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Default Off-the-Grid Eco-Resort Build Challenge for Island Life
Old Sulani Port, once the biggest polluter in the sim world, has been reborn as an eco-resort. Or it will be if you can refurbish it!

*** Template available on the gallery using hashtag #ecoresortchallenge #oldsulaniport ***

Your sim is a picker and collector who is raising money for his dream off-the-grid resort. Move your sim into a random furnished house in any world to start. You can use free realestate to place the sim into a house with enough stuff to get you started or begin with an existing sim. You will use this stuff to finance and furnish your eco-resort. Move your family into random houses at least twice, keeping the furniture each time. You can't look at the inside of the house before you buy it, but you can go into build mode to sell lights, electronics and other stuff you don't want after moving in to finance the next house. You can use houses from the gallery as long as you can afford them. You can move out a NPC family to claim a home for your first move, but you must place them into another available home. You can only do this for your first house.

When you're ready, move into Old Sulani Port and begin renovating by reusing and recycling!

You can use the free realestate cheat twice - once to begin and once to move your sim into the Eco-Resort template.
You cannot use any other cheats unless you are fixing a glitch.
You may sell windows, doors, and walls when raising money to build the resort.
You may have four adults and two youths. If the children age up, they must either move out or replace one of the adults.
You may use stolen property if your picker sim has the kleptomaniac trait.

You can change two of the lot traits when renovating, but the Eco-Resort must be Off The Grid.
Changing the color of a found item in build mode is considered "recycling."
You should always try to re-use or recycle first, but you can sell anything you want in buildmode.
Your sim is allowed to get a job as as a fisherman, a diver, a lifeguard or conservationist.
A sim can keep a job as a freelancer, writer, or painter, but must quit or retire from all other existing careers.
Your sim can sell anything they make or grow.
As many things as possible should be handmade by your sim.
If you have city living, as many things as possible should come from the Flea Market. You are also allowed to sell at the flea market.

1. Main Lobby/Lounge
2. Main Kitchen with seating for at least six.
3. Owner Family Apartment
4. Youth Room [This can be either in the family apartment or a guest nursery room.]
4. Guest Lounge
5. Two Guest Suites
6. Penthouse Guest Apartment
7. Event Space
8. Two bar areas
9. Six guest amenities/activities [You can decide what you offer, but examples could be crafts, a gym, a gift shop, a canoe, etc etc]
10. Four fully-stocked fishtanks

1. Complete the Mansion Baron aspiration in under 1 Sim year.
2. Throw a grand opening party.

After completing your resort, move back to the stripped properties from the beginning of the game and restore them.

*** Template available on the gallery using hashtag #ecoresortchallenge #oldsulaniport ***
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