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Default FNAF Challenge
I know a lot of you love the new popular game FNAF, so here you go! It's a challenge now!
*Please pardon my unproffesionalism. It's my first challenge, and I've started it today!*

So, this challenge has a few rules. Let's start off with the CAS rules:
1.You must have 8 sims. 2 night guards and 6 animatronics.
2.You must have 4 females and 4 males, they can't be children either.
3. You may create your own animatronic OC, but they have to have a partner.

House rules:
1. No windows AT ALL... You know, animatronics hate being seen by sims.
2. You have to make 4 rooms upstairs so it'll be a two floor building or higher.
3. First floor must be pizzeria, but you can make any pizzeria, I made FNAF 1 because I wanted to.
4. The floors after first floor must be for staying, or anything else you made.

Gameplay rules:
1. Animatronic sims cannot go outside except for Marionette/Puppet.
2. I'd turn free will to low, since you don't want animatronics partying in the office you know
3. You can only control the night guards, but you can control the animatronics if they're going outside or to make them do what you want them to do.

Okay, let's get to it.
When you start the challenge, you have two goals to choose from:
1.Free your animatronics!
2.Stay away from public forever.
If you choose free your animatronics goal, you must play the way that your night guards free your animatronics.
If you choose stay away from public forever, you have to make your night guards be mean to the animatronics and don't let them out.

This is the challenge so far, reply if you have ideas/suggestions or you have played it!
(You can edit it and play it too, because I think it's very simplistic )
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I love your idea I want to try it myself.
But the goals (They are good but I am a little confused ^^;:
1.Free your animatronics!, How do you do that??? I know on the games you have to play mini games, to free them. But how do you free them on sims?? Do you help them with skill building or something???

What happens if you get caught by an animatronic???? does the night guard dies???
Do the Night Guards have to go to work (Or just one of them)?????
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