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Default New Creators, February!
Happy Valentine's Day! If, like all of us here, you're a miserly ol' git spending the day working or sitting around in your underwear watching TV alone (or maybe doing both at once!), why not use these lovely new creators as targets for all that pent-up affection?

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
jmiles007Simply Elegant (Residential)
IiernyceA Slice of Home - 1 Sim Starter (Residential)
TDC95Versailles One Story Wall Panel (Walls and Floors)
EmmaBanananaMiniature Breeds - Part one (Animals)
MimiSimAlchemy Major (University Majors)
roiri100Hack Anytime for 1.29 (Overrides)
DylanSimseDSimse Kid Death/Sleep Poses (Poses and Animations)
Riptide651Lines - Studio1BA (Residential)
Black ZekromHidden Valley (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
JuBa_0oºMermaids & Nymphs Pose Pack updated (Poses and Animations)
AranelSRaon 2 and Raon 4 in GIMP versions of pooklet colors (Female)
malibibicMing Mei Lee (Other)
SimanimsArthur Scott (Other)
LibbethOriental Oasis (Residential)
nx0817"Ultra Violet" make up set (Makeup)
Lea.SikoraWolves for your Sims! (Animals)
WintercatDesmond's Hoodie (Assassin's Creed Hoodie) (Everyday)
M.M.A.A.'Bay Side' (a.k.a. Bay View) Neighborhood Map (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
StardustXEden: A Paradise (Residential)
furballvieBasegame T-Shirt without original stencil (Everyday)
AsherKSuburban Dream (Residential)
jameeHospital Labor Pose Set (Poses and Animations)
kimberleykid1x1 Tiny Dorms for 2 - no CC (Dorms & Greek Houses)
Dorsal AxeBlue Bubble Laundry - A new laundromat for your sims. (NO CC) (Community)

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Yess! Congratulations one and all. *fist bump* :D

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/lee ties dressing gown belt a bit tighter and goes and thanks all the new creators....

nobody loves me bwaaah etc.

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Underwear? What underwear?

Err... anyway... welcome to all newbies and congratulations to your first upload here at MTS. Keep up the good work and share it with us.

edit: oups... forgot to say "Happy Valentine Day" to all of you lovely MTS people.
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Welcome, creators, glad to have you!

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Nice to see there are more new sims3 creators than sims2 (just about) :D

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Happy Valentine's Day people of MTS!

Me back after a long hiatus :)
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Happy Valentine's day, talented new creator type people!
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Happy Valentine Day to all MTS members.
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Congratulations, everybody! Great to have you join the creators' ranks! You all rock, but as always I'm extra glad to see new TS2 creators - no offence, Inge.
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Thank you for welcoming us newbs! I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!
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18th Feb 2012 at 4:19 PM
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Happy V-day! Well late V-day! :B :] I'm Mikayla (or call me Mika if u want) and I LOVE the sims 2
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Ohh thanks for the welcome, I only just found this part of the site/forums.. I've spent the past few days frantically clicking around the website trying to see all I can.
Very happy, way belated valentines day from me to you all!
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Congrats to the others, i like being on the front of a page so congrats to me XD
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