one lounge community lot to unlock this career.
Painter- Must be one museum/art gallery
Secret Agent- One sim must complete the detective career to unlock.
Tech Guru- A sim must max programming and gaming to unlock. ( More then one sim may help with this)
Writer- There must be a library community lot.
Detective- Criminal must be unlocked.
Doctor- 5 babies must be born in game to unlock this career.
Scientist- One sim must complete the astronaut career.
Babysitter- At least one child must be born in game
Barista- One sim must complete the mixologist branch of culinary.
Manuel Labourer- A sim that wants to join this career must have level 5 handiness.
Retail Employee- Must be one retail lot in world
Fast Food Employee- One sim must have completed the culinary career.
Unlocking Towns:Oasis Springs- 5000 dollars to unlock
Magnolia Promenade- 2000 Dollars
Newcrest- 10.000 Dollars
Brindeton Bay- 5000 Dollars
Winderburg- 5000 dollars
San Myshuno- 5000 dollars
Forgotten Hollow- 5000 dollars
Vacation:For Granite Falls to be unlocked and your sims to take a vacation
20.000 must be paid from city funds.
Unlocking CAS Sims:
Every retail store opened by settler +1
Every career unlocked +2
Every skill maxed +1
The Sim Multiplier:
+7 for every World unlocked
+10 when you get every type of retail lot ( Can only get a max of 30)
+5 For every career unlocked
+1 For every career topped
+1 For every skill topped. (1 per sim)
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I made a spreadsheet for all the restrictions and details! Feel free to copy to your drive so you can keep track of everything.
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I remember this challenge from TS2! Awesome to see someone attempting to keep it going for a new generation of Sims
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I'm attempting it right now! I'm enjoying the changeover.
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