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Default Tutorial - Precise Terrain Elevation in CAW
Hey you all!

HP requested this tutorial from me, so here goes!

This little tutorial will tell you the basics on how you can make precise terrain elevations in CAW. How you can use it is totally up to you, and what you are making. Only limit is the imagination!!! (and EA....)

I'll add a few pics here as examples on what you can make, and of course there is the tutorial, down below.
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Veteran Finn
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Of course I totally forgot the making lot edges nice part from the tut totally, i assume you guys excuse me. Just use smooth gently tool to fix the lot edges that are not suppose to be flat. Or do cliffs.. What ever your making. Once have the terrain in CAW at the shape you want, replace the lot.
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This is very useful indeed! I had NO idea you could drag a level to the world from inside the lot. Excellent tutorial Armiel, thank you!

*simsample rushes off to launch CAW*

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Glad I found this. I've been fiddling around with a Santorini inspired world which has been a real pain. This might help. Thanks a bunch

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