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Default Popular Packs Renovation Challenge
This is an expansion of the #MaxisLimits challenge that allows more more flexibility in renovations while keeping them accessible to as many players as possible based on popularity of each pack.
For this challenge, you must have the lot have the same number of bed and baths and stay within the price budget of the original, as in #MaxisLimits.
However, for this challenge, renovations may include only the most popular three expansion packs you own, two of the most popular game packs you own, and the most popular stuff pack you own. Feel free to swap if you don't have the stated number (i.e. if you only have two expansion packs and one game pack, you could use up to three stuff packs).
Please note that naturally, there are different ideas of popularity across the internet, and that these are what I've come up with after some research. I may be biased based on which packs I own, but I tried to be impartial. Also, this list does not include the new Star Wars game pack.

Expansion Packs:
1. Seasons
2. Cats & Dogs
3. City Living
4. Discover University
5. Eco Living.
6. Island Living
7. Get to Work.
8. Get Together
9. Get Famous

Game Packs:
1. Parenthood
2. Dine Out
3. Vampires
4. Outdoor Retreat
5. Strangerville
6. Jungle Adventure
7. Spa Day

Stuff Packs:
1. Tiny Living
2. Laundry Day
3. Kids Room
4. Movie Hangouts
5. Nifty Knitting
6. Vintage Glamour
7. Bowling Night
8. Spooky Stuff
9. Toddler Stuff
10. Backyard Stuff
11. Romantic Garden
12. Fitness Stuff
13. Cool Kitchen
14. Perfect Patio
15. My First Pet
16.. Luxury Party

For a variation, try it using the least popular packs.
Or, 3 stuff packs, 2 game packs, 1 expansion packs.

Have fun!
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