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Default PS2 Sims "Get a Life"
*** I am taking the progression challenges from The Sims PS2 and transferring them into The Sims 4. I did not create these milestones I just enjoyed them as a kid and would like to play with them again. I am adding a point system as well so for completing bonus objectives you can be rewarded.***

I have built a house for each stage if you don't feel like building, you can find them all uploaded to the gallery under my profile name: gaffster01. Mom's house would be titled: GaL Mom's House, and so on.

Getting Started:
  1. Create a Sim: To create your base sim you must make a young adult. You may choose any traits or gender.
  2. Funds: You must start with only 800 simoleons (Use the cheats, testingCheats true , then, money 800) As you move from each house remember the amount of money you had. Add as much as needed to progress through to the next house, once you move in reduce the money back down to what you had before. For example if I had 3,500 simoleons and I finished all of the challenges for Mom's house, I would add as many simoleons as needed to get into house number 2. Then after moving in reduce the amount back down to 3,500.
Gameplay: There are 6 houses your sim moves through, you must complete the challenges for each house before progressing onto the next. Some challenges have special circumstances to complete, so please read thoroughly! (They will have this next to them) Some challenges also give you a cash reward!

Mom's House: You dream about living the good life in a fabulous mansion with a spouse straight out of the magazines. Key word is dream, you wake up to your mother yelling at you... again. While you still live with her you must learn how to support yourself because she won't do it anymore.
You may not use any services
CAS: You must make your mother, she must be an elder, any traits are up to you.
Build/Buy: There are a few rules you need to follow:
  1. The house must be an open floor plan, the only enclosed room may be the bathroom. (This means mom doesn't have to yell at you to clean your room, because you don't have one, but neither does she)
  2. You can only buy up to 5 decorations.
  3. You may only buy the cheapest option for furniture.
  4. You may only own a television, radio, or bookcase to get started.
  5. The house should be small and compact, but feel free to expand.
  6. Must be one story
  7. You can't have a pool
  1. Cook a meal without setting the house on fire (Self explanatory) +100 simoleons +5 points
  2. Fix the television without electrocuting yourself (Leave it on all the time and it will break pretty quickly) +100 simoleons +5 points
  3. Make your own money (Get a job, any job) (This is only available after you reach level 2 of 2 skills) + 10 points
  4. Bonus: Pay your dues (This is only if you still live with your mother once the bills are due) + 20 points
  5. Bonus: Finish without tiring yourself (Finish this stage in less than 24 hours) +1000 simoleons +0 points

Reality is Rough: You're finally out on your own! Except it's a lot messier than you thought it'd be. You soon realize why the rent was so cheap, the place is falling apart! The landlord strikes you a deal, you can stay for free if you fix up the place. Then afterwards you can move in with them. What a steal!
CAS: No create a sim needed for this stage.
Build Buy: You must move into a small apartment (19 Culpepper Apartment works well for this) if you do not have City Living make a small dilapidated house. If you build your own the requirements are:
  1. The house must be small and compact, try to squeeze as much as you can into the space.
  2. Must be one story
  3. The house must be dirty and gross. (Use testingCheats true, then, bb.showhiddenobjects, and add trash around the place. You may also shift-click the counters and plumbing items and "Make Dirty")
  4. You may purchase as many decorations as you want
  5. You may purchase up to the third cheapest objects of any kind
  6. You can't have a pool
  1. Clean up the place (All trash, counters, plumbing objects, and dishes) +Maid service +100 simoleons +5 points
  2. Fix up the place (All broken items are fixed, for four days (not consecutive) all items must be fully functional) +Repairman service +100 simoleons +5 points
  3. Glam up the place (Raise lot worth to 45,000 simoleons) + 500 simoleons + 10 points
  4. Move up the corporate ladder (Get to level 3 of your career) + 10 points
  5. Bonus: Get up out of here (Finish this stage in 4 days) +100 simoleons +20 points

Raise the Roof Your landlord has agreed to take you under their wing. It's a nice place, when they're sober...
CAS: Create your landlord. Any traits or gender. (They bring 25,000 simoleons to build with). You may also create friends but you will have to meet them as if they were townies. So no adding them to your household!
  1. Must be two bedrooms
  2. Must be one story
  3. Must have a bar
  4. Can have most items (Excludes only the most expensive item in each category)
  5. You can't have a pool
  1. Get promoted (Reach level 5 of your career) +20 points
  2. Get building (Have your lot be worth 50,000 simoleons) +10 points
  3. Get 5 friends (Go out and talk to other sims! They won't bite... hopefully) + 5 points each
  4. Get partying (Must finish all other objectives) (Once you throw a party you must move out with one of the guests.) +10 points bronze +20 points silver +30 points gold
  5. Bonus: Get going (Finish this stage in 8 days) +1,000 simoleons +20 points

Put Yourself Out There You've lived with roommates for awhile now. You want to stop couch hopping and settle down, but to do that you need to find someone to settle down with.
CAS: You may create a spouse for your sim. Similar to the last stage they may not be added to the household. They must be met like a regular townie.
  1. You may purchase any items
  2. The house must be two bedrooms
  3. The house must have a bar
  4. The house can be up to two stories
  5. You can use any items
  6. You can't have a pool
  1. Movin' on up (Get promoted to level 7 in your career) +10 points
  2. Buildin' on up (Increase lot value to 75,000 simoleons) +10 points
  3. Drinkin' it up (Throw a party) (Invite the sim you want to marry, if they accept going steady by the end of the party they will be your spouse)(This is only available after having 75,000 in lot value and level 7 career) +10 points bronze +20 points silver +30 points gold
  4. Patchin' it up (If you failed to go steady at the party you may try again for less points) +5 points bronze +10 points silver +15 points gold
  5. Schmoozin' it up ( Go steady with another sim) (Must be asked at the party) +30 points
  6. Bonus: Finishin' it up (Finish this stage in 8 days) +1000 simoleons +20 points

Home Sweet Home You now live with your spouse, but they want kids!
CAS: Create a Sim is not needed in this stage.
  1. The house may be up to two stories
  2. The house may have up to three bedrooms
  3. The house may only have two bathrooms
  4. You can use any objects
  5. You must have a backyard space with kids items (Jungle gym, monkey bars, etc)
  6. You may have a pool
  1. Almost the Boss (Reach level 9 of your career) +10 points
  2. Almost a Mansion (Have your lot worth be 100,000 simoleons) +20 points
  3. Almost Losing it (Have two children) (You can adopt) +5 points each
  4. Almost on The Honor Roll (Have the two kids get good grades in school) +5 points for each B +50 simoleons for each B +10 points for each A +100 simoleons for each A
  5. Bonus: Almost a Master (Finish this stage in less than 8 days) +20 points +1000 simoleons

The Endgame You're finally living the dream, contrary to what Mr. Doe said back in High school. Now all that's left is to save up for retirement.
CAS: You may make you sims look nice and snazzy but this is totally up to you.
Build/Buy All restrictions are lifted, go crazy
  1. For Me (Reach level 10 of your career) +20 points
  2. For You (Have your spouse reach level 10 of their career) +30 points
  3. For Us ( Have both teens get A's in high school) +10 points each +100 simoleons each
The Aftermath You may now do whatever you like with your family. Get divorced dye your hair blue, sell your kids. Well maybe all but that last one.

Scoring Heck yeah you get medals! But first lets give you some bonus points! These only count if you achieve them before you complete the last stage
  1. Your house is worth 200,000 simoleons by the end +100 points
  2. You have extra babies +50 points each
  3. Your babies are smart (Other children have a B or higher in school) +50 points each
  4. You have a pet +10 points each
  5. You have a scheduled service (Maid, nanny) +10 points each
  1. Platinum: Have at least 600 points
  2. Gold: Have at least 500 points
  3. Silver: Have at least 400 points
  4. Bronze: Have at least 300 points
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I really want to try this but couldn't find your builds on the gallery, do you have a link by chance? thanks :p
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