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Default Modding templates and object dependencies for users of Sims4Studio
I have a series of templates that I've done in LibreOffice Draw located at my page on that contains an object dependencies file of EA Sims4 objects (plus 1 of my own custom mesh). I didn't know how to upload such stuff here as a mod, so I'm just linking to it.

The file is placed in your Sims4/Sims4Studio/Mods folder, not your game's mod folder, and overrides nothing. They are stand-alone revisions of EA objects that do such things as remove the debug flag, permit things to be buyable, remove glare off posters, etc. so save people a few steps of having to do that themselves.

You don't need to use the file if you don't want to, just the templates, unless you want to use the template for the billboard, that's a custom mesh, and that's in the dependencies file.

PNG texture files exported from my templates are far higher in resolution than default textures, producing very crisp output.
You're free to modify the content however you like, just don't put my stuff behind a paywall.
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