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I have been trying to make a door for about a week now and I can't seem to do it. Once I have accomplished one goal, another problem stands out.

I am using a sliding door, I have scaled all the glass so they are not see able, but when I put the boxes in for a solid door. The TSR shows everything as glass or the textures are really stretched. If you could post a tutorial on how to mode doors/sliding doors in general, it would help.

My steps:
1.) Scale all windows to a point were they are not see able anymore.
2.) Place four boxes were the windows were.
3.) Assign the boxes the joints
4.) Regroup the boxes to group 0.
What am I doing wrong?

Programs I use:

Vault Tech Security Co.
#2 Old 14th Mar 2010 at 3:30 PM
Hi Damian This forum probably isn't a good place to post for help making an object that isn't the subject of an existing tutorial since it is a forum only for tutorials and questions about existing tutorials.

You'll have better luck posting specific questions about something that isn't in a tutorial in the Meshing section (and avoid having people point out to you that MTS doesn't have a section for requesting tutorials )

Also, the liklihood of someone posting a tutorial here that shows how to make something using TSRW is pretty low IMO since most people here use the tools that are hosted here more than they use TSRW. I think you'd have better luck getting a tutorial like what you're asking for at the TSRW forum.
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I don't use the TSRW, so for what it's worth :
If you just want to replace the glass parts by an opaque material, change the material info of those parts, instead of rescaling them to put them out of the way (which, by the way, doesn't mean they aren't here anymore and you're likely to have a group problem). Doors and windows are tricky, either transform what you already have or replace it, but be careful with numbering the groups correctly. If the parts you added are taking on another part's material, that could mean they are in the wrong group.
I don't know if that helps, but your explanation of your problem is quite sketchy…
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