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Default Sim Crossing' New Leaf
Sim Crossing; New Leaf

I've seen a few challenges based off Animal Crossing, but most deal with the museum and town expansions. This is my version that deals more with your home and expansions. Instead of freely buying objects from Buy Mode, there are restrictions to what you may get for example. This should make things tricky, as you can't freely decorate and build to your heart's content, and you must think about what you need in advance. You don't need to have played Animal Crossing before to play this challenge! Everything is explained in Sims terms, so enjoy regardless of what games you play!


-Start off with a simply dressed sim, male or female, Young Adult. Give them a short haircut, simple, nothing flashy, and dress them in a t-shirt and simple pants. Same for the rest of their outfits, though Cold Weather may have a jacket style top. This will be your outfit for quite some time.
-Find a good size lot, feel free to demolish a larger home, and move in. Buy a tent from Buy Mode (if you don't have the expansion for tents, build a 3x3 house and plop in a cheap bed). Read the Expansions category below for more information.
-No cheats expect for money and glitch fixes. Get used to the Money Cheat, it will be used often to pay of loans. (testingcheats on + money [amount])
-You may ONLY earn money via collecting/fishing/harvesting wild trees (NO PLANTS).
-You must pay off loans to expand your home, and you may not go into buy mode until you have an item in your catalog. Read below under the Catalog section for more information.


-You must use the money cheat to pay off each 'loan' before you can build your home. Pay before you build.

Basic Home 5x5 squares= 100 simoleons

Room Expansions: These are rooms to be added to the sides of your home. Connect them however you like, but they must be on the correct side of the home. No free form building! They may be upgraded in size as you see fit, but beware basement and top floor; you might not have room for the stairs until your main floor is big enough!

-Basement 5x5= 4,280 (may be expanded like main)
-Second Floor 5x5= 2,980 (may be expanded like main) (may add side rooms to be expanded like normal)
-Left Room 5x5= 3,480
-Right Room 5x5= 3,480
-Back Room 5x5= 3,480

Main Room Expansions=
-6x6= 980
-8x8= 1,980
-10x10= 2,980
-12x12= 3,980

Other Room Expansions=
-6x6= 4,980
-8x8= 5,980

Change Roof Color= 520
Change Outside Walls= 560


-Your Catalog is a list of items you may buy in Buy Mode. You may buy as many of these items as you like, but nothing more. How do you get items to add to your Catalog? Simple. You may purchase whatever you wish at the Flea Market, OR have a Special Visitor 'arrive' to give you one!
-Special Visitors are rolled up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each one will grant you a category of item to buy. You may pick whatever you like from the category, but you may only pick a certain amount of things to buy per visit.
-Note they don't actually 'visit'. Pretend they came and gave you the item.

1-Gulliver= Statue
2-Pascal= Comfort
3-Gracie= One Piece of Clothing
4-Katrina= Any item
5-Saharah= One Wallpaper/Floor
6-Katie= Surface
7-Redd= Wall Object
8-Shampoodle= Change Hair
9-Leaf= Buy a Landscape Plant OR Indoor Plant
10-Kicks= Shoes
11-Timmy and Tommy= Any THREE Items!
12-Rover= Visit a Friend’s Home
13-Booker= Any Item
14-Blathers= Decorative
15-KK Slider= Any Electronic
16-Mayor Tortimer= Any 2 Items
17-Isabelle= Flower
18-Digby= Visit a Friend’s Home
19-Kapp’n= Build a Pool/Water Object/Plumbing
20-Able Sisters= Two Pieces of Clothing
-On Festival Day= Any Festival Decor

-You may also buy anything you like from Live Festivals + Flea Market
-If a Friend invites you over, you may add one piece of furniture from their house to your catalog.


-EASY MODE: You may start with a 2x2 bathroom with a shower and toilet. Cheapest, please. Also may start with the cheap stove, cheap fridge, cheap counter, one sink, and one cheap bed.
-Museum: There are no rewards planned for filling out your collection, but I may add some in the future. Do it for fun! Find everything!

I hope you enjoy this challenge! <3 <3 <3
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This seems like a fun challenge to play around with when I need a break from my legacies. Quick question though, is aging turned on for this? Or can we just play with aging turned off since the AC characters never age.

Also, here's my set up with my character and her house

Pikease Trotter. She's my main character that I'll be playing with. She's self-assured, loves the outdoors, and lazy.

I don't have outdoor retreat, so I had to make her a little shack.
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Originally Posted by peachydaze
This seems like a fun challenge to play around with when I need a break from my legacies. Quick question though, is aging turned on for this? Or can we just play with aging turned off since the AC characters never age.

Play with off if you want! You're right, it IS how the games go. I'm glad you're enjoying it.
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