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Default The famous "Error reading resource" and how to fix it
Hi guys!

So many who browse the game's inner files probably have had the issues of _IMG files that just hate you and show you the glorious "Error reading resource".

Sounds/looks familiar? Now if you're from the Skyrim community those are also very familair! However, you need to know that the reason why these images don't show up is that S3PE doesn't support uncompressed dds files. (have a read about why uncompressed was good and stuff riiiight here: )

Of course, all the images that S3PE does show are all compressed, just letting you know for the record

so what do I need?

- An uncompressed dds just for testing!
- This Tool

1. First, just install ddsviewer.
2. Then, after it's being installed, just search 'ddsviewer.exe' and open it.
3. Now it's asking you to locate the dds file, so just browse to your workfolder or any folder you exported your uncompressed dds file from S3PE that you want to open.
4. Tada!

So now we're actually previewing our texture, but what about actually editing it? Welll... this thing comes with a really sweet converter! I take it you've worked with dds files before and know how to edit them

1. Click on save on the left top. It's not the folder icon (or check icon? it's a weird icon :P) but the second icon that looks like a floppy disc! If uncertain, just hover over it and see if it says 'save file'.
2. Give it a name, and I usually save it as either a png or a bmp extension, mainly because those do have transparency support and the quality doesn't get lost as much
3. open it up in your 2D editor like Gimp or Photoshop and edit away!
4. When edited, just save it. I haven't run into issues yet regarding saving it as a compressed dds instead, but if you ever do want to save it back as an uncompressed file, make sure that you save it as a (for alpha support), 8.8.8 (for RGB support) or 5.5.5(for RGB support but smaller in size)

Hope this helps!
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