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Default Creating a Bone-Based Custom Slider
Tutorial:Creating a Bone-Based Custom Sliderwiki

Questions, comments, etc. all welcome, though I'm by no means an expert and your question may well stump me. And if you can tell me what the hell Quaternion is (not you, Buzz ), or what the Region field is for, I'll love you even more!

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Originally Posted by whiterider
And if you can tell me what the hell Quarternion is (not you, Buzz )
How ungrateful. May I at least point out (again) that it's called 'quaternion' and not 'quarternion'?

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Ah, you're always so full of useful information.

What I lack in decorum, I make up for with an absence of tact.
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Gah! I've run into a problem. When I tried to save the thing I made using Delphy's CAS Slider Template, it said this:

Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.

Could not load type 'MadScience.Wrappers.Database' from assembly 'MadScience.Helpers. Version-1.1.3661.29520. Culture=.PublicKeyToken=null'.

What did I do wrong? :[
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#5 Old 25th Mar 2012 at 9:45 PM
Quaternion means rotate, I think, but I'm having trouble finding out what the 'W:' field is.
Im trying to make a slider which uses the rotate option.
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#6 Old 6th Oct 2012 at 11:43 PM
What are the DIRECT LINKS for the body files? I'm having trouble knowing which ones to download from orangemittens.
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#7 Old 6th Oct 2012 at 11:48 PM
Another problem:
When I go to open the body or face files, I go into their folders (yes they are unzipped) but the files don't show up...What did I miss? :/
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i posted this somewhere before but can not find it.
This is a updated Bones.XML for Delphy's bonedeltaeditor.
It shows you all joints in the aurig.
Extract in the bonedelta installation folder and overwrite the original(backup 1st might be smart)
Feel free to add it to the tut
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: 7z bones.7z (2.7 KB, 37 downloads) - View custom content
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Which joints are added, out of curiosity?

sixmillionsongbirds, sounds like you've either got a corrupted install of the tool, or you've installed it somewhere write-protected (like Program Files) and need to run it as an administrator.

rex72, you want either the adult female rig, the adult male rig, or the child rig, depending on which age/gender you want to work with first. If the files aren't being downloaded properly, you'll have to ask OM - but I suspect it's just a download problem, redownloading should fix it (unless you're looking for the wrong types of files!)

What I lack in decorum, I make up for with an absence of tact.
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You can not use it?

<bone hash="00000000"
name="(None)"/> <bone hash="00000000"
name="Root/Torso Bones"/> <bone hash="FEAE6981"
name="b__ROOT__"/> <bone hash="57884BB9"
name="b__ROOT_bind__"/> <bone hash="556B181A"
name="b__Pelvis__"/> <bone hash="6FF229EA"
name="b__Penis__"/> <bone hash="83B1355C"
name="b__R_Thigh__"/> <bone hash="81B330DE"
name="b__R_Calf__"/> <bone hash="37BB051C"
name="b__R_Foot__"/> <bone hash="A6F3B078"
name="b__R_Toe__"/> <bone hash="B8587539"
name="b__R_Toe_slot"/> <bone hash="9AAFEDC7"
name="b__R_PantsLeg_slot"/> <bone hash="6A3A218A"
name="b__R_Ankle_slot"/> <bone hash="87F4F3CD"
name="b__R_backCalfTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="9618393A"
name="b__R_outCalfTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="E73D6C39"
name="b__R_frontCalfTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="0FF1BDD1"
name="b__R_inCalfTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="DAB8292B"
name="b__R_KneeTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="DD534A80"
name="b__R_Calf__Compress__"/> <bone hash="3444D3BF"
name="b__R_ThighFrontTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="33BDD8A1"
name="b__R_backThighTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="7507A630"
name="b__R_outThighTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="F56412F3"
name="b__R_upThighTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="5BB64526"
name="b__R_upBackThighTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="4CDE546A"
name="b__R_Thigh__Compress__"/> <bone hash="C183EF50"
name="R_legExportPole"/> <bone hash="E723D915"
name="b__R_ThighTwist__"/> <bone hash="13A6779A"
name="b__R_ThighUntwist__"/> <bone hash="5FF7B14A"
name="b__R_ThighTwisted__"/> <bone hash="C6035E5E"
name="b__L_Thigh__"/> <bone hash="85E195D0"
name="b__L_Calf__"/> <bone hash="23B79422"
name="b__L_Foot__"/> <bone hash="FBCF5C32"
name="b__L_Toe__"/> <bone hash="9D61D403"
name="b__L_Toe_slot"/> <bone hash="422D4175"
name="b__L_PantsLeg_slot"/> <bone hash="70F31118"
name="b__L_Ankle_slot"/> <bone hash="94A6A77B"
name="b__L_backCalfTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="EFB28827"
name="b__L_inCalfTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="18CB5A9F"
name="b__L_frontCalfTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="B78AEAA4"
name="b__L_outCalfTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="0E7DFA65"
name="b__L_KneeTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="631006B6"
name="b__L_Calf__Compress__"/> <bone hash="0EFA497F"
name="b__L_backThighTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="DAE21D5D"
name="b__L_ThighFrontTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="54135682"
name="b__L_outThighTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="C4B39ACD"
name="b__L_upThighTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="64CFF6B4"
name="b__L_upBackThighTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="EC80A400"
name="b__L_Thigh__Compress__"/> <bone hash="C2D0302A"
name="L_legExportPole"/> <bone hash="D0C4D27B"
name="b__L_ThighTwist__"/> <bone hash="ECA95D4C"
name="b__L_ThighUntwist__"/> <bone hash="4DBAF2A8"
name="b__L_ThighTwisted__"/> <bone hash="E4500CC3"
name="b__L_HipTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="0526AA3D"
name="b__R_HipTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="6804DEDB"
name="b__upper_skirt__"/> <bone hash="7C647B6E"
name="b__skirt_upper_Compress__"/> <bone hash="D5E15C10"
name="b__lower_skirt__"/> <bone hash="4ECFFCC3"
name="b__skirt_lower_Compress__"/> <bone hash="6FA96266"
name="b__Spine0__"/> <bone hash="AFAC05CF"
name="b__Spine1__"/> <bone hash="6FAF7238"
name="b__Spine2__"/> <bone hash="BC81D5B8"
name="b__Neck__"/> <bone hash="0F97B21B"
name="b__Head__"/> <bone hash="6E191ACB"
name="b__HeadNew__"/> <bone hash="F2EE99A0"
name="b__LeftCheek__"/> <bone hash="4C4A702A"
name="b__LeftSquint__"/> <bone hash="C7AD1731"
name="b__RightCheek__"/> <bone hash="812806D9"
name="b__RightSquint__"/> <bone hash="2506208F"
name="b__EyeArea__"/> <bone hash="37E413CE"
name="b__LeftEyeArea__"/> <bone hash="BDF5C2C1"
name="b__LeftInBrow__"/> <bone hash="312E6F96"
name="b__LeftMidBrow__"/> <bone hash="08E5E1CC"
name="b__LeftOutBrow__"/> <bone hash="9B2ED3B8"
name="b__LeftEye_mod__"/> <bone hash="58B9EB01"
name="b__LeftEye__"/> <bone hash="5BDC542C"
name="b__LeftUpLid__"/> <bone hash="E5331C30"
name="b__LeftLoLid__"/> <bone hash="8EC5268F"
name="b__RightEyeArea__"/> <bone hash="A9F33BB2"
name="b__RightInBrow__"/> <bone hash="CE442223"
name="b__RightMidBrow__"/> <bone hash="32E75AD1"
name="b__RightOutBrow__"/> <bone hash="E7551519"
name="b__RightEye_mod__"/> <bone hash="9BD5E550"
name="b__RightEye__"/> <bone hash="64D8444D"
name="b__RightUpLid__"/> <bone hash="0F585BC9"
name="b__RightLoLid__"/> <bone hash="78894999"
name="b__MouthArea__"/> <bone hash="5C0DF160"
name="b__LeftUpLip__"/> <bone hash="405EC0BD"
name="b__Jaw__"/> <bone hash="BF7D091C"
name="b__JawComp__"/> <bone hash="A550CC9C"
name="b__LeftLoLip__"/> <bone hash="DB898525"
name="b__Chin__"/> <bone hash="A0FCA895"
name="b__LoLip__"/> <bone hash="0F26BE95"
name="b__RightLoLip__"/> <bone hash="DC4C77AE"
name="b__Tongue1__"/> <bone hash="DC5333E9"
name="b__Tongue2__"/> <bone hash="F9629BBB"
name="b__Jawline__"/> <bone hash="C896DD5E"
name="b__LowerTeeth__"/> <bone hash="F6DFCA81"
name="b__UpLip__"/> <bone hash="BA821CD6"
name="b__RightMouth__"/> <bone hash="EC2DDEBB"
name="b__LeftMouth__"/> <bone hash="6509E081"
name="b__RightUpLip__"/> <bone hash="549CB097"
name="b__UpperTeeth__"/> <bone hash="27DED11F"
name="b__NoseArea__"/> <bone hash="7F6C538B"
name="b__LeftNostril__"/> <bone hash="84794242"
name="b__RightNostril__"/> <bone hash="344AF043"
name="b__NoseTip__"/> <bone hash="BFEE3853"
name="b__NoseBridge__"/> <bone hash="9D5460CE"
name="b__HeadDome__"/> <bone hash="4F5E1CDA"
name="b__LeftEar__"/> <bone hash="4289076B"
name="b__RightEar__"/> <bone hash="E4FB4FF0"
name="b__Glasses_slot"/> <bone hash="1716D67F"
name="b__mouth_slot"/> <bone hash="E21C1965"
name="b__L_Earring_slot"/> <bone hash="D4DAE48F"
name="b__R_Earring_slot"/> <bone hash="12EDC5C3"
name="b__Glasses__"/> <bone hash="4952E727"
name="b__Hat_grip__"/> <bone hash="E34CB479"
name="b__Neck_slot"/> <bone hash="C0FF7EDA"
name="b__backNeck_slot"/> <bone hash="646EA315"
name="b__R_Clavicle__"/> <bone hash="A92B596E"
name="b__R_UpperArm__"/> <bone hash="EA51AA75"
name="b__R_Bicep__"/> <bone hash="E7183236"
name="b__R_UpperArmTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="F0143B40"
name="b__R_Forearm__"/> <bone hash="1E8EDCA5"
name="b__R_Wrist__"/> <bone hash="A4F523AD"
name="b__R_Bracelet_slot"/> <bone hash="5B099700"
name="b__R_ForearmTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="CEB0355B"
name="b__R_Hand__"/> <bone hash="EB208104"
name="b__R_Index0__"/> <bone hash="EB22BFAD"
name="b__R_Index1__"/> <bone hash="2B1C68B2"
name="b__R_Index2__"/> <bone hash="BD2CE17E"
name="b__R_Mid0__"/> <bone hash="BD2F1FE7"
name="b__R_Mid1__"/> <bone hash="7D30F9D0"
name="b__R_Mid2__"/> <bone hash="A8B5E7D3"
name="b__R_Pinky0__"/> <bone hash="A8B3A8AA"
name="b__R_Pinky1__"/> <bone hash="A8BA64E5"
name="b__R_Pinky2__"/> <bone hash="1CA23C66"
name="b__R_Ring0__"/> <bone hash="5CA4DFCF"
name="b__R_Ring1__"/> <bone hash="1CA84C38"
name="b__R_Ring2__"/> <bone hash="CE76A127"
name="b__R_Ring_slot"/> <bone hash="8EA6A2C8"
name="b__R_Hand_slot"/> <bone hash="D2A9E720"
name="b__R_Thumb0__"/> <bone hash="92ABC109"
name="b__R_Thumb1__"/> <bone hash="92A505CE"
name="b__R_Thumb2__"/> <bone hash="CFB47C1D"
name="b__R_inForearmTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="2993E16F"
name="b__R_outShortSleeve_slot"/> <bone hash="D7707182"
name="b__R_inShortSleeve_slot"/> <bone hash="C619C029"
name="b__R_ShoulderTwist__"/> <bone hash="6D158FB0"
name="b__R_ShoulderTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="05AB4F06"
name="R_armExportPole"/> <bone hash="4A1C1C4B"
name="b__R_BackShoulderTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="1237C6BF"
name="b__R_FrontShoulderTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="A303CE83"
name="b__L_Clavicle__"/> <bone hash="0C9E57D0"
name="b__L_UpperArm__"/> <bone hash="7EDE491B"
name="b__L_Bicep__"/> <bone hash="6498A8F0"
name="b__L_UpperArmTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="15AF037E"
name="b__L_Forearm__"/> <bone hash="3BD15657"
name="b__L_Wrist__"/> <bone hash="2AB0350B"
name="b__L_Bracelet_slot"/> <bone hash="772ABBA6"
name="b__L_ForearmTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="7CCD6D29"
name="b__L_Hand__"/> <bone hash="B1F508AA"
name="b__L_Index0__"/> <bone hash="B1F747D3"
name="b__L_Index1__"/> <bone hash="F1F9EABC"
name="b__L_Index2__"/> <bone hash="27BFBAD0"
name="b__L_Mid0__"/> <bone hash="27C1F979"
name="b__L_Mid1__"/> <bone hash="67BBA27E"
name="b__L_Mid2__"/> <bone hash="B3881055"
name="b__L_Pinky0__"/> <bone hash="F386366C"
name="b__L_Pinky1__"/> <bone hash="F383F7C3"
name="b__L_Pinky2__"/> <bone hash="17472B18"
name="b__L_Ring0__"/> <bone hash="17496981"
name="b__L_Ring1__"/> <bone hash="17411B46"
name="b__L_Ring2__"/> <bone hash="BABB3A7D"
name="b__L_Ring_slot"/> <bone hash="B07A2E26"
name="b__L_Hand_slot"/> <bone hash="EFF5BB2E"
name="b__L_Thumb0__"/> <bone hash="AFF79517"
name="b__L_Thumb1__"/> <bone hash="AFF9D380"
name="b__L_Thumb2__"/> <bone hash="D81E3ABF"
name="b__L_inForearmTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="2F7FEB00"
name="b__L_inShortSleeve_slot"/> <bone hash="ACA798D9"
name="b__L_outShortSleeve_slot"/> <bone hash="AF9E9A53"
name="b__L_ShoulderTwist__"/> <bone hash="4F8A24BE"
name="b__L_ShoulderTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="750AF470"
name="L_armExportPole"/> <bone hash="B106820D"
name="b__L_BackShoulderTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="8E3C4B89"
name="b__L_FrontShoulderTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="25805E96"
name="b__R_shoulderbladeTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="53E2D95C"
name="b__L_shoulderbladeTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="3731EEB3"
name="b__R_armpitTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="1986AD99"
name="b__R_chestTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="CA6D6D7F"
name="b__L_chestTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="490A5B29"
name="b__L_armpitTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="BD4CC753"
name="b__R_BackTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="E8507E6F"
name="b__R_sideBackTorsoTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="EBDDE945"
name="b__R_sideFrontTorsoTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="425D636A"
name="b__R_frontTorsoTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="5A5E1651"
name="b__L_BackTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="E06C74D5"
name="b__L_sideBackTorsoTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="F14F68E3"
name="b__L_sideFrontTorsoTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="46327B8C"
name="b__L_frontTorsoTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="37664E95"
name="b__carryGroupOffset_noBind__"/> <bone hash="9F266CA6"
name="b__carryGroup_noBind__"/> <bone hash="D97D2E80"
name="b__L_carry_slot"/> <bone hash="8EEABF86"
name="b__R_carry_slot"/> <bone hash="1EB57A41"
name="b__L_breast__"/> <bone hash="28696C2B"
name="b__L_breastTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="58B9EB01"
name="b__R_breast__"/> <bone hash="C94C0C65"
name="b__R_breastTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="5BC6AAF1"
name="b__R_frontBellyTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="98E8FF25"
name="b__R_backBellyTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="AC57C1D9"
name="b__R_lowBackTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="80E537C3"
name="b__L_lowBackTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="91B1B2DB"
name="b__L_backBellyTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="E75F9BD4"
name="b__R_BellyTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="0CF10D3E"
name="b__L_BellyTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="5C614B0F"
name="b__L_frontBellyTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="48FC3B0B"
name="b__belly__"/> <bone hash="DA12AA46"
name="b__L_ThighTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="4A3FCA04"
name="b__R_ThighTarget_slot"/> <bone hash="27689D9E"
name="b__ROOT_export__"/> <bone hash="2B0CFBFB"
name="L_slotOffset"/> <bone hash="B1DE1AE5"
name="R_slotOffset"/> <bone hash="2010CA87"
name="L_footOffset"/> <bone hash="6E7C259D"
name="R_footOffset"/> <bone hash="0EB4037B"
name="world_offset"/> <bone hash="8FE06873"
name="rootWorld"/> <bone hash="A4870F4A"
name="L_footWorld"/> <bone hash="B1AAD278"
name="R_footWorld"/> <bone hash="62A942B2"
name="L_slotInfo"/> <bone hash="88B9696B"
name="L_Info1"/> <bone hash="88B96968"
name="L_Info2"/> <bone hash="88B96969"
name="L_Info3"/> <bone hash="88B9696E"
name="L_Info4"/> <bone hash="88B9696F"
name="L_Info5"/> <bone hash="88B9696C"
name="L_Info6"/> <bone hash="88B9696D"
name="L_Info7"/> <bone hash="88B96962"
name="L_Info8"/> <bone hash="88B96963"
name="L_Info9"/> <bone hash="A6E0F341"
name="L_Info10"/> <bone hash="81E1CCC8"
name="R_slotInfo"/> <bone hash="0EBDA935"
name="R_Info1"/> <bone hash="0EBDA936"
name="R_Info2"/> <bone hash="0EBDA937"
name="R_Info3"/> <bone hash="0EBDA930"
name="R_Info4"/> <bone hash="0EBDA931"
name="R_Info5"/> <bone hash="0EBDA932"
name="R_Info6"/> <bone hash="0EBDA933"
name="R_Info7"/> <bone hash="0EBDA93C"
name="R_Info8"/> <bone hash="0EBDA93D"
name="R_Info9"/> <bone hash="69915E5F"
name="R_Info10"/> <bone hash="07DDF1DE"
name="L_footInfo"/> <bone hash="4063C04B"
name="L_footInfo1"/> <bone hash="4063C048"
name="L_footInfo2"/> <bone hash="0CD0D7C0"
name="R_footInfo"/> <bone hash="ECC3A371"
name="R_footInfo1"/> <bone hash="ECC3A372"
name="R_footInfo2"/> <bone hash="5A172D98"
name="Root_info"/> <bone hash="9DDFF306"
name="RootInfo1"/> <bone hash="9DDFF305"
name="RootInfo2"/> <bone hash="0ACC24B0"
name="rootOffset"/> </bones>
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#11 Old 7th Oct 2012 at 2:58 PM
hey every time i try to give the sims character neck height or thickness, my head blows up... pretty much and i set the scale levels as low as 0.2 and the head goes weird and big and inside out.

#12 Old 7th Oct 2012 at 3:03 PM
Originally Posted by den0
hey every time i try to give the sims character neck height or thickness, my head blows up... pretty much and i set the scale levels as low as 0.2 and the head goes weird and big and inside out.


It is a joke Delphy build in when you use his slider template.
IT scales the head twice as big(one slider, the other one shrinks the head) by default, you need to delete or update the head joint the first time you open the file with his editor
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#13 Old 8th Oct 2012 at 5:40 AM
Originally Posted by BloomsBase
It is a joke Delphy build in when you use his slider template.
IT scales the head twice as big(one slider, the other one shrinks the head) by default, you need to delete or update the head joint the first time you open the file with his editor

which editor program do i update is it the s3pe, bonedelta or the cas slider?
#14 Old 8th Oct 2012 at 7:12 AM
When you have exported both BONE files you can open them with the BoneDeltaeditor and edit them.
One file contains X2, Y2 and Z2 scaling of the head joint, set it back to 1, 1, 1 or delete the head joint.
The other file is set to 0,0,0, set it back to 1,1,1,1 or delete the head joint.

For scaling smaller use values lower then 1, for bigger use values bigger then 1.
I think that is wat Whiterider forgot in the tutorial, settings are 1,1,1 by default, not 0(for scaling that is)
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#15 Old 21st Nov 2012 at 4:51 PM
Is it possible to use different BOND files for different ages??
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#16 Old 21st Nov 2012 at 10:44 PM
Well, if you open a slider in S3PE you can use the Grid feature on the FACE resource to restrict the slider to certain ages (under CAS Entries -> 1 or 0 -> Geom -> AgeGender). However, that would mean that if, for example, you used the child version of your slider when making a child in CAS, when the child grew up the slider position wouldn't 'transfer' to the adult slider; so that may not be of much help. Beyond that, there's no other option that I am aware of.

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